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Portions of Circeland were filmed in the now-defunct Six Flags New Orleans, formerly known as Jazzland. The park was forced to close due to damage from Hurricane Katrina.
While filming the yacht and lifeboat scenes, Alexandra Daddario learned she was prone to seasickness. Coincidentally, her character in the books becomes seasick on the Queen Anne's Revenge.
Alexandra Daddario dyed her hair blond for the role of Annabeth Chase. This is from the books series versus in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010) where she sported her natural dark hair.
Nathan Fillion, as Hermes, gives Percy a thermos from an Olympian TV show about Hercules, commenting about what a great show it was, and how it was canceled prematurely. Nathan Fillion was one of the main stars of the sci-fi series Firefly (2002), which was canceled after only the first season, even though the series was incredibly well received.
Though Clarisse is a new character in the movie, she was in the first book, "The Lightning Thief". Clarisse bullied Percy and attempted to push his head down the toilet.
Nathan Fillion (Hermes) remarks how adorable it is that Percy and Annabeth are finishing each other's sentences. In the TV series Castle (2009) (staring Fillion) it's also remarked how the two main characters are always finishing each other's sentences.
Mr. D, or Dionysus, played by Stanley Tucci, makes his first appearance in the films after the character was written out of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010).
The head Confederate zombie is named Reardon, a veiled reference to the author of the book series, Rick Riordan, which is pronounced differently.
Leven Rambin wore a brown wig for the role of Clarisse La Rue.
Many aspects of the story were greatly changed from the source material, such as the poisoning of Thailia's tree, the bronze bulls attack on camp half blood, and Kronos not actually appearing in the books themselves until the fourth installment, the labyrinth.
In the book "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: the sea of monsters" Percy and Tyson are friends but Percy never looked at Tyson's eye(s) so he didn't know that Tyson was a cyclops.
Special effects makeup company 'studioADI' created other live-action monsters that did not make the final film, including Manticore (Daniel Cudmore), Lydian Drakon (David Mylrea), Boarman (C. Ernst Harth) and Agrius (Tom Woodruff Jr.).
Dionysus wears a shirt with the pattern of a leopard, his sacred animal.
Mr. D pours a glass of wine that turns to water. He mentions the Christians "have someone who can do that in reverse" is a reference to Jesus Christ.
Despite the fact that this was filmed in Super 35, "Filmed in Panavision" is listed in the end credits.
Kirby Bliss Blanton was considered for the role of Clarisse La Rue.
Chiron is also a son of Cronos, which makes him Percy's uncle.
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Mr D or Dionysus is the son of Zeus. He is considered the God of grape harvests and wine. He would be Percy's first cousin. His brother is Perseus and yet he still can't remember Percy's name.
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Alexandra Daddario and Leven Rambin have both appeared on the TV show True Detective in season 1 and 2 respectively.
Obviously Percy is not the only living offspring of the three main Gods. Among others, the list of Zeus's children include Dionysus, Aries, Aphrodite, Apollo, Hermes and Persephone. Which is kind of funny since it means that the Cyclops Tyson is not only Percy's half brother, he's also Mr. D's cousin!
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Through out the movie Mr.D (Stanley Tucci) never gets Percy's (Logan Lerman) name correct. Once he calls Percy, Peter. A possible reference to the movie The Lovely Bones, which was directed by Peter Jackson.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

The three demigods who have joined Luke are Silena Beauregard, Ethan Nakamura, and Chris Rodriguez. However, in the books, Silena remained with Camp Half Blood and did not defect to join Luke's gang until the fifth book.

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