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movieman_kev12 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Nurse Violet (Christine Donion) hates working the night shift, a feeling that doesn't change any on the night of her one-year anniversary when she has to deal with gang-banger Laz (Robert LaSardo) as well as a cheating boyfriend.

Violet's conversion into a 'femme fatale' seemed forced to me and rang false somehow, that coupled with clunky dialog and awful acting made this one of the more dreadful episodes of this show that I've seen. Of course it was also closer to the beginning of the show and Femme Fatales still had to find its legs, so to speak, but still that's no excuse for how bad this one was. Although admittedly the simulated sex scenes were pretty good.

Eye Candy: Christine Donion gets topless; Ariauna Albright shows everything
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