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Chelsea accidentally tweets a photograph taken at a recent pool party of a faceless and exposed vagina. Good Catholic girl and mother Heather is mortified to see that it is her vagina, the photograph she didn't even know existed. Before the photograph is removed, it goes viral. But Heather's mortification turns to opportunity when she feels the publicity would be good for her book sales. But before she can pounce on this opportunity, the vagina is credited to Giuliana Rancic, who doesn't deny that it is her. Heather tries to take back ownership of her own vagina. Meanwhile, Chelsea prides herself on being loved by her entire staff. That's why she seems so upset that Xiao doesn't seem to like her. She's determined to find out if her perception is reality. And Chuy brings Catfish, his "little brother" - a black teen - into the office. Catfish's presence doesn't sit well with the other staffers who don't want to seem racist, but believe Catfish is responsible for the rash of recently ...

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