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Blue Bloods- Marine Brothers ****
edwagreen12 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Still another outstanding episode highlights what is becoming my favorite show on television. Attention to the Emmy awards: Please nominate this show for best drama and Donny Wahlberg for best supporting actor.

This episode was a poignant one as it depicts the problems of returning veterans from Iraq. In this case, our hero is murdered by a group of drunken men, one of whom is a wealthy misery who feels he can do as he pleases and get away with it since his father is enormously wealthy.

The episode shows the effects of the murder on fellow marine Wahlberg, a tough police officer to begin with.

In a minor sidebar issue, the mayor tries to plant a story that Police Commissioner Frank Regan will challenge him for the mayoralty. The major story is so good that it just blows this segment away.
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Semper Fi
bkoganbing11 August 2016
This one is real personal for Iraq War veteran Donnie Wahlberg. Aaron Eisenberg a homeless Marine veteran is beaten to death outside a club by four yuppie punks. There is a bond between veterans that is something people like Neal Bledsoe cannot fathom. He also can't fathom someone he cannot buy off which he has in the past.

As it turns out the other three are friends and/or work for Bledsoe and they close ranks to protect him. In the end though something that Bledsoe did that was very stupid leads to the forensic evidence that will assuredly convict him.

This one is a special one for Donnie Wahlberg.
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