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We loved this film
phil-633-81505015 March 2013
We really enjoyed this charming feel good film. The characters, songs and performances combine to take you on a whirlwind journey that doesn't fail to deliver. Laura and Ronan are refreshingly natural and there is real chemistry between them. Magda is an absolute hoot and the film just looks and feels great.The music is especially enjoyable and it's great to see a musical with fabulous original songs rather than relying on a collection of cliché sixties hits or old number ones. This films feels original from the ground up and that's one of the reasons we liked it so much! As well as the leads there is a great supporting cast cameos that are truly delightful.
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Great little movie!
franat615 March 2013
This is a great night out - enjoyable and unapologetically feel good - part Bollywood; part Hollywood; part Strictly Ballroom; part Mary Poppins; part desperate housewives. Tight performances all round. Good music, good choreography - .This movie is not what you think - unlike Muriels wedding, Priscilla etc - it does not rely on audience nostalgia for well known songs. The songs/choreography are original and work. It will be a great pity if this movie is not well publicised and I really hope word of mouth will do the trick. Backers - publicists - don't shirk - this is a gem. I have heard three separate reviewers also give it the thumbs up. do yourself a favour and have some fun.
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Small doesn't mean it can't still be beautiful
fishingguru15 November 2013
I loved this film. I don't generally do musicals, but I do tend to like anything that is different from a lot of the mainstream bilge pumped out by Hollywood. I'm a big fan of Australian cinema precisely because it produces quirky, charming films like this. I agree it's unlikely to ever win any Oscars, but that is possibly part of its appeal. The "stars" are not A-list but who cares. Like champagne, the film is light and frothy and lacking in substance but, if you accept it for what it is, it's still thoroughly enjoyable. I saw this film on an international airline, so hopefully its gradually picking up a worldwide fan base and rightly so. Be proud Australia - your films are much better than you give them credit for!
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Laura Michelle Kelly is really a GODDESS and she should keep up with the acting and singing!
e-pappalettera26 August 2013
A musical comedy about the history of Elspeth Dickens, who loves to sing and would like to be able to achieve fame thanks to her vocal capabilities. The problem is that she is stuck on a farm with her ​​twins. The installation of a web cam on her computer and the Internet allow you to embark on her journey to stardom, but there will be a pretty high price to pay.

Goddess is an original totally new musical very fun to watch and entertaining. It deserves a better rating than just a 5. The musics are OK but what it is extremely important about this title is the stand out of Laura Michelle Kelly which perform fantastically. It definitely IS a must watch for those who love musical genre. Definitely not a let down but it equals several other musicals plus all with its own style (australian "british" humor). Againg Laura M. Kelly was just great with her performance and she totally should be seen more often on screen moreover if she sings on it. 7 out of 10
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What a great surprise
Samlong-633-34459315 March 2013
What a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Friday night. My girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed this fun-filled, feel-good film. The cast are sensational and the music a revelation. I hope we hear more of Joanna Weinberg. If you loved The Sapphires, Muriel's Wedding, Strictly Ballroom or Priscilla, you will love Goddess. The production value is amazing. Sydney and Tasmania look sensational as does Magda! I couldn't believe it when the audience broke into spontaneous cheering and clapping over the closing credits. I thoroughly recommend Goddess to anyone who wants a to enjoy a great little pick-me- up. I am still singing a couple of those fantastic songs.
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Just what we've been waiting for!
hbateman-633-68438723 March 2013
What a great movie. I'm still singing the songs and I'm recommending it to all my friends. Goddess is funny, heartwarming and a pleasure to watch. The choice of the director (Mark Lamprell) to cast Laura Michelle Kelly and Ronan Keating as a young UK family transported into a new community in a new country is inspired. They simply "click" on screen and exude warmth. The director's choice of Magda is equally inspired. She is nothing short of a knockout.

The musical numbers are very catchy and expertly choreographed. This is the movie Australians have been asking for for years. All too often critics have complained that Australian movies take themselves far too seriously. Not so Goddess. No bleak navel gazing happening here. Goddess is quirky and fun from beginning to end.

Give yourselves a treat over the Easter break. Go and see Goddess and have great time.
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Pure fun with a gentle message - could contain a Spoiler.
inhouse-825-97368524 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Not sure why this sweet film rated so low overall. The music was tuneful and sung well, the choreography energetic, the cast performed their roles well (including the superb "villain" played by Magda). I have just watched this movie to fill in time on a long flight - having first rejected it on the outward flight - and I enjoyed it immensely. I did think cynically though that there were a lot of "tourist shots" - but still cinematically beautiful. Just one point: reference was made to the webcam in Hobart - then why was The Nut at Stanley featured? Just a little quibble for an otherwise pleasant and heart-warming movie. Those reviewers who have commented that she should have taken the fame obviously didn't get the point: she did keep on singing and also kept the love of her husband and twins. Not surprising I suppose in this age of instant celebrity - gently referenced in the scene in the supermarket.
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so...enjoyed this movie
thehunts117 August 2013
Watched this movie and was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed it... great music,lovely voices A storyline with no violence,shooting etc which seems to be the norm these days... Beautiful scenery and shows off Australia very well. I am a resident of a retirement village and I often hear from the others that there are no movies 'out there' that they can enjoy. I will certainly endorse this movie for them to view and am sure they will all enjoy it as much as I did. The computer age has certainly brought the world onto our doorstep and of course this movie shows what can be achieved but that you do have to be careful about what you show on screen! Ambition is good but then so is family, you just have to know how to put the 2 together so they work in 'sink'
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Not what I expected, very satisfied !
robert-lore17 March 2013
Well, I have never written a review before, but after just seeing it at the Orpheum and chatting over it with friends, six of the seven of us really enjoyed it. At first I though we had a 'chick - flick' on our hands (well it is) and was prepared for a a bit of shut eye. It was however well worth seeing. The film warms up well and had me engaged completely from about fifteen minutes in.

Its a story about life, relationships, choices and sacrifices made, played out is a pleasing way. I kept on feeling the plot was going to turn down a less savory/disappointing path and it did not. The end result was better than that.

The wardrobe showed a very retro fifties/sixties feel and like the movie was light and fun.

It was light and fun ! The music was original, and performances excellent. My wife was very impressed with Dustin Claire, recently on TV's Spartacus. He sings pretty well too.

Magda Szubanski is a bit of an Aussie icon, and she was great, cast into her role brilliantly.

It was a musical, and I usually avoid musicals, but the sung parts were key to the movie, ie they didn't feel tacked on, and performed well.

I liked it, and it is worth seeing, but take your wife/girlfriend !
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if you like Mama Mia you'll love Goddess
I so loved this movie. It is a great feel good comedy. The music and dance numbers are amazing. The story is really fun and as a mom I could so relate to it. Elspeth Dickens dreams of finding her "voice" despite being stuck in an isolated farmhouse with her twin toddlers. A web cam becomes her pathway to fame and fortune, but at a price.

For Nat Tran fans, come on guys, I love Nat but this is a grown-ups movie not a 16 year old teen drama.

I walked out of the movie feeling really great. I loved seeing Magda Dance and sing. She is such a delight. Ronan was great - who knew he could act.

Do yourself a favor and don't miss this movie. It needs to be seen on the big screen.
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Cute movie, but too many songs for my taste
jk-692-23639414 June 2014
The trailer they made for this movie is a total winner. If only the movie lived up to that. It just did not translate as funny as the trailer. Still it was cute. The lead actress has a great voice. But the movie really is mostly singing with some story wedged in. It is shot beautifully. Everyone looks good. The countryside looks lovely. The idea is so good I wish it would of been a bit more of a comedy movie with some songs. But worth a watch online or DVD. I just did not realize this is really a musical. It feels like a Broadway show they translated to a movie. It is a cheerful upbeat movie that kids might like too.
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Wonderful Aussie film
mis_metal27 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched this film while folding all my laundry and I loved it!! What a fun loving and enjoyable movie to watch on a Sunday afternoon. This film is clever, witty and understanding of a full time mothers struggles, triumphs and moments of doubt. I love the moments of a movie that are full of honesty and genuinely give you a good laugh and this film begins with one!! Full of wonderful Australian actors and a few of our fair nations beautiful sights and cities. The honesty I spoke about is evident throughout the entire film while following Elspeth on her journey to stardom. 'Goddess' is just an all round feel good, entertaining and funny movie:) I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a heartfelt colourful film :)
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Good laugh
Molongirl23 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Saw this with my daughter tonight at our local indie theatre, it was worth the price of the ticket just to see/hear the song about competitive mothers - very perceptive lyrics, sure it would go down well at many a mother's group. A feel-good fun film that had the audience we were in giving it a clap at the end. Felt that Magda Szubanski was a stand out in her role as the tough CEO, her song in the board room was such a hoot! And Laura Kelly in the "goddess"/struggling mum role was perfect, hope we see lots more of her on screen. If you missed it on the big screen do catch it on DVD, good entertainment just don't watch it expecting Shakespeare.
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Funniest moments are in the trailer.
BBKSManager21 August 2013
You'll probably enjoy this movie if you enjoyed Mamma Mia - but if you saw the trailer and thought that it looked like an uproarious comedy - well, you've already seen the funniest parts. This movie follows the unfortunate tradition of putting its' best jokes into trying to market itself - which means that the watch is ultimately a let-down. Though marketing itself as a comedy, it ultimately plays as a musical, and the music is quite average. Husbands - if you can keep it to yourself and spring the movie on your wife as a surprise watch, she may thoroughly enjoy it - the jokes will be new. But unfortunately, the higher a profile this movie & trailer gets, the more of a disappointment it becomes. Having heard the trailer on a loop-tape for the better part of a month before seeing it, the final experience of watching it was rather arduous. If you're a video-store employee or a hard-core trailer-watcher, you're better off viewing 'Burt Wonderstone' (released the same week) - some of the funniest moments are not in the trailer, making it a pleasant surprise!
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LITTLE Movie......is a Dwarf
werefox0816 March 2013
The first IMDb reviewer said (in her head line) "Great little movie", and there -in lies the one (of many) problems. LITTLE is a word that says a lot. Australian reviewers (professional or not) ALWAYS over score Australian movies. It is a part of the huge inferiority complex Australians have to live with. The two dinosaurs (who grace our T.V. screens year after year) gave this 3 and a half out of 5 . (7 out of 10). It is a below average F.G.movie. The F. means feel (not one of those naughty words.) G. means good. And good luck to you if you feel good after watching this shoddy excuse for a movie. The idea was good, but the execution was so riddled with bad acting and lack of professional commitment. This is a movie that could do quite well...in Australia. Word of mouth from bogan to bogan. But a worldwide audience wont get to see it...(thank goodness).
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Old-fashioned musical without star power; well-meaning but misguided in most departments.
BOUF29 March 2013
White Australian artistic expression has often been a hybrid of various external influences. A recent cinematic example is "Moulin Rouge" - Baz Luhrman's counter-intuitive, medley mash-up of musical and melodramatic segments, borrowed from other artists. "Goddess" may have found a wider audience had it adopted some of Luhrman's magpie muddle style. Laura Michelle Kelly plays a housewife, whose husband leaves her for long spells to care for their infant twin boys on an idyllic Tasmanian farm. Laura, a Londoner, and former professional singer, is so frustrated by her isolation that she takes to streaming herself (on the www), singing cabaret songs which describe her life. When Laura's performances attract the notice of a powerful agent (Magda Szubanski), Laura is whisked off to Sydney and turned into an internet star. Hubby, (Ronan Keating) an Irishman, who records whale songs in the Antarctic, stays at home to look after the kids...He resents the boot being on the other foot; conflict and hilarity ensue.This isn't an unusual scenario for a romantic comedy. It's fine; but this kind of high-gloss soufflé needs much more experienced hands to make it entertaining for 90 minutes. "Goddess" has its moments, but the problem is that it feels like a nice little vehicle with a two-stroke motor that's been given a limmo chassis and no V8 motor. Perhaps it started life as a one-woman cabaret show, on to which writers and producers have grafted all kinds of extras, which dwarf its original charm. The songs are... okay, and probably work well, in the intimacy of a cabaret, performed by someone who can reach out into the room and pull you into her world. Laura Michelle Kelly may be very charming on a stage. On film she tries too hard, she has too few expressions, which wear thin. The director also tries too hard, as do the choreographer and the costume designer. Many of the songs and the dances almost work. The songs haven't got the oomph that the 70s/80s Hollywood/Broadway staging tries to lend them; the choreography seems borrowed from a similar school; it's of the aerobic, try-hard variety, which seldom communicates any joy. Ronan Keating is fine, in an understated way, but he looks awkward. Magda S. (the first time I've found her only slightly funny) seems hampered by her English accent. (Why are the 3 main characters Anglos?). Nothing quite works. It may have been lovely film on a much more intimate scale. The photography is very pretty.
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Annoying and weird.
Shopaholic355 January 2016
I didn't have much patience for this movie. I was expecting something quite different but instead found it pretty annoying. The main character was uninspiring, selfish and a bitchy old housewife. She was a terrible mother to two bratty twin boys with severe discipline problems. I don't know why she even had kids, she was utterly depressing.

The concepts just not working. You cannot honestly tell me people would actually watch her VLOG channel. She's just not a star and not as funny as she likes to think.

It was also incredibly odd to see the cast break out into song and dance. Maybe if they just focused on her musical videos instead of trying to turn the whole thing into an awkward musical it may have been better. But then again, probably not.
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Brilliant movie! Bravo!
Daniel Laus12 February 2015
What a movie! This movie took me on a journey I never wanted to return from!

From the start of the movie right until the very end I was overcome with warm feelings deep in my soul.

For me to not get up for a toilet break and leg stretch during a movie means they must be doing something right!

The character of Helen was one I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm not sure if she has done any other movies but i found her screen presence and charm somewhat refreshing. Would love to see her feature more in the sequel.

Do yourself a favor and grab this one and a big serving of popcorn from Coles for an enjoyable night in!
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Wonderful and thoroughly entertaining
plutus194729 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is tremendous, then its a cheap movie from Australia and I have yet to see a bad Aussie movie no matter how inexpensive it was to make.


The movie is about frustrated housewife Elspeth Dickens trying to run her household and bring up two exasperating twin boys while her husband James is away in the Antarctic trying to save the whales.

Elspeth harbours a not so secret wish to be a singer.

When hubby goes back to his whales she gets herself connected to the Internet and sings 'Kitchen Sink' songs to her webcam which uploads to YouTube. Her singing is performed in her kitchen, hence 'Kitchen Sink' songs.

Needless to say her performances goes viral.

Very quickly a big corporation realises Elspeth is a goldmine and wants her in their employ.


For what happens from then on you will have to watch the movie to find out.

Although made in Australia the two main stars were English and Southern Irish.

Elspeth was portrayed by the wonderful actress Laura Michelle Kelly and her husband James by Ronan Keating of the musical group Boyzone fame, who showed us that he is not only a great singer but a more than passable actor too.

Two others that definitely deserve a mention are Magda Szubanski, an Australian girl who may be better known for her portrayal as Esme Hoggett in Babe and Babe in Pig City.

Also another Australian actor who rightly deserves credit is Hugo Johnstone-Burt who plays Ralph. He also may be better known as Constable Hugh Collins in the wonderful Aussie crime series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

All played their parts admirably

A special mention must be made about Bryony Marks for the fantastic music and lyrics.

Two more who helped to make this movie so wonderful are twins Levi and Phoenix Morrison who play Elspeth's twin sons. They were wonderful but incorrigible. Please don't bring them to my home (Lol).

This movie has been likened to Mama Mia. Mama Mia was an absolutely wonderful movie and stage show but in some respects I believe Goddess was better because the songs and music were new.

Goddess also started life as a musical.

Go on spoil yourselves and get the DVD, cuddle up, turn the lights down low and enjoy this great, great movie.
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