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0 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

I enjoyed it! Even if it was terrible!

Author: madspike212 from United Kingdom
10 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

All in all, the story was pathetic. Everything else was pretty good though! Well except the acting... The action was fine even if they thought slowing everything down for nearly every scene would somehow improve it. The effects were cracking and because its a fan based series (and I am a mechanical, corner, air propelling, osculating boy) it delivered enough for me to enjoy the movie without wanting to rip it to shreds. There are parts to the film which do unfortunately destroy it.


1) Wesker being in it again. I don't understand but this bugger wont die. I can accept that he must be somehow woven into the story to fuel it. Its just the last time I remember he had his face opening up along with his dogs opening faces and trying to eat people. Why he wants to help now, who knows, it didn't help me with the plot.

2) Special effects are always great in movies. One of the ones that is great when used well in context is "Slow Motion". Which in this case was used a lot. There is a phrase "Less is More" which seems to have passed by the director. Maybe someone could utter it into his ear please.

3) There were some bits that really were not needed. Like parts that would drag the film out longer than was needed. For example, the scene where Alice enters the control room. Before we can even continue to the main event we have to watch every single light on the floor individually illuminate before getting to the point that tables decide to ascend! Once again it was a matter of "Less is More". Entering the room and having lights suddenly come on and tables with dead bodies would have been just as dramatic (if not more I think).

4) When the hell did zombies learn to shoot?

5) At the very end, I am sure with the amount of bones we heard crack Alice should have been an invalid. Sure she "WAS" superhuman though prior to this movie she was rendered normal thanks to Wesker. Which is why it was unbelievable she was able to hold a gun to shoot the ice, let alone breathe! Same with Leon, his arm was broke. How did he keep throwing his left arm for a punch?

In conclusion, with these few annoyances throughout the film it is still a good watch. Fans like me will still get what they want out of it which is why it still deserves a 7 in my eyes. Then again I find I can be quite lenient. Its not as good as the first two but they could have been worse.

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0 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Somebody dropped the ball...

Author: jhegi1 from San Francisco, CA, USA
2 December 2012

In this film, I think the franchise traded length for depth.

I don't know whose fault it is but the entire movie felt like somebody decided to aim the film at pre-teens despite the 'R' rating. Special effects were fine (some were realistic, others were very unrealistic but still pretty); the movie was lengthy enough to include some plot development, but most of the script felt rushed. It wasn't horrible... but it was as if many of the scenes were shot in just 1 take too few (or 5 minutes of post-editing too few). "That's where you're wrong"... "This is a mistake"... "Get out of my way" could be an very plausible exchange if the two characters just took 3 seconds of pause in between; without any pause it seems forced, amateurish, and actually disgusting to anyone who grew up in the years before the internet caused such a drop in the dramatic quality of movies. The immediacy which seemed to plague the first 3/4 of the movie combined with the fact that combatants fired weapons, without cover and standing with their whole bodies in view of on-coming fire, yet barely got hit... made me think that somebody is not taking this franchise very seriously.

I think this could have been done a lot better... but it does as the prior two movies have; it continues the plot in a new direction without wholly disappointing viewers... though it could have been far more pleasant.

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0 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

No surprises

Author: donb-519-335075 from United States
13 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

By now we know the drift of these stories - cool outfits - a little girl - cooler guns and gunplay - flying around - lots of butt-kicking. So I'll get to my Best and Worst moments: BEST: at the end when Alice is fighting with Jill - the other bad girl gets ready for battle by injecting herself in the neck with a serum which is going to make her invincible - and there is a big hairy ugly bug in the syringe!!! It must work as she gets shot a couple of dozen times - and she spits the bullets out of her fingertips - pretty cool. I also enjoyed when she was fighting the two (burly) males (good guys) - one of them smashes her directly in the face with a fire extinguisher & she does not even flinch (a bad chick). The worst was the little girl being abducted by the big monster - and then being rescued by Alice - pure cheese - and of the dozens of pods she could have been in, Alice chooses the right one on the first try.

Overall I liked it enough, but then, I had low expectations. DonB

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0 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Visually great...but lacks a a decent story!

Author: elmeeksio from United Kingdom
16 October 2012

I have been a fan of the Resident Evil series since the first movie, i thought it had great potential to cross the video game/movie barrier with strong characters and it's hoards of the undead! Movie gold...Right?

Well, somewhere along the road they lost their way, and this movie unfortunately demonstrates this even more so than the others!

The narrative of this story is so confusing, the characters (including long dead ones) pop up all over the place with no real explanation and the acting is average at best! The inclusion of the 'child in peril' is also completely pointless! The Zombies are a rare sight in this instalment too which i found a great disappointment, and are replaced by poor CGI Lickers and other 'arena constructs' (Hunger Games anyone??)

Personally I think this is the weakest of the series, it's only redeeming feature is that it has some great action sequences which are shot brilliantly. The reverse shots as the film opens are stunning. And Milla Jovovich is on top Ass Kicking form!

If you've seen the rest of the films, this one is worth a look, but if you are new to them, then I wouldn't bother, you will be left wondering "WTF is happening"!

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0 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

this a movie not worth the time

Author: lagudafuad from Nigeria
6 October 2012

The whole Alice thing and new creatures to wipe out with eye pleasing stunts is starting to get very old, not to add boring.

This is the fifth installment in this film series and the third to be directed by Paul W. S. Anderson who also wrote the movie. It features various cast from the old movies like Sienna Guillory (Jill Valentine), Boris Kodjoe (Luther West) and Michelle Rodriguez who played Rain Ocampo in the first film.

Retribution also brings back the red queen from the first resident evil, but her must kill attitude makes you wish someone will just put a sock in it. The thing is if you want to enjoy this movie, live your brains at home, and if you are like some (eg me) who finds it impossible to do so, then strap in for a gun fight, hand to hand combat all for apparently no reason.

The high note in this film will be Alice; I never get to have enough of Milla Jovovich's portrayal of the character.

The movie's story sees Alice (Milla Jovovich) captured by the Umbrella Corporation. She now has to escape from an underwater base in the Arctic Circle, used for testing the T-virus.

Rodriguez and Guillory were very much in par with Jovovich's acting and the fight scene between Guillory (Jill) and Jovovich (Alice) was too long, and it was said to have involved more than 200 moves. Directing is no way near perfection; the sad thing is a sixth movie is also being planned.

The slow motion and matrix effects were over used and not necessary in some scenes, other slacks were in editing we had scenes taking too long. Anderson and Jovovich also worked together in the movie The Three Musketeers (2011).

If you are planning to go watch this movie, you can but just leave your brain at home

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0 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Anderson is ignoring fans

Author: David Aniston
26 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Don't get me wrong, this is an amazing visual adventure like anything you've seen before. It's a direct sequel to Resident Evil Afterlife and it fills many plot holes from that movie. But we cannot say the same for the other prequels.

We didn't get an explanation about Angie/Jill absence in the last 2 movies (And we will never get it). Anyhow there is Jill, we only got some lines from Alice saying she is under Umbrella's control... really? how do you know Alice?

In Afterlife we were told that the scarab device was some sort of an amnesia device, now it's a device who controls people. Who is behind all of this? who has been the bad guy from the beginning? who was the man responsible for this disaster? Alice have told us that it is Wesker, but prepare for the major revelation in a decade, a major twist, get ready... Oh... It's the red queen..... (wasn't she got fried in the first movie?) OK it makes sense that Wesker is on her own now, to stop the homicidal computer but how the heck we weren't told how she was able to survive?

It is said that the outbreak was an incident, but it was not!!! Anderson have you seen the first RE? it was Spence!!!!

Now it makes sense with the first RE, viral weaponry, to sell it in the black market and blah blah.

Was the Tokio sequence from the 4th, the result of the test that it was been made in the Umbrella prime facility? (And no, it's not in Raccoon or Tokio anymore, is in the middle of nowhere in the Arctic)

This movie should have been named Afterlife and 4th REtribution, because there is no REtribution in 5th but a lot of people who has come from death.

We didn't get the Alice origins. Claire, Chris and K-mart have disappear without explanation, when we see the arcadia battle just when they are are zooming the ship we were hoping to watch them but then... fade out guys!!!!

Now, Alice tells us that the undead has mutated, and it seems that there is a new parasite called Las Plagas (just like in the game), Leon (whose surname is not told) seems to know everything about it when bad rain injects herself with it.

Alice how did you know who Ada was? We didn't get the Hunters (forget about those). I was hoping a big revelation about K-mart (maybe she could be sherry birkin), but again its Anderson.

Anyhow you will enjoy it, even though they think we don't mind about story and we are just undead who want to see mindless action (and judging by the box office, we are)

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1 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

I have no idea who this is, but is no longer Resident Evil.

Author: Nelson Munoz from Venezuela
16 December 2014

It can serve to hang out, but by this fifth installment, this saga has been completely distorted. No one turned away is the basic idea that guided the history of the early Resident Evil games, has moved away completely from the basic idea up to the newest in the series deliveries. The history of the previous 4 films leads this have an exaggerated story, with elements that border on the absurd, and the end is still more illogical and absurd. All it does is grab Andersen loose ideas and scenes of Resident Evil video games, and use it completely out of context and place. I can accept without complaint the first two movies, but since the third part, this film saga has gotten worse. This is no longer worthy to be called "Resident Evil" because not what the hell is, but beyond loose items, this is no longer even close to being true to the series of games that claims to represent.

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1 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Shameful waste of a great franchise

Author: Spike from United Kingdom
16 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm a big fan of the RE movie franchise, even though I've never played the games. Milla Jovovich is an action heroine of the highest calibre, always bringing charm, humour and a hardass attitude to the films.

However, this outing is an embarrassment. I'm sure it was intended to be a high-octane non-stop thrill ride of an action roller-coaster (or some such journalistic expression), but it turns out to be a single, never-ending action scene with no redeeming qualities.

There's no story. There's no characterisation. There's no suspense. The dialogue is appalling and is almost universally delivered as if it was made up on the spot and voiced by robots without personality. The dramatic scenes are painfully bad. There's no tongue-in-cheek humour to carry the drama. For that matter, there's no drama.

The action scenes are patently ridiculous. The bad guys can't hit anything with 40,000 rounds of ammo; they can't even stop a normal car with a 50-cal. The good guys can kill anyone - as long as they're not a bad guy with a name - with a single shot, and only need a single clip to get them through several hundred enemies. Even the "biohazards" are pathetically weak, not to mention rare.

In the end, it's a story about Alice - who we do care about because, y'know, she's Alice - escaping from somewhere we don't care about. She gets help from other people we don't care about, has to save a child we don't care about, and does so in such a long, painfully arduous way that, by half-way through, I rather wished she'd die and get it over with.

Even the finale - which is without any twists - consists of an interminably long, stupid, tension-free fight scene where all the good guys suddenly become incompetent and can't kill anyone.

An insult to everyone involved. If they make a sixth, I hope Anderson realises his writing skills are non-existent and gets a proper story.

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1 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Games have better stories than this.

Author: raphael-15-581089 from Poland
10 February 2014

Many people compare it to video games (in general), which is wrong because video games these days have much better stories than Resident Evil: Retribution. Personally, I never watched previous Resident Evil movies for story, as shallow as it was.. it was enjoyable, and felt right. In this case, it is awful. In Blu-Ray commentary Paul W.S. Anderson said that "he wanted to keep the franchise fresh", little he knows that this kind of experimentation could actually kill the franchise. And he was not even that innovative, because movie felt (suspiciously) similar to "Sucker Punch". I just hope that producers, and franchise owners read reviews, and next movie will be much better (if they get the financing). They should not even change the director, because Paul W.S. Anderson can direct good movies ("Resident Evil", and "Resurection" were my favorite movies in the franchise).

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1 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

bad movie

Author: Albi Losha from Greece
14 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

well...being a huge fan of Resident Evil games i was disappointed from the first RE movie..i have to say though the first one was actually good and similar to the games(util RE4 game) after the first one all the others were crap and had nothing to do with the games..i mean they have the same characters and monsters yeah, but that's all....even if you haven't played the games though this movie will still disappoint you..lame battles with many slow-mo,the bad guys are unable to just shot the good guys even if they are a hundred the end of course the decided to fight close combat hand to hand for no apparent reason,they could just shot them and end of story..anyway very bad movie..the only thing i liked was the characters(who wouldn't like Alice and the hot blonde Valentine in a leather outfit showing her boobs though)

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