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Go For It!
namashi_123 March 2011
'Life, Somewhere' is written, produced, photographed, editing & directed by Ushmey Chakraborty. Ushmey, is the son of, Indian Cinema's Veteran, National-Award-Winning Actor, Mithun Chakraborty.

Now, 'Life, Somewhere' is probably, one of the finest takes on the word, redemption. It's a moving tale, that is teary-jerky at times. It's even gritty at times, but the writing is so sharp, that you don't break into a yawn throughout. Also, Ushmey's direction is wonderful and so is his editing.

'Life, Somewhere' tells the story Anjali, played remarkably by well-known actress Amruta Subhash, as a frustrated & lonely women, who plans to kill herself. When she reaches the top of a high rise building, she meets two strangers who are up there for the same reason. Her encounter with them forces her to question, is she really ready to kill herself? Thus Anjali begins a journey, to be ready, to be clear & to be focused will she eventually be ready to commit suicide?

Ushmey Chakraborty's writing is sharp, and also packs in memorable dialogue. His direction is top-notch, and his editing sense is wonderful. Cinematography again by Ushmey, is satisfactory.

Now coming to the performances! Amruta Subhash, as mentioned, plays her part remarkably. She makes you feel the pain & frustration beneath her in each & every sequence. There is another great performance in the form of new-find Shrikant Watts, who also plays a suicidal. This new-face brings in a lot of spontaneity to his character and remains with you even after the show has concluded. Then there is another new-find, in the form of Gaurav Pahari, who is menacing & most convincing. Others lend good support.

On the whole, 'Life, Somewhere', which Won The Respected Royal Reel Award at the Canada International Film Festival, is a must watch film. Two Big Thumbs Up!
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