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Ignore These early reviews and make up your own mind.

Author: daitch chase from London
12 November 2013

To those who have quoted 'poor story' 'copying old ideas' fail to realise that these events are based on real life and a more than real location. This is a documentary fashioned for a wider audience. I grew up in the local area and have been to the Clophill site many times, by day and by night. Now I am not easily scared but there is a indescribable atmosphere surrounding the location. The folklore surrounding the site is legendary locally and rightfully so. I dare anyone who reviews this film based on previous watchings of the likes of 'Paranormal Activity't and the fake found footage style films to go visit the site themselves at the witching hour and then see if they still stand by the reviews they wrote. Take this documentary for what it is and the subject matter and do not base your critique solely on the execution of getting the 'true' story across. Then, as an individual, excercise your freedom to make up your own mind.

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Not worth wasting any time on.

Author: martinh-949-805453 from Western Australia
15 March 2014

This is a terribly lame and boring piece, and you would do well to move on in search of something else. I was hoping for either an interesting investigation, or some nice chills from this 'documentary' but sadly I found neither.

The movie mostly consists of middle-aged English guys, who probably think of themselves as "not easily scared", being incredibly easily scared and filming their own hysteria in the absence of anything else happening. At all.

Confirms my plummeting opinion of modern English "Most Haunted" type shows as being even worse than the US varieties. What a shame.

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I cannot believe that i actually spent my time on this

Author: skortzeny from Belgrade, Serbia
12 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, first, it's one more "first person" camera, boring copy of the copy of so called horror movie. First 15 minutes i taught it might be something of it, but after 15 minutes a load of boring character appeared and started to talk!!! And they talk, and talk, and talk through all movie.From time to time, only faces were different, but even those new faces (at one point there was something like 7 of them in one place), were just talking about ghost, how they heard something about something else, etc. Then they walk all over the forest with some cheap night vision cameras, and filming trees and grave stones in the dark. Oh yeah, there was even a bunny hopping around the dark which got himself a ironic nickname given by one of the character. I used FF button a lot during this "masterpiece" and honestly, i didn't missed anything while skipping most boring pats, which is the most of this movie.

A documentary about ghosts can be found everywhere, but i guess that these guys didn't tried to shoot a documentary which would be only reason for filming something like this, and even then it would be bad.

Honestly, 6.2 of general score for this...."movie"? Not a chance. 1/10 from me. Of course, this is just my opinion, and i would not like to insult anyone.

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Not a bad film but daitch chase hasn't a clue

Author: Daman-Malone from Canada
13 June 2015

This movie is not a bad watch. It's got a good foundation of a story based on "Real Events" and the subject matter is always intriguing to watch. This being said I watched this film without reading any reviews or even reading the synopsis. After watching I started to read up on the reviews on here and there have been some very good opinions however daitch chase who left a review more to defend the movie clearly has an ulterior motive. I make it a habit to watch movies for entertainment and if it happens to peak my interested to find out more I will, but this is my own personal guide line, in any so called "REAL" movie if they people in the said "REAL" movie happen to be on IMDb with a list of credits I take their experiences to be more of an act than anything else. After all they are making a MOVIE even if the so called trivia states 90% of the film was real and not rehearsed. Actors are trained to react to their environment and place yourself as the character you are representing. So in a paranormal movie I expected much of the shaking of the camera, out the blue shock noises and just on the noise lets face facts when you walk do you have a score or musical effects follow you? no so at some point editing and sound and possibly visual effects were added. So this is a good movie but don't be like daitch chase if you like it great if not oh well. But don't pop at people who slate it.

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Read the real History on the Internet instead

Author: us_2 from United States
2 February 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off, I love ghost hunting shows on TV and spooky, paranormal real-life stories. But, I couldn't bring myself to finish watching this movie. Maybe if it was presented as a real documentary, instead of a horror/mockumentary, it wouldn't have been so boring.

Sorry, but I really thought Paranormal Diaries: Clophill was a parody of ghost hunters. The large group of people with the Ouija board were kind of irritating. When the main guy told the others to speak when they felt something, and maybe someone else would feel it too - it's called power of suggestion and group hysteria. With the ghost box, one person would say they heard something, then everyone else nods in agreement, when you really can't understand anything coming out of it.

There was a preview of the Black Water Vampire movie on the disc, and I kept hoping that it would come out of the forest and eat the investigators.

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WoW! So bad!

Author: Flow from Romania
10 November 2013

"The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill": even the name is a ripoff of other such movies, trying to get out there, by linking to better found footage films. This one is really, really bad, boring from beginning to end, nothing interesting, nothing original, nothing scary whatsoever, it's pretty much more of a documentary gone wrong made by The Asylum.

As imagined, it rips off everything that you've seen before, mainly TBWP: Book of Shadows and The last exorcism: starts with some interviews, a group of people going to investigate a place made famous by some rumors, the discovers made there are similar to both previously mentioned movies and then finally, comes a pitiful ending that at least gives you the opportunity to close the player and go get yourself a nice deserving drink! You'll need it! I will never recommend such a movie manly because it's just so boring! Nothing new at all, nothing remotely scary, just some people expressing their opinion, throughout 82 extremely dull minutes! Stay away from this one. It doesn't even have a real story, it's just a presentation of something, basically, it's a film without a real plot.

The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill aka Extreme Boredom: The movie.

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Not a masterpiece, but not a failure either!

Author: marable-653-279035 from United States
11 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie plays out like a reality TV show/documentary. There isn't a lot of action to be had with this film. But if you like Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures, then you will probably like this as well. There is nothing new in this film, but it works well for what it is. It is somewhat slow as with most of these types of films... Interviews with "witnesses" first, followed by a night or so of "data collection/baseline events", followed by the "real" investigation. I was able to watch it without fast-forwarding through as I do with most movies like this. Acting wasn't horrible and the characters were believable as "everyday" people investigating these types of events.

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It Was Surprisingly Enjoyable & Believable

Author: KKLuvNlife
31 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first picked up Paranormal Diaries: Clophill, I was not expecting anything more than another "found footage" flick to add to my watchlist.

Immediately, I was taken in by the set up with the interviews that included the names and location of the persons being interviewed. I thought this added a nice touch. The characters were very believable since they were an average looking group who didn't do the usual over acting you see in most of the low budget found footage films. I also really liked how they flashed back and forth from the footage to interviews...another realistic addition.

I always enjoy a film where I have to really read through all the credits to know for sure it didn't happen! If I have to even consider the possibility it may be true for even a moment, I call it a success.

I found it to be enjoyable.

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Works well in tricking skeptical people like me

Author: nooware from France
1 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is not an horror flick, but a suspense, thriller movie. This is not a remake of Paranormal Activity, at all. This is not either inspired by The Blair Witch Project. This is definitely not a Hollywood movie but an interesting UK project.

(((Beware: spoilers here)))

If you can bear the 99% of the movie where you secretly laugh at the documentary-makers building up their fears and beliefs facing what you believe is a big hoax, the very short sequence at the end will be great surprise for you.

I still don't believe what the protagonists say, that there could be demons, ghosts, or whatever supernatural involved. But in the end, there is something, that insane ritual involving humans. And a bad friendly man talking to a little girl looks very human too, though the main characters get convinced by the existence of paranormal facts they fail to explain.

During the whole movie which mixes documentary footage, making-of of this documentary and some fiction, there is nothing to prove anything paranormal. It's like those UFO sightings videos showing a small dot on the screen with pseudo-expert comments, excited witnesses playing with their fears, third-party reported hallucinations, material things that are not evidence, etc.

If you are skeptical like me, you will believe it's a hoax and wait for something unreal to happen towards the end. Another lame paranormal event, you just think, mocking the director for making this movie. But what you get to see is much more believable. You should just see it by yourself.

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Leaves the viewer in a constant state of panicked anticipation

Author: ersinkdotcom from United States
22 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm not a fan of "found footage" movies at all. First, they give me motion sickness to the point of projectile vomiting. Secondly, it seems like a gimmick filmmakers use as a way to make a cheap movie they can market to millions and profit off. Every once in a while, one comes along and makes me second-guess my attitude towards the horror sub-genre. However, it's always at home on a much smaller screen than the one found at your local multiplex.

When I received "The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill" in the mail, I immediately dismissed it as another "Paranormal Activities" wannabe. After being "harassed" by the movie's publicist (she's great at her job) for my review, I finally gave in while expecting nothing good to come of the experience. I was very wrong in my presumption.

"The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill" sets just the right mood to pull people into its hysteria. What could be more frightening than an old desecrated church in the middle of nowhere rumored to be used as a location for satanic worship? Add to that a disturbing history of death and tragedy and you have a perfect foundation for ghostly sightings and supernatural disturbances. Did I mention the church is surrounded by a graveyard?

The entire movie is made up of faux interviews with researchers and eyewitnesses mixed with video footage of the investigation. Old photos documenting the history of the church and its clergy add more of a realistic flavor to it. Every actor in the film is intent on proving to the audience what they are seeing is genuine.

"The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill" is unrated, but would earn an R if assessed by the MPAA. Frightening images, profanity, and nudity would garner the decision. Honesty, the full frontal nudity was unnecessary and could've been avoided. The scene pops up towards the end of the film and lasts about one minute.

Another subject I would like to address is the religious factors alluded to in "The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill." Some of the concepts explored in the movie point in the right direction if you're a Christian. One guy prays for protection and another man warns against the dangers of using Ouija boards to contact the dead. He also states the difference between ghosts and demons, which many people confuse when it comes to the supernatural.

The investigators in "The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill" still use a Ouija board and other similar tools to contact the dead. They just "hope" that any doorways they open while doing so will be closed afterwards. How often does that happen? It doesn't happen very often as you'll witness here.

Does "The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill" pull every cliché punch possible when it comes to the "found footage" technique of filmmaking? You bet it does… and it does it darn well. Every camera angle and every sound amplified leaves the viewer in a constant state of panicked anticipation, just waiting for something to jump out at you. It's the perfect example of the cinematography technique being utilized correctly.

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