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Ben Foster: The only way you can help me is if you kill me.

Dr. Spencer Reid: Ben, that's not true. Listen, the only way we can help you...

[Reid's image shimmers, indicating that the next thing Ben hears is in his head and not actually Reid's own words]

Dr. Spencer Reid: ... is if you take that knife, and you stab me in the neck with it.

Ben Foster: Are you sure that'll work?

Dr. Spencer Reid: [In Ben's hallucination] Oh, I'm absolutely sure, Ben.

[as himself]

Dr. Spencer Reid: Put that knife down, okay?

[In Ben's hallucination]

Dr. Spencer Reid: Take that knife, jam me in the neck with it, and all your problems will go away! Okay?

Dr. Spencer Reid: [voiceover] Lizette Reese wrote "The old faiths light their candles all about, but burly truth comes by and puts them out."

Derek Morgan: [voiceover] Siddhartha Buddha said, "It is not his enemy or foe that lures him to evil ways".

Derek Morgan: Penelope, you gotta stop staring at her. Prentiss wouldn't want us to sulk. You know that.

Penelope Garcia: I'm not sulking. I'm surrounded by testosterone now.

Derek Morgan: Did this guy and Karen interact?

Ben Foster: [in Paul's flashback] I have a hypothetical for you.

Paul Jones: He said something to her, but she blew him off.

Derek Morgan: Just put her head down and said something dismissive back?

Paul Jones: Yeah, that's it. Yeah.

Derek Morgan: We tend to do that when strange people talk to us. Unfortunately, it can backfire.

Mrs. Donnolly: Gosh, I've been in this building 27 years. Now, the worst incident we ever had was when Benjamin Headley up in 402 found out his wife was sleeping with the cleaner guy and shot him in the groin.

Derek Morgan: You've been a really big help, Mrs. Donnolly. Thank you very much.

Dr. Spencer Reid: You know, that profile kind of makes it sound like schizophrenia leads to serial killing.

Derek Morgan: That's not what we said at all, Reid.

Dr. Spencer Reid: You know, my mom has schizophrenia. There are many different types.

Derek Morgan: I know that.

Dr. Spencer Reid: Catatonic, disorganized... Just because someone suffers from an inability to organize their thoughts, or they can't bathe or dress themselves, it doesn't mean they'd stab someone in the chest 30 times postmortem.

Derek Morgan: Reid, what's really going on?

Dr. Spencer Reid: Our UnSub's hallucinations aren't fractured like a typical schizophrenic. They're vivid and clear, leading me to believe that we're missing an important variable. Rather than making crazy conjectures, I think we should be trying to figure out what it is.

Derek Morgan: Okay, listen to me. I know this is a scary age for you. It's when schizophrenic breaks happen. Have you talked to anybody about this?

Dr. Spencer Reid: Emily.

Derek Morgan: Have you seen a doctor?

Dr. Spencer Reid: They all say I'm fine.

Derek Morgan: Then why don't you believe them?

Dr. Spencer Reid: Because predicting one's chances of developing a genetic condition are like finding a penny in an ocean. I have terrible headaches. I can't sleep at night. I can't focus on our cases. I only read five books last week.

Derek Morgan: Come on, kid, you gotta cut yourself some slack. You're also depressed about Prentiss, and I get it. We all are. Reid, I miss her every day. But if your mind was splitting, do you really think you'd be able to figure out that this team is missing a variable?

Dr. Spencer Reid: I'm just speculating that we are. I need to prove it.

Derek Morgan: Okay, then, you do that. The moment you are wandering around the streets aimlessly, that's when I'll be concerned about you. Come on, pretty boy. Let's get to work.

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