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It's the direction, not the script, that really kills the picture, as Mazer limps along from the chugging contest to the half-naked conga line to the car chase without ever raising the laughs he needs from the comic set pieces or the tension he needs from the dramatic developments.
The shock value of the dialogue - and it is staggeringly rude at times - is neutered by a rambling lack of narrative drive and, ultimately, a sentimental justification that feels disingenuous.
If nothing else, Dirty Grandpa is consistent: it maintains a tone of aggressive charmlessness from start to finish.
Tedious and painfully miscalculated, Dirty Grandpa is never as filthy or funny as it thinks it is.
As in Judd Apatow's films, crassness is boasted as shamelessness, and calculated sentimentality is dressed up as empathy.
There's no issue with De Niro and Efron's effort; both are game for every disgusting line and ludicrous set-piece. But they have less material to work with than Aubrey Plaza's costume designer.
It can be definitively stated that Dirty Grandpa is utterly unfunny.
If Dirty Grandpa isn't the worst movie of 2016, I have some serious cinematic torture in my near future.
The movie is so incredibly consistent in failing to land an honest laugh that about an hour into it, its not being funny becomes laughable.
This contemptible fiasco is not only comfortable courting laughs through ugly mockery of minorities, but also doesn't even have the courage of its own crass-as-I-wannabe convictions.

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