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The beginning of the end
Tweekums19 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Having enjoyed Spooks since episode one it is sad to see this fine series entering its final season; many characters have come and gone over the years and as this season begins there are plenty of new faces. Since the final episode of the previous season Harry has been suspended because he traded classified documents for Ruth's life but he is reinstated at the behest of the Home Secretary. This is because a senior Russian politician is making an unofficial visit to London in an attempt to improve relations between the two countries. Harry knows him from the time when the Russian was a senior KGB agent during the cold war… Harry also had an agent very close to him; an agent who seems to have become active once again.

This episode was an exiting opening to the new series; with some taut action scenes and the beginnings of a highly convoluted plot that should last until the series concludes. As always with Spooks it is impossible to know who can be trusted; one thing is certain, some 'good guys' will turn out to be bad and vice versa! Peter Firth is great as Harry and Nicola Walker does a fine job as Ruth; it is too soon to judge the new cast members yet but I have a feeling they will be good.
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