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Aussiewood: our guide to Australia’s film studios

Australia now boasts four main production studios with facilities of international calibre. Set to take on the Hollywood big league, Georgina Pearson gives a brief snapshot of each studio in its current state.

In order to compete with such universal giants, Australia’s studios must offer that little bit extra – a uniqueness not found anywhere else. While perhaps considerably smaller in comparison to the backlots of Hollywood, Australia’s absolute landscape versatility has proved to be a substantial draw-card.

Jon Cassar executive producer for Stephen Spielberg’s Terra Nova (which shot on location in the Gold Coast Hinterland as well as the Gold Coast’s Village Roadshow Studios) told Encore when searching for the right studio you have to weigh up several factors. “You look at two things. You look at infrastructure and studio space. We started with two studios and we’re already up to three. Having the volume
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Callan McAuliffe Is Lil' Gatsby in 'The Great Gatsby'

Sigh... it seems like only yesterday that Leo himself could pass for sixteen.

Those days are long gone, though, as Callan McAuliffe has signed on to play a younger version of Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Great Gatsby," according to Variety.

The Australian actor, who recently appeared as Sam in "I Am Number Four," will play Jay Gatsby as a teenager, before he grows up to be a young, mysterious millionaire who throws great parties and keeps dark secrets. 

However, if it is McAuliffe who plays Gatsby during his World War I soldier days, that means they'll need someone to play a younger version of Carey Mulligan's Daisy Buchanan, too. Maybe Baz Luhrmann can get Izzy Meikle-Small, who played a young Mulligan in "Never Let Me Go?"

News of McAuliffe's casting comes hot on the heels of word that Gemma Ward has also joined the ensemble in an unidentified but reportedly major role.
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ABC announces $14m kids show, Resistance

ABC Children’s TV announced its biggest budget children’s live action series at $14m would take up residency at the South Australia Film Corporation’s new Adelaide Studios, opened today.

Resistance, a co-production between Australia’s Persistence Productions and Canada’s Shaftesbury Films, the 26×30 minute series will screen on ABC3 in Australia and Ytv in Canada in late 2012. Shooting will begin in September 2011, for 23 weeks.

Resistance is the story of the fate of humankind in the hands of a small group of brilliant teenage resistance fighters. Armed with technology, beyond the cutting edge, and trained by mysterious young billionaire, they’re our last line of defence against an alien invasion.

Produced by Andrew Dillon and Lesley Parker, it is executive produced by Gary Kurtz who has Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back among his producing credits.

Kim Dalton, Director of ABC TV said in a statement, “Resistance will
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Adelaide Studios open for business

Three productions have been announced during today’s media tour and opening of the new Adelaide Studios; two films and one television series.

Adelaide Studios was $48m of a $300m project announced in 2008 to redevelop Glenside campus. Suitable for film, television and digital media production, the facilities at Adelaide Studios include:

Two soundstages (1,000sqm and 400sqm); A sound mixing theatre (Harrison and Icon console) with Dolby Premiere Accreditation sought; A 96-seat screening theatre; Adr/Foley recording studio; A large green room and; Production offices.

As the last film to shoot at Hendon studios, The King is Dead by Rolf De Heer will be the first to use the new sound mixing theatre, which Adelaide Studios CEO Richard Harris said is equalled only by that of the room at Deluxe in Sydney. Harris told Encore, it’s the part of the studios he’s most excited about.

The second feature announced
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Screen Aus invests in Beaconsfield and Resistance

Screen Australia has invested $2.4 million in two television projects: ABC sci-fi series Resistance and Nine telemovie Beaconsfield. Resistance is a.26-part live action sci-fi children.s series for the ABC produced by Andrew Dillon and directed by Andrew Dillon and Geoff Bennett. The series is an Australian-Canadian co-production written by Naomi Janzen and Sarah Lambert and aims to combine action, thrills and cutting-edge special effects with the challenges of ordinary childhood life. Beaconsfield is a three-hour telemovie produced by John Edwards for the Nine Network and is based on the true story of the Beaconsfield Mine disaster that occurred on Anzac Day, 2006. The adult-television drama will be directed by Glendyn Ivin and written by Judi McCrossin. .Beaconsfield...
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A-listers receive development funding

Screen Australia has annouced development investment for 13 features, two animated shorts, two games and the completion of two shorts.

Projects include B Model, to be directed and produced by Rachel Griffiths, as well as new projects from the Spierig Brothers (Jungle), Bruce Beresford (The Fortunes of Richard Mahoney, co-production with China), Emile Sherman (Tracks) and Gregor Jordan (Five Spice)

Hannah Hilliard (Franswa Sharl) and Callum Cooper (Little Brother) were announced as the first recipients of the new Director’s Acclaim Fund, which recognises the importance of directors maintaining momentum following critical acclaim of their short film.

The projects are:


B Model

Producers Rachel Griffiths, Louise Smith

Writer Samantha Strauss

Director Rachel Griffiths

Synopsis A young Australian girl gets swept up into the chaotic, exciting world of high fashion modelling. Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York. An innocent in a sex-soaked business, she is seeking love and validation, but isn
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