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The annual Canadian/American hockey game sets the backdrop as Major Grace Pedersen is called in to consult when an aid worker and four injured children are brought in from an orphanage that was attacked by the Taliban. But when the mysterious Special Forces Agent, "Snake Eater" returns, Col. Marks and Pedersen find out that not all is as it seems. Knowing that further questioning will increase the emotional trauma to the children, Pedersen is caught between her professional and personal ethics and the need to find out what the children know regarding an imminent Taliban attack. As Pedersen grapples with her conscience, the Canadian and American hockey teams play a game of one upsmanship - each trying to psyche the other team out. Captain Bobby Trang and Major Rebecca Gordon get caught up in the escalating rivalry which explodes in the rink as things get out of control. Meanwhile, Rebecca resumes her flirtation with Snake Eater, much to Simon's chagrin. And Will is reunited with a ...

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