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Sentimentally warm and fuzzy

Author: selina_s2 from Earth
7 April 2012

This was a pleasure to watch after a really bad day, had a few great laughs right off the bat. I give it 7 because there is potential for it to be an extremely good and successful sit com. I'm sure there will be a lot of women out there who can relate as it targets the female audience. Best Friends Forever is a warm fuzzy feel good comedy, with the right amount of highs and lows. The script is very witty and entertaining and it's been a long time since I've looked forward to wanting to watch the next episode, I really can't wait to see what will progress in the characters lives. You learn the personalities of the characters very quickly, that could be either good or bad on how you look at it. (Good thing) A sense of feeling like u can relate to the character, sympathise with the character (Bad thing) potentially getting annoyed with the character, could start to get a bit predictable but this is just the first episode that I watched, so I don't want to be unfair and could possibly change my mind after watching a couple more. Overall it was good and I hope people give it a go, I also hope it does not get axed like the grumpy critics prediction :( need more girly shows out there!

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Can Totally Relate

Author: ortizz81 from United States
31 May 2012

My Husband and I are 30, and we watched this show accidentally; we laughed out-loud so many times, we now are Recording it every week. Some of the scenarios are stuff that has happened to us or some of our friends; the other scenarios are just funny. The Little Neighbor is wonderful, she has such a big personality. My husband and i constantly joke around with lines from the show... most commonly, "you think your fancy, huh..." If you watched this episode, you know what we're talking about.

Both of main Characters are really funny and feel very real and natural. The little neighbor does a great job, i'm not sure if it's all an act or she is that sassy in real life, but she's hilarious.

The guys are good. The Bartender is Hot, and he seems like a good secondary character. His acting is good, he's believable, not much to him yet. The main guy seems nice; he just doesn't really add much. He's not really funny, not really quirky. He's just plain. There are a few parts he could've been funny, he was just nice. I don't know if that's his point, to kind of mix into the background. But i do think a greater audience would watch if the lead guy was more representative of a regular guy in (his reactions) or if he was quirky in some way, that most guys could laugh at. That guy doesn't add much to the plot, he doesn't make it more funny. Even when he's upset, he doesn't really look upset, he looks indifferent. I don't know if its him or the writing. But he should be more......just, more.

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Wow! A pretty impressive mix of comedy & realism.

Author: PaulVilla from Canada
27 April 2012

'Best Friends Forever' is pretty unique. I haven't seen a TV series that delivers both sitcom-style comedy & real emotional drama so successfully.

One minute you're watching funny one-liners & gags...and the next minute you're watching some serious emotional throw-downs. You'd think the transition between these two "worlds" would be jarring...instead, it's totally seamless.

Usually, when a comedy show wants to go anywhere near something "real" (emotionally speaking) will do so in a very disingenuous & sarcastic manner (think 'Community'). Whereas, 'Best Friends Forever' refuses to compromise. Each moment is given the levity or gravity it deserves.

Credit should go to the lead actresses. They know how to deliver fun play-fights (comedy) & serious real-fights (drama). And if I've read the credits correctly, they also know how to write interesting characters.

Jessica St. Clair's character is pretty noteworthy. If this was a book, she could easily come off as annoying. Raw text has a hard time delivering subtle sub-text. But when you watch the show, you see that "Jessica" is the age-old story of the "sad clown". Her hyper-activity is a natural reaction to her insecurities & fragility.

Lennon Parham's character is something you almost NEVER get to see on TV...a NORMAL woman. She likes to have fun, but she knows she has responsibilities. She's convinced her boyfriend that taking in her best friend is a burden, but she's way too giddy & giggly in the company of said burden.

So far, the male characters seem to be a bit "unexplored". The danger in this kind of show is that men are treated as the sort of dull sideshows women have been treated as for most of television history. Hopefully, the writers will flesh out Joe & Rav as the series progresses.

As you'll see, there's lots of entertaining stuff going on in 'Best Friends Forever'. There's a lot I haven't mentioned (like the gorgeous filming & hilarious little neighbour). There's nothing else like it on television. Hell, it's one of the best things on television.

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LOL Funny, Clever and Original

Author: dr_mckeever from United States
30 June 2016

I don't know how this could have gotten a low rating by others, because I thought this is one of the best shows I had seen in years. I was so disappointed to see it get canceled. The 2 stars of the show are also the writers and creators... And just like in the show, they are a couple of wacky best friends. They use a mix of script and improv to keep the dialogue fresh, lively and fast paced. They are the best comedy duo since Lucy & Ethel, except they are both Lucy.

If you like this show as much as I do, fear not... you can see these 2 gals in their new show "Playing House" with co-star Keenan Michael Keyes. I just pray to the PTB's that this one doesn't get canceled.

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Either like the girls or find them annoying

Author: SnoopyStyle
20 August 2013

Lennon Walker (Lennon Parham) and Jessica Black (Jessica St. Clair) are longtime friends. They used to live together in New York some three years ago. When Jessica receives her divorce papers, Lennon invites her to move back in. Lennon's live-in boyfriend Joe Foley struggles to adjust. Rav Stark is a friend from the past and Queenetta Carpenter is a kid in the building.

Let's face it. This show is all about the real and fictional friendship between Lennon Parham and Jessica St Clair. You either like them together or find them annoying. I find Lennon a nice funny lady, but at first, Jessica does annoy me. After a little while, I do grow to like her more mainly due to their friendship. They have terrific chemistry. It shows and it softens most of their rougher edges. Their friendship is the reason I like this show. Sadly, there are only 6 episodes. It never got a chance.

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Having seen episodes 1-4, heres what I think so far...

Author: Aaron Wong from London, England
26 April 2012

This is my first review. I decided to contribute by writing this review because at the time of writing there is only one other who has reviewed this show.

The story is about Jessica having to move in with her BFF (and boyfriend) in NYC after her husband filed for divorce. The characters' situation forces them to compromise for everyone's happiness, but overall, BFF is unrealistic, predictable and unimpressive.

The humour revolves around scenarios that can be found in a two girl one guy household. This has been done many times over, (in a more suitable 20-30 age range) and in my opinion is rather weak.

Given this, I did not once find any of the situations funny, but moreover often finding them rather silly and awkward.

I mean, if Jessica was as good a friend as Lennon (who allowed her to stay temporarily until she finds her feet), then she would just find a place of her own asap rather than continue to impose and create these awkward situations.

The character Jessica is a 40 year old woman, surely, at that age you would think one is fully capable of, and prefers living independently.

I have tried to give it a chance, but after 4 episodes (it just gets annoying as) I just do not think the show is funny or believable, and so to conclude, I will no longer be watching this series.

2/10 for the effort, but its just not funny!

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