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Plot Keywords

slave rescue
plantation bounty hunter
winter dentist
escape horse
farm texas
freed slave castration
two word title fingers in ears
lighting a fuse knee capped
running away blown off feet
shadow reunited lovers
grave side ceremony male in a bathtub
building a bird house riding bareback
canteen bound and gagged
camera shot of feet massacre
male star appears nude hanging upside down naked
crab walking derringer
blood spatter reference to alexandre dumas
ball peen hammer bloody hand
close up of eyes kiss on both cheeks
riding at a gallop broken clavicle
slurping a drink with a straw spelling one's name
shot of tequilla setting the table
french maid costume bust of nefertiti
herd of bison herd of elk
birch forest snowshoe
seeing father killed scenic beauty
hooded rider hiding place
cotton field shot multiple times
clothes shopping tree swing
rope swing slave owner
horse riding warrant
alias scraping the head off a beer
beer on tap herd of goats
flogging a woman shot point blank with a shotgun
screaming in pain lantern
seeing one's breath horse answers to its name
horse drawn wagon flogging scar
chain gang sex slave
interrogation deception
fire torch
ethnic slur fight
brawl sniper
letter hostage
held at gunpoint beating
long take animal attack
dog gambling
bar barn
training montage
forest woods
bare knuckle fighting blaxploitation
ku klux klan australian
explosion ambush
target practice dual wield
gunfight sawed off shotgun
pistol revolver
small town star appears nude
kissing kiss
n word f word
hero kills a woman shooting a woman
female nudity male nudity
nudity exploitation
street shootout torture victim
1850s 19th century
torture male frontal nudity
bag over head blood on camera lens
skull reference to the three musketeers
critically acclaimed lens flare
cigarette holder killing an animal
subtitled scene u.s. marshal
sheriff fight to the death
beaten to death hit with a hammer
wanted poster broken leg
character says i love you murder of a nude man
double barreled shotgun rifle
character repeating someone else's dialogue death of brother
brother sister relationship snow
snowman flashback
murder shooting a police officer
murder of a police officer covered in blood
partnership shot in the butt
shot in the knee shot in the crotch
shot to death shot in the head
shot in the forehead shot in the shoulder
shot in the back quick draw
mauling killer dog
last man standing fistfight
blood gore
bloodbath violence
gun duel slow motion scene
husband wife relationship topless female nudity
bare chested male shot in the leg
revenge blood on hand
blood on the floor reference to siegfried and brunhilde
male bonding racial slur
racism saloon
actor playing multiple roles dual role
bludgeoning year 1859
dinner party killed by a dog
shooting practice tennessee
southern accent valet
fake identity bare fisted fight
exploding body exploding house
dynamite campfire
human in a cage funeral
shot in the chest human branding
scars on back slave girl
dead horse director cameo
cameo appearance shootout
bullwhip whipping
blood splatter german accent
german abroad spaghetti western
written by director slavery
death of father death of friend
character name in title

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