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Portland Oregonian
The subtle menace of the would-be geneticist of the Master Race mingles with ordinary pre-teen foreboding to create a riveting cocktail of unease.
The family he preys on is a tad too unsuspecting to be believable, but the film still hits notes of deep tension. And the cast is superb, especially Àlex Brendemühl as the “Angel of Death” himself.
Writer-director Lucia Puenzo, adapting her own historical novel, concocts a disquieting and chilling thriller out of what might be a lost chapter in the infamous career of Nazi Doctor Joseph Mengele.
A smart and unsettling atmospheric thriller.
Slant Magazine
In Lucía Puenzo's film, things always feel off balance even as the plot points click all too neatly into place.
The story-telling is a little too pat to deliver the surprise moments that reveal character or sweep audiences up emotionally. The film remains a creepy story with a lot of morbid fascination, set off by the captivating young Florencia Bado in her first screen role.
Nestled within the movie’s overtly schematic design are strong performances—namely, newcomer Bado—and a few details about German-Argentinean life which are, frankly, more interesting than the question of Helmut’s past.
The Dissolve
There’s just not much of real import in this quasi-historical semi-thriller.
As horror scenarios go, Puenzo’s setup takes the most heavy-handed approach possible.
Village Voice
Puenzo dramatizes her material with an overcooked sense of import that generates scant suspense.

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