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Dearie me

Author: cainemilton from Australia
14 July 2013

The good:

To be fair, most of the talent is not bad at all (considering mostly Americans playing arch English-voiced icons, which is usually – Ms Streep excepted – disastrous).

The bad:

The scrip is ridiculous and philistine in the extreme. Why not at least check a few basic facts for such a biopic? How can the most basic genealogy be so difficult for American production teams to fathom? E.g. In a scene near the end we have Prince Phillip in bed with the Queen (BTW it's been publicly noted for decades that they have separate sleeping-chambers, remember when world news covered the Queen's sleeping-chamber being broken into by a disturbed intruder and she was left to deal with him entirely alone?) referring to 'the king, your great uncle Edward ...' Hello? King Edward VII was the Queen's great GRANDFATHER, not UNCLE. King Edward the VIII was her UNCLE, but not GREAT uncle. No great uncle of the Queen's was a King Edward.

When yanks try to do English royal stories of historical significance they make such unforgivably clumsy blunders. Just like the Tudors series (aimed at US viewers), where our current English Royal family's ancestral link with the Tudor Dynasty – sister of Henry VIII Princess Margaret Tudor – is morphed into her sister Princess Mary but keeps the same forename (because they insultingly assume viewers are too dumb to follow a true story with 2 Princess Mary's involved, i.e. the other P Mary in it being Henry VIII's daughter rather to sister ), and is then married off to some fictional European monarch, quite erasing the facts explaining our present royalty's proper right to rule, which are that Princess Margaret Tudor married King James Stuart IV of Scotland, hence our royalty's Stuart lineage which, in turn, takes them back to the Tudors, whose daughter Margaret married into the Stuarts. Furthermore, the actress playing Catherine is called 'royal' in IMDb trivia page, but she's not royal at all, she's from a titled family, sure. But when did every titled Brit family become 'royal'?

The verdict:

Really guys, the film's awful music aside (best kept nowadays for a sliced-bread commercial or whatever), this vital genealogy stuff usually central to these tales is not rocket science (millions use and mange OK). If you're going to spend megabucks why not save yourselves the global embarrassment and do 5 minutes' basic research (which you oughtn't need do anyway if you had even the most elementary schooling)?

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Oh bad bad bad...

Author: MydnightRose from United States
30 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was just bad in so many ways. I am one of the few who liked the Lifetime movie which aired a few months ago, and I expected much more from Hallmark seeing as how they had a longer time to make their movie. Boy was I wrong, more time definitely did not equal a better film. My first pet peeve about this movie is the actress playing Kate Middleton and the way the writers portray her. Kate may not be everybody's cup of tea, but she is definitely not a plain mousy girl who comes off like a reject from She's All That. Apparently all Kate is good for at the beginning of the relationship is school notes and exercising with. From what I have read about Kate, her brown mouse, "the girl you don't notice" persona ended long before she went to college. My second, and bigger, beef is that there is no clear indicators in the film telling the audience how the relationship between KnW changed; when William decided she was a girl he would like to go out with. Kate has a celebrity crush on him and looks longingly as he flirts with hotter blonde's. But why and how did William come to view her romantically and what did it? Those in the know will tell you it was the fashion show, but according to this movie it didn't have a lasting effect on William. A few scenes after the fashion show event and for no apparent reason, William just decides to cook Kate a romantic dinner; OK where did that come from? Another "unexplained event" in the movie is the reunification of Kate and William after their 2007 break up. I usually have no problem with clichés, but this one was just horrible! WnK literally spot each other in a crowd at some outdoor concert and slowly walk to each other and start kissing while those around them clap! Not only did this anger me because of its cheesiness, but it also had little to do with the truth. Apparently the breakup didn't last that long but William had to put in some work to get Kate back, understandably. A third problem I have with this reunification is that it added to the Pathetic Kate the movie had portrayed from the start. Any self-respecting woman would not take a man back that easily after he broke up with her; especially when he did so over the phone. This movie was badly written and very boring, even if you are a William and Kate enthusiast, this one will be a great waste of time.

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A disaster

Author: Lysene
16 February 2017

I was looking for real facts, authenticity and a beautiful love story. What a deception to watch this movie. I don't like the actors and their role. It is like a fairy tale but it's not. This is real life and I'm so disappointed. We don't feel an alchemy between Kate and William and I had no emotion at all. I love Victor Garber but I'm sorry, he doesn't look like Prince Charles and I don't think he is so cool and fun in real life. As for the Queen, she isn't as tall as Jane Alexander.

Consequently, I was very disappointed and I prefer the other film telling their story which featured Camilla Ludington.

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Somewhat on the cheesy side

Author: lth25 from United States
31 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film goes over the same territory as the Lifetime edition (however bad the Lifetime edition is better than this one). The story begins with a "meet cute" scene between William and Kate--he turns to talk to his security officer and bumps into her, spilling out the contents of the laundry on the floor. As he helps her he picks up her black bra, she swiftly takes it from him. As he has his security officer escort her and the laundry to her room he spots a Poster of himself on Kate's wall (which contradicts Kate's saying in an interview that she never had poster of William on the wall--did the script writers slip up in their research?). Then William gradually (after flirting with various blondes) that Kate is the woman for him--particularly after seeing her modeling her see through dress on the runway at the Uni fashion show. Despite the real Kate saying she didn't meet the Queen until a few years after beginning to date William--there she is early on meeting the Queen and playing video tennis with the Queen at Buckingham Palace. The Queen even lectures Kate on future duties well before her engagement to William (according to the film). William in the meantime sits and watches Diana's Panorama tape which is hard to believe since it would be assumed that he remembered Diana's counsel without having to "brush up" on it watching the tape. The film has many scenes of Kate jealously watching William flirt with other women (with close ups). The rift happens when William decides to split with Kate. There is a cheesy scene with Kate in her bathrobe having a talk with her mother who tells her not to sit and mope but get out there and show William what he's missing. Then a montage of scenes of Kate clubbing with various men (with background music of Fascination). The reconciliation takes place at a park concert with Kate finding William in a crowd singing to him and pointing at him "he's the one". They embrace to applause by the crowd. The last scene of course is the Proposal Scene with Kate saying Yes Yes to William's proposal of marriage.

The leads do their best with bad material. The actors playing the couple are OK as is the actor playing Prince Harry. Jane Alexander does not have many scenes as the Queen. Not being much of a fan of Charles and Camilla (played by Victor Garber and Jean Smart), I cringed at how the writers were trying to make them a "lovable" couple --with Charles reading to little children(I don't see anything lovable about this pair considering the way they acted towards Diana--I also don't see their story as a great love story) The cheesiest scene was when a drunken Wills confronts his father about Diana and why she had to suffer and Camilla scurries for the black coffee to sober up William.

Obviously the writers had to interpolate scenes into the story and it was apparently based on newspaper stories of the time.

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Grace,charm,doubt and love

Author: martinyellen from United States
30 August 2011

Enchanting love story about the royals,that could also be about anyone of us.How do we know when we meet the right one? Can we get advice from a treasured loved one that is only found in our heart? The movie displays enduring love in a variety of ways.Glimpses of ourselves in this young couple.Masterful look at the inner workings of the behind the scenes royals.Jane Alexander is the queen that we would all like her to be.The young couple playing the future king and queen have the chemistry of Beaty and Wood. Victor Garber and Jean Smart allows one to see Prince Charles and Camilla in a whole new light. This movie is a gift to anyone fortunate enough to view it.

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Romantic and Charming

Author: lexxyg142 from United States
31 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is so sweet and romantic with tender and funny moments. From the very beginning when Will and Kate bump into each other at university there is an immediate chemistry and attraction. The joking that goes on in their ensuing friendship makes Will accessible as a prince while Kate's wisdom in convincing him to stay in school illustrates the power of a future queen. Jane Alexander humanizes the Queen with her great acting, while Victor Garber brilliantly gives Charles' point of view in his divorce with Diana. It is a romantic, modern fairytale which everyone can enjoy. It is certain to make you smile.

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