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Parents Guide for
"American Horror Story" (2011) More at IMDbPro »

The content of this page was created directly by users and has not been screened or verified by IMDb staff.
Since the beliefs that parents want to instill in their children can vary greatly, we ask that, instead of adding your personal opinions about what is right or wrong in a film, you use this feature to help parents make informed viewing decisions by describing the facts of relevant scenes in the title for each one of the different categories: Sex and Nudity, Violence and Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, and Frightening/Intense Scenes.
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American Horror Story has some sexual references throughout and can include themes of rape, child molestation, and sexual violence, however, most action is only implied and contains no nudity beyond occasional buttock glimpses.


Murder House

There are a few implied rape and sexual threat scenesthroughout the season, all non-explicit and quite brief.

These include a man violently raping his maid before being interrupted,

a man raping an unconscious woman

a man forcing a woman to undress for him

a woman being raped by a teenage boy wearing a rubber suit (she believes him to be her husband).

Rape is a recurrent theme.

A woman masturbates with a vibrator we then see what she is thinking of and we see her having sex with three different men

A woman performs oral sex on a man while talking dirty

It is imploded that a man raped another man with a fire poker

A teenager rapes a woman

A man masturbates while crying we see his buttocks

A man goes on a kinky porn website

Two women in their underwear are seen kissing as a man imagines himself doing anal on one of them

A character mentions that "gay porn is the best" while holding a magazine. The magazine cover contains a supposedly naked man. However, nothing is shown

A woman begins undoing her clothing while on top of a man, however, they are interrupted before anything happens

Two people have sex twice in one episode. No nudity other than the man's bare back and buttocks. It is mentioned that the man "came inside" (ejaculated). Later, the man tells the woman (after sex) that she'll have to "finish up herself".

A girl touches the boy's crotch on a beach and mentions she wants to have sex, he turns her down.

A teenage boy mentions "jerking off" while thinking of a girl

A teenage boy says that he doesn't take his medications because it makes it so that he can't have an erection



A married couple undress (no nudity) before having sex; mild thrusting and moaning but only shows facial reactions.

References that a female patient in a psychiatric hospital is a nymphomaniac.

A man has a flashback of having sex with his wife; she moans in pleasure.

A lesbian woman forced to masturbate to naked men to 'cure' her

A man is diagnosed as a chronic masturbater, we see him apparently masturbating in a few scenes.

A women performs oral sex on a guard

A killer rapes a woman violently

A man woman have sex

A sex addict constantly uses graphic language

A couple has kinky & oral sex in a haunted asylum

A woman rapes a priest

A killer anal rapes a dead woman

Dr. Thredson cuts off bra of Lana and soon after seen sucking her left breast



Brief instances of nudity, but no more than male and female buttock glimpses and some sexual references.

A man and woman have sex she later ends up killing the man

A woman asks another woman for two ounces of her husband's semen (referred to as 'baby gravy') in a mason jar; it is shown in a dream sequence.

There is a disturbing violent sex scene involving a ritual for fertility. A woman and a man cut their fingers and spread blood around them, undress and simulate sex. The man's buttocks are glimpsed as well as an extremely quick unfocused glimpse of her chest.

Resurrected characters continue to have sex, sometimes with the living and an implied threesome.

A man has violent sex with a woman

A woman and the a serial killer have sex. It is a blurry scene and it looks like cunnilingus.

A young woman is drugged and apparently raped by a group of people at a fraternity party.( disturbing )

A man and woman thrust against a overboard we see the mans buttocks

A mother rapes her son

A young girl is shown pulling her dress up, it is implied that she masturbates herself.

Incest and bestiality sort of seen/implied


Freak Show

Jimmy, whom has lobster claw-like hands, he ''fingers'' multiple women for money. One act is shown as hands under a ladies dress and some moaning.

A female character takes her shirt off and it is revealed that she has three breasts nipples are covered by pasties

A man with deformed hands fingers a woman she later begins to bleed

That character has sex with a gay man

A woman attempts to give a man a hand-job, but he is unable to get an erection

A flashback scene reveals that a major character worked in a brothel that catered to almost every fetish, some short implied flashbacks of sexual acts

A man occasionally implied performing oral sex on a male prostitute in his hotel room.

A man has anal sex with a fat woman

A man begins masturbating in front of another person against their will.

A man has two sex scenes with the twins, in the second act a puppet watches



A scene of a hotel guest being violently raped by a faceless demon, we see male buttocks and and a metallic drill-bit dildo

A naked man and a dead naked woman are covered with blood in a sexual position. Buttocks and the woman's breasts (very briefly) shown.

An orgy takes place. This scene lasts about 2 minutes.

A man gets up from a couch and he's buttocks are shown.

Some creatures are shown having sex.

A woman and a man have anal sex.

A man is naked in front of a naked woman he is killing her, it is implied that he was raping her.

There's a "gay" scene between two men kissing and one of them starts sucking the other one's chest.

A lesbian scene where two women kiss each other and one of the sucks blood from the otehr one's breasts. There's no graphic nudity, more sensual than sexual.

A man and woman have sex on top of a dead body

Near the end of an episode in a flashback sequence, we briefly see a man thrusting vigorously behind a woman. She is clothed and he is nude.

There is a "gay" sex scene with a young man and a middle aged trans-woman (still in a male body). Buttocks are shown.

A woman is having sex with a gay man and she gives him a blowjob. Buttocks and cleavage are shown.

A young man arrives to a room with a a naked man and a partially naked woman in the bed waiting for him. Man buttocks are shown, it is implied that they are going to do a threesome.

A man smells some panties.

A young man's naked dead body is shown. Buttocks are shown.

A young man has sex with a young swedish woman's ghost. Later, another young woman's ghost (the other one's friend) appears. Buttocks and the woman breasts are briefly shown.

The same swedish young women's ghost make a threesome with a man. One of the girls bites the other girl and starts bleeding while she's strangling the man. At first it's sexual, but then it turns bloody. Buttocks and breasts glipsed.

A man covered with blood is naked and his buttocks are shown for some seconds.

There is a very brief threesome , buttocks are glimpsed.

There is a sex rude scene with a clothed man and a naked woman, buttocks are glimpsed.

There is a very brief orgy in black and white shown.

A Man and woman have sex, only males torso is shown and there is some moaning.

The same naked man and woman from the first episode are shown again, buttocks and woman's breasts briefly seen.

A man and a woman have sex in a quite fast and rude way, only buttocks and breasts seen briefly.

Two porn stars are shown having sex, naked but nothing seen.

A married couple have sex, female buttocks are shown.

There is a threesome between some drug addicts.

A young man in briefs in various scenes.

A woman wears a dress covering almost only her nipples.

A demon with a weird 'dildo-drill' rapes a woman, nothing actually shown.

The show contains very strong graphic violence, with detailed bloody and gory images. Some violent sequences and gore are brief, while others are prolonged. This is not for a weak of heart.


Murder House

A young boy's throat is slit; we briefly see the gory wound.

A man hits a young woman on the head with an ashtray, knocking her unconscious, and pushes another woman onto the floor. He then instructs the young woman, at knifepoint, to strip and change into a nurse's uniform before stabbing her repeatedly in the back; blood is shown spurting as he stabs her.

A woman has a nightmare in which she is cut in half by an elevator, with very bloody/gory results.

A woman is drowned in a bathtub.

A man grabs a young woman and throws her onto a bed and kisses her forcibly as he pulls down his pants. He is interrupted when his wife comes into the room with a handgun and shoots the young woman in the head (blood splatters onto the wall behind her) and her husband in the chest three times. Afterwards the young woman is shown with a gory wound in her eye which is shown in close-up.

A man imagines that he is murdered by another man with a pig's head with a meat cleaver, with blood splattering.

One of the main characters commits suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills.

A man shoots another man in the head; we see him lying on the floor and see the bullet wound and a pool of blood.

A man wearing a gimp suit rapes a woman (she believes that she is having sex with her husband); some thrusting is seen.

A woman stabs a man to death with an ice pick, with bloody results.

We see a gory wound in the back of a woman's head.

A man in a gimp suit drowns another man in a barrel of water and then breaks his neck.

A man in a gimp suit throws a man around the room, smashes his face into the face of a table (leaving it bloody) and hits him repeatedly with a fireplace poker (resulting in bloody wounds in his body). He then pulls down the man's pants to reveal his bare buttocks and it is implied that he sodomizes him with the fireplace poker as we see some blood in his anus.

A man smothers a deformed child with a pillow.

A teenage girl cuts her wrist with a razor blade; some blood is seen.

A woman sets herself and her children on fire.

A woman shoots her husband and herself (blood is shown splattering).

A young woman performs oral sex on a man; we hear a crunch and it is implied that she has bitten his penis off (we see some blood around her mouth). Another man then appears behind him and suffocates him by wrapping a plastic bag around his head.

Violent scenes include shootings, stabbings, axe murders, car accidents, mauling, self-harm, immolation, hangings, and beatings.

A baby being dismembered and sewn back together. A bloody birth sequence is shown.

There is a school shooting that showed (implied) the following: a boy is shot across the jaw (not shown but there is blood), a girl is shot in the head, a boy shot across the head, one shot in the forehead, and a girl is pleading for her life when she's shot in the chest. Incredibly disturbing and frightening

The level of violence differs between episodes.



A woman stabs a woman in the neck with scissors blood goes all over the place

Many deformed cannibalistic creatures can be seen.

A very explicit and gory sequence shows a woman murdering her family with an axe. Dead bodies are sometimes seen

A couple is brutally murdered the woman is shot and the man gets his arm cut off them gets stabbed and shot

A nun slits the thirst of a man with a piece of glass we see it stuck his throat with blood all over the place

A woman stabs repeatedly in the head with an axe

A man puts his hand in front of a razor and his hand gushes out with blood and we see his cut

A man chokes a prositute

A man rapes a dead woman Anally

A woman rapes a priest

Scenes of rape and sexual abuse are occasional.

Several characters seem sadistic, often inflicting pain seemingly onlyfor fun.

decapitations, skinning, chocking throats slit stabbing shootings and rapes are all seen this season

A man does experiments on a woman in the end she later becomes legless and bumps all over her face

A man commits suicide by going in a oven

A serial killer kid who slit her mom's and brother's throat, and stabs her friend

A killer santa kills multiple people by shooting them slitting their throats and trying to rape them



There are stabbings, throats slit, rape, rituals that involve the need of blood, self-dismemberment, animal violence, shootings, being burned to the stake, dismemberment, decapitations, torture, cruelty, axe murders, eye gouging and being burned with acid.

The sacrifice of an infant may be very upsetting to more sensitive viewers.

not as scary as other seasons

Prisoners have their eyes and mouths stitched shut, eyes removed, nearly stabbed to death, chained up and beaten, have their heads removed and replaced by animal heads.

A character is also shown shown using a homemade beauty mask made of her victims' blood.

In a very unsettling scene, we see a major character enter her own version of hell. A women is forced to dissect a living frog in a conventional biology class. We can see some of the frogs internal organs briefly and the women screams in terror as she uses a small knife to cut its belly open. What makes the scene so unpleasant is that she is stuck in that situation (hell) and she has to repeat what she had done multiple times, and she is screaming and crying.

A boy beats his mother repeatedly in the head with a trophy. We later see the woman mutilated face.

A Oman is drugged and gang raped

An older woman slits the throat of a younger girl.

A bunch of mean get brutally murdered by a man with an axe

a bunch of woman are shot in a massacare

A lot of gore and torture this season

May not be the darkest season but still is incredibly gory

The level of violence differs between episodes.


Freak Show

An exhibit glorifies body parts taken from people with strange or horrific deformities.

There are many scenes that show the main villain of the season's first arc: a psychotic clown. In most of his scenes, he brutally murders innocent people. He also holds a young boy (about age 10) and a young woman (about age 18) captive in cages. There are countless stabbings and decapitations.

A woman is penetrated in the eye with a knife. She is later decapitated

A man hangs himself.

Throughout many episodes, themes or tones of BDSM are present.

A woman working at a fetsih whore house and we see masochistic acts. The woman later makes a man sit on spikes she is later drugged and gets her legs cut off

A man and a male prostitute strip down to their underwear, facing away from each other. When they turn, one man pulls a knife and tears through the other's chest and slashes him repeatedly. The man tries crawling away but he is stabbed repeatedly through the hand, chest, and throat. The killer then chops off his arms with a long serrated blade. Later we see him dispose of an arm by throwing it inside quicklime.

A man shoots his mother, and then takes a bath in her blood

A man decapitates a woman and sews her head on to his mothers dead corpse

A man is stripped naked and covered in tar, which rips and sears his flesh and is covered in feathers afterwards

We see a man beat three people to death with a hammer bashing their faces

A man stabs a puppet who we see as a human multiple times with blood going everywhere

A guard has his skull beaten in

A man violently slits the throat of his maid

Several people are shot, some in the head, in one sequence. Lots of blood.

A character knocks two characters out. One of them wakes up and sees the other being stabbed, very brutally in the stomach and chest. Very bloody.

Multiple shootings and stabbings.

A woman is literally sawed in half during a magic trick gone horribly wrong. Lots of blood pours out of the box, and a number of her internal organs fall to the floor when the table separates _________________________________________________________________________________________


Definitely the bloodiest season for now.

A man comes out from a mattress with multiple scars and scratches on him.

Kids are shown drinking blood from a human

A woman is thrown out of a window, some blood is shown

We see two different crime scenes, the first one a man has his tongue and eyes cut out while he is still inside of his sexual partner who is impaled, the other one has men with their stomach cut open

A man is thrown on the bed and anally raped violently by a demon. The demon also wears a strap on screw driver dildo.

Bloody sheets are shown.

There are at least 10 or more deaths in a episode this season

Two characters slit the throats of two people during an orgy. LOTS of blood is shown.

One character's throat was slit and she falls to the ground lots of blood.

We see a flashback of a serial killer who kills about 10 people by hitting them in the back of the head with a hammer then slitting their throats

A man and woman commit suicide together he shoots the woman in the head and slits his throat

we see images of crime scenes

A stabs a gay hooker in the neck and sucks his blood

A man shoots a prostitute in the head

A man is sewn into a mattress

A man comes out of the mattress and repeatedly stabs a woman

A woman shoots a bunch of rappers

Several people have their tongues cut out

A bunch of killers stab a man to death

A man drills through a mans head

A man bashes a lamp in a mans face to death

A doctor who's recently become a vampire thirsts for blood. She goes into the storage room where units of blood are stored and drinks a bunch of them. Kind of gross. She later injects blood into a boy's IV unit to save his life, but ultimately infects him with a vampire-like contagion.

The boy's parents are later seen in their home surrounded by blood. It's assumed the boy killed them and drank their blood.

An extended sequence that takes place at a middle school might rank among the most violent and shocking in the history of the show. The boy goes to school and, at a classroom Halloween party, kisses a girl he likes. He bites her lip while kissing her and she cries out in pain. Then he bites his own lip and lets her taste his blood, thus infecting her with the vampire contagion. The kids' teacher goes to look for them, and the boy slashes her throat as torrents of blood gush out. The girl is later seen drinking the teacher's blood. A male teacher then comes in and finds the two kids and the dead teacher and a classroom full of kids infected by a measles-like illness. The vampire boy then slashes the teacher's throat and blood gushes out in spurts as children gather around to feast on his blood. The man then escapes to the main office, while his arteries are still spurting blood out of his neck, and bangs on the window, bloodying it up and shocking the women in the office. Later, police are called to the scene and escort students out of the school. A number of blood-soaked bodies are shown lying around the floor throughout the school. The vampire children are then escorted out of the building with blood on their clothes, but virtually unharmed. No one finds out they're vampires.

Some crime scene photos are shown.

A woman slits two men's throats in a flashback sequence. She then licks some blood off of her finger. Bloody, but brief.

A woman serves cat food to a rude hipster couple in a hotel, having them think it's a gourmet dish. They eat it. Kind of gross.

The woman then flips her shit as the rude couple continue insulting her, stabbing the hipster woman in the neck with a screw-like instrument as blood gushes out. The woman then stabs the hipster man repeatedly in the back with a knife as blood splatters all over the place. She then slits his throat and prepares to drink the couple's blood

Blood is given to a sick-looking woman in a martini glass.

A woman gives birth and her baby kills the nurse. Some blood is shown, this is brief.

A woman suicides and she's shown in the bath dead and blood in the water.

A woman gets a cut by a monster-baby and she has a bit of blood.

There is a little flashback when a woman stabbed a hipster couple. The woman is shown cutting the man's throat. Bloody but brief.

A dead young man's naked body is shown covered with blood. Later, in a flashback is shown that after having sex, a girl cuts the man's throat and later the naked girl jumps on him, and thows him to the floor and the other girl stabs him two times.

A dead man is shown in the floor with blood.

A dead priest is shown with all he's organs leaking from his body and with something in his mouth.

During a threesome a young woman bites another young girl various times, the three get covered in blood.

A man shoots with his gun to the baby that is not reveled how it looks and later blood is shown in the floor.

A woman cuts a young man's throat.

A baby has a very disfigured face. Nothing bloody, but he only has half face.

Two men are attacked by two people that they look like vampires.

Two men start fighting but they are later stopped, nothing truly violent.

The corpses of two men are shown, some blood.

A woman is killed by the people that they look like vampires.

Someone cuts a "girl's" arm and they start to drink of it. Graphic.

Is implied that a man was torturing a homeless man. He has instruments of torture covered with blood, the killer is covered with some blood and he has some scissors and the homeless is shown in the bath covered with blood various times.

A man hits another man with a tray. Nothing violent at all.

A (vampire?) couple is shown drinking blood from the wounds of a woman. They have blood in their face.

A girl is knocked down by a truck.

A girl is shown dead and some blood is shown.

Jars with organs and body parts inside are shown various times.

Flashbacks of people being murdered by a serial killer.

A man is seen in front of a mirror with blood on his shirt.

Corpses of other episodes are shown again. Some of them are very disgusting, like a man with his organs out.

A man stabs his friend two times. Blood is shown. Later, he's shown with a bag, implying he has the head of his friend. A bit of blood is shown.

A man tries to comite suicide with a rope, but another man cuts the rope.

Animals heads, and even a human head are shown. Nothing too much.

A woman drinks blood from a glass.

A woman cuts a man's throat and later stabs the knife to another woman. The man with the throat cutted on the floor, the bed covered with blood and the dead woman bleeding to a bucket are shown various times. The woman (killer) is cleaning her hands of bloody.

A man is kidnapped and they extract him blood with a machine. Glasses full of blood are shown in the same scene. They drink that blood in another scene.

A dead woman's corpse is shown.

A man has blood on the head. A bit bloody.

A woman cuts her wrist and gives bood to her father.

A woman and an old man drink blood from bowls.

Two dead men are shown with wounds and blood in their face and chest. An old man killed them and he has blood coming from his mouth.

A woman kills her father drowning him.

A lot of dead people are shown covered in blood.

A kid drinks blood of a young man. The young man has his throat cut.

Kids have blood in their faces and is reveled that they killed their fathers and drank their blood.

A woman hits a man and he later has a bit of blood in his head.

A woman cuts a man's throat, pushes him and drinks his blood.

A married couple shoot eachother in the head. They are later shown dead in the bed bleeding for some seconds.

Human organs in crystal bottles.

A man stabs a few people to death

A man shoots a man in the head, later the man's corpse is shown in again.

A woman shoots a woman in the head

A man burns alive another man.

Gun shots (played for laughs, no blood).

Two women shoot a couple various times.

A man is injured and bleeding. He continues bleeding and they try to safe him, but he dies.

There's a lot of blood in the floor.

A woman is removing bullets from another woman's body and she later sews up her wounds. The place where they are is full of corpses.

A woman injects a syringe in another woman's arm and a man's penis

There's is a threesome scene between heroin addicts they are all seen having sex and shooting up on heroin then a woman sews up her friends with her. Her fiends die from the a heroin od then a demon comes and tortures the woman who is alive Much later she escapes cutting the rope which she was tied with her friends possibly the most disturbing scene in the series

Various people with blood in their hands, clothes, etc. are shown various times.

A woman starts touching her son's ashes and she later is shown covered with ashes for some time. There're also ashes in the room where she was staying.

Two women discover a lot of corpses in the dark

A girl is stabbed and later she stabs herself because she's a witch and the pain goes to the other person. She later is stabbed by a ghost. A woman drinks her blood.

A woman is shot various times and later they take her head off, they also show other organs in bottles

A woman is stabbed in her neck at the start of the episode.

A woman injects a syringe in a man's chest, he starts to drool and shake, finally dying..

A man stabs a woman in her neck..

The same woman of the start is shown again getting stabbed, revealing what happened.

A woman's dead corpse is shown, bleeding.

A man stabs another man in his neck and fills a canteen with his blood.

A man is shot various times.

Frequent profanity including shit, damn, goddamn, ass, hell, and bitch along with strong sexual dialogue including words like pussy, dick; and a few rare uses of cum, jizz. Bleeped f-words are used in episodes.

Coven in particular includes racial slurs like "nigger", "negress" and "colored people", due to its time period.

Murder House

Characters occasionally smoke cigarettes and snort cocaine. A man is addicted to opium and inhales it several times before performing surgery.


Period appropriate (1960's) cigarette smoking and alcohol use. A major character is an alcoholic and is often seen drinking. Medical drugs are used and abused, referring to 'doping people up'. Crack cocaine usage by a main character in the later episodes. A woman smokes marijuana and comments it makes her girlfriend's "cooking tastes better"


A couple characters abuse cocaine on occasion; frequent cigarette smoking, drinking, and partying. An older woman smokes marijuana through a pipe and offers it to a young girl. A main character abuses prescription pills on occasion.

Freak Show

Period appropriate (1950's) cigarette smoking and use of alcohol. A woman is drugged and has sex in an orgy. Smoking opium seems to be common in the tent, a character is seen using it several times. Characters get drunk and usually make fools out of themselves after.


Cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking and one character shoots up on heroin / snorts cocaine. Two characters shoot up on heroin one overdoses very hard to watch. A man crushes up pills and snorts them. a man snorts cocaine. a man drinks to intoxication. A woman tries to kill a woman by giving her a lot of heroin. Men drink absinthe. A lot of more drinking, smoking and drug use.

The entire series is intentionally made to be creepy, shocking, disturbing and oppressive and does contain (sometimes gory) jump scares.

IMDB includes the official agency ratings below, it baffles me why people feel the need to include it here (I mean it's not even appropriate for this section let alone an unnecessary repetition of what already appears below - as if people are so stupid they need to be told twice???)

Australia:R18+ / Brazil:18 / Canada:18A (DVD rating) (season 4) / Canada:14A (DVD rating) (seasons 1-3) / Canada:13+ (Québec) / Denmark:15 / Finland:K-16 / France:12 / Germany:18 / India:UA / Ireland:18 / Italy:T / Netherlands:16 / New Zealand:R16 (season 1) / New Zealand:R18 (season 2) / Norway:18 / Russia:18+ / Singapore:PG13 (edited version) / Singapore:M18 (season 1) (edited version) / Spain:18 / Sweden:18 / UK:18 / USA:TV-MA

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