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Just binge watched the entire series ....
CottonsParrot14 February 2018
During the last several weeks thanks to getting ROKU for Christmas. At any rate I agree with what seems to be the majority of reviews here, stating it should have ended at the close of season 6. So far, season 7 (we're up to ep. 6 as I write this) is no where near as good as the 1st 6 seasons. except for the Rumple and Belle story. However I do have to claim a bias towards Mr. Gold/Rumple and throughout the entire series I enjoyed his stories the most. Anyway, this Cinderella and Henry bit is not cutting it. Just not feeling anything towards the characters at all. Wish they could have left that whole mess out and had Henry just finding Gold, Regina & Hook for a return to Storybrooke. Hoping to get through the remaining episodes in time for the March 2 premiere of the final stretch leading to the series finale because despite it not being as compelling as before, we do want to see how they wrap up the series once and for all.
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Great writing - bad marketing
Eye_MD_B31 January 2018
I salute Hollywood writers for bringing us magic through creativity. However, my need for spirituality was less and less met, because the storyline evolved in many twists and effects.

What made it worse was that the ending of season 6 was clearly written as an ending of the show, but some producers who sit on the money-tab purely went by numbers and renewed the show for another season, because of its success.

Thereafter the story went totally downhill: The former quaint village was replaced by a materialistic rough city with lots of concrete - the characters (which likely were already be sacked at this point and were doing other projects) were written out, so that from season 7 on we get a total new storyline which much better should have been turned into a separate offspring series.

They made the same mistake which was made with the Matrix by adding part 2 & 3 which only watered down the original spiritual message.
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Lies and racism and political propaganda - and no Emma
supermaggie24 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The show started great, but in the meanwhile Disney started in dealing with violent war movies and shows kids how limbs are severed - yes, I am talking about Star wars - not kids material and not Disney material, I am sorry, but that's a fact, and ABC is nowadays showing everybody how racism is effectively done. After bashing and defaming King Arthur as the villain in a former season they now turn Cinderella into a bitch in season 7. And they learned nothing from the Doctor Strange debacle/protests. Reverse racism and discriminating whites is not a bit less worse than any other racism. There is no good and bad directions of racism, any racism is wrong. And so is falsifying and shoehorning Cinderella or any other characters from fairy tales, legends, history. And so is giving highly strung racists a voice like in the last episodes ( a shame for that otherwise great show) of 'Switched at birth' when Afro-Americans revolted about a non rogue Halloween/Party costume. The only solution/right way is to be color-blind, and this includes all colors. There is no good in distorting established characters to fit a political propaganda. If you want to include everybody - fine! - then bring in new characters, and by the way, if you - like you pretend to - want to be political correct, than you have to also consider handicapped people (that's what 'Switched at birth' did right at the start before they screwed up badly and ruined the whole legacy/memory of the show) and sick and unhappy/burdened people etc.- and they come in all colors. And by the way, there are handicaps, pain, burdens you see and some you don't see, therefore it is ridiculous to state that the poor Latina is the single mother who has to work hard while the blonde woman is the rich bitch and villain - by the way: the Fosters are a great show and show a natural mix of people etc., but they also wrongly stated in one episode that it is (only) the whites that can afford private schools - this is offensive for everybody. Why deny non-whites the talents/intelligence/will to be rich, powerful, ambitious etc.etc.? Many whites have severe problems in many respects and many non-whites are extremely successful and happy. Spreading embarrassing stereotypes for trashy political propaganda is not the right way to get to a natural, correct integration of everybody. And -to get back to the story- by the way: Why should anyone root for a girl who would kill to get revenge for her father (which is not constructive at all, just destructive) while the audience is supposed to see Victoria as the villain when she (lost a child - through the "hero girl" and) just wants to get her daughter back? Sorry, I rather feel with Victoria here. And like most other viewers already said: OuaT without Emma is not worth watching anymore anyways. And "Cinderella" surely is not in the least able to fill her shoes. I loved the first seasons of this show, but for a while now I've been hoping there will be no more new seasons.
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I'm done with once upon a time
stacyaprilm16 January 2018
I been faithful watches and rewatched season 1-6. They ruined the show once upon a time by getting rid of the main charectors. Who cares about the queen? Shesevil and shouldn't be in the show anymore.Josh Dallas is hot and should be out Prince still. Even the rest of the main charectors they got rid of. The show is ruined. I have no use for it...people who like it apprently missed the first six season..I desided to make a comment on how I feel. . To my greatful surprise. I'm not alone in this...season had strikers. Like me. This show won't last with season 7 the way it is. Lucky 7? More like sucky 7
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Season 7, what a tragedy.
lin_mehmed10 January 2018
It's so sad to say this but I used to really like this show, up until season 6, when things should have ended. Why did they decide to do a season 7 with the same story line as before, my brain will never understand. I despise season 7. I can't stand "Cinderella"s character or the actress. The character just seems so weak, without any motivation or attitude to live life or to act, which isn't how I pictured Cinderella. I thought she would be more rebellious and have more of a spirit. Don't even get me started on the actress - she has no acting skills, I feel like every line is improvised and the directors just went with the first shot they took. At least try to pronounce words correctly.

So please next season - improve acting, improve story line, be a bit more original, and get some good actors, seriously !
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Starts good, gets rather bad.
rovex326 January 2018
I have to say when I started watching I thought it was a bit different and pretty fun, and for 4 seasons it was. Season 5 however was the turning point.

Season 5 was a mess, a drawn out convoluted mess, and it just stopped being fun. It was downhill from there, and season 7 is just a different, inferior show sadly.
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Well I Just Very Much Love The Show Including My Whole Family Loves As Well!?
vincentlucia-377003 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Well This show is really awesome because, there's these exciting new adventures and when they had The Frozen Story In Season 4 was so dang awesome. Also they awesome Villan's And Hero's OMG so amazing. But the saddest thing is that some of the characters die. And My Family And I Always think's it's sad wellof course we do that.
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Season 7 is completely unnecessary
StorieLuver29 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
(This review is strictly for the new season; if I were rating the show on the first 6 seasons I'd probably give it an 8). So apparently ABC/Disney doesn't know the phrase "Get out when the getting's good." OUAT came to a perfectly natural, satisfactory conclusion at the end of Season 6 and they should've just let the show end there. But no, they had to insist on a reboot, and it's basically a dumpster fire. Specifically, the casting of the 3 leads is awful. The new Cinderella is a 40 year old trying to play a 20 year old. (There's nothing wrong with older actresses getting parts, but when they do they should act their age. Instead, we get a 40 year old trying to dress and act like a hip millennial and failing miserably; she even has a stepsister young enough to be her daughter). Maybe it's because Cinderella is trying so hard to fit into a role that's too young for her, but there is absolutely ZERO chemistry between her and the new "adult" Henry. Now HE is your stereotypical millennial, and I don't buy him as either Cinderella's love interest or the new kid's father figure. At least in the original series, young Henry was cute and endearing. The new girl is whiny, obnoxious, and far from cute. If I was rating the new season on just these three, I'd be giving it only a single star. However, there are the redeeming features of the Hook/Alice and Drizella/Rapunzel stories, and they are the only parts that caused me to give this 4 stars and keep watching. Without those secondary stories, I would've stopped watching this show back in the fall.
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Trying to squeeze out every penny it can get
ortz326 December 2017
The first few seasons are fantastically done with great plot lines and character development, but it then became quite repetitive (like Lost) and everything seemed quite bland. I disappointingly stopped watching it around season 5 or 6 but I still recommend people watch at least the first few seasons of the show as it was quite good.
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Unexpectedly impressed!
abs-7565723 December 2017
When this show was first recommended to me a few years ago, I have to admit that the sound of a TV show based on intermingling many fairy tales and varying plot lines together had me skeptical; but after watching the first season, I was hooked.

Now the series is at season 7, and I am still hooked. Season 7 was a bit slow to start, testing the patience of its audience--but now that we're at episode 10 of season 7, I can say that it was worth the wait. Seeing everything unfold as it has the last few episodes makes up for the slow start.

I am also extremely pleased that Adelaide Kane has been added to the cast. She is my favorite actress, and after her previous show, 'Reign', was canceled, I have been having Adelaide withdrawals, lol. She is a stunning young lady, but also (fortunately) a very talented actress, so she's not on the screen just for looks as opposed to some other actresses.

Lana Parilla never ceases to blow me away with her performances, and I'm really excited that her role in the series continues to grow and progress with new story lines.

With the addition of Adelaide and a few other actors/actresses and a host of entirely new story lines, I am more eager than ever to see each new episode, week after week.
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Entertaining Trash Of A Gourmet Level (Season 1-6 only)
IkhwanArif20 December 2017
I mean really, a show with all the fairy tales combined sounds like a Disney nightmare but Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz managed conjure one that is congruous in an unexpected way. Once Upon A Time is comparable to BBC's Merlin in a sense that, they made a great show with the constraints that it had. Please note that, only watch this until season 6.

There are 2 things that make this show work - that makes or break any show really. The first is the writing. The story, though not groundbreaking whatsoever, is interesting; the story has a flow and rhythm, with convincing backstory and motivations that move the story forward at a steady pace.

And the characters; most of the characters have good backstories that tie well with the overarching storyline. The best stories of great heroes, all have equally great villains and Once Upon A Time have 2 of them. This modern imagining of Rumplestiltkin as well as the Evil Queen are delicious. Both wonderfully narrated and fleshout characters.

And we come to the second reason that makes Once Upon A Time works; the players. To be honest, most of the actors here are played with competence but nothing more, with 2 exceptions. Lana Parilla is quite good as Regina, believable as the vengeful witch as well as loving mother and both sides of Regina is instrumental in the advancement of the plot. Her trick as I noticed, is her eyebrows and voice. When she's bad, her voice and eyebrows dip downward and when she's good, her voice and eyebrows lift upward. It's simplistic but effective.

But the main star of the show must be Robert Carlyle as the devious, cunning, manipulative, slimy, greasy, charming and endearing Rumpelstiltskin. Horowitz and Kitsis crafted a beautifully flawed character and Carlyle brought him to life in the most nuance way. I daresay that as the story furthers, you'll more likely to want Rumpelstiltskin to win, even when he's being bad.

ABC has a habit of producing trash shows but Once Upon A Time manages to be highly palatable. So, if you're in the mood for an entertaining piece of fluffy trash, this is trash of the gourmet kind. Recommended.
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It was a good show
ksh6218 December 2017
I really enjoyed watching this show in the beginning. The stories were so interesting, along with all the new characters. I originally rated this a ten, but changed it to a seven. Somewhere this show took a bad turn and I no longer enjoy watching.
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Originally a Good Series That Has Not Aged Well
RoswellFan6 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This review may contain spoilers ***


This series was originally fresh and creative but has really deteriorated.

The seventh season is little more than a reworking of season one's plot: a curse where everyone has lost their memories. The writers have obviously run out of ideas. It is so lacking that at times I switched to another channel's "Star Trek" reruns.

Worse still, it is wasting the talents of the cast, especially the considerable talents of Robert Carlyle. Perhaps, the writers noticed this too. For, they dedicated an episode to Carlyle's character, and as usual, he has given the series its most moving moments.

Seeing Rumplestiltskin's redemption and being with Belle has been the only good thing about season seven.

If there is no improvement, which seems likely, I will stop watching; for, I think season six should have been the last. Its ending would have been a good wrap up.


Great TV series either come up with new ideas or a creative look at old ones. "Once Upon a Time" does the latter extremely well.

During the first season, I watched the first two episodes and then only watched off and on. However, I eventually got hooked! The jumping back and forth between Storybrook and the Enchanted Forest took some getting used to, and the commercial breaks caused more fragmentation.

Once I got used to the style of the series, it became a never miss show, and I eventually bought the season 1 DVD set to catch up on the missed episodes.

The twists the writers do with the fairy tale characters is great (who would think of Peter Pan as actually an evil old man?) and the actors do an excellent portrayal of them. Robert Carlyle has the plumb part as Rumplestiltskin. His scenes are the most memorable. Lana Parilla is also very good as the evil queen. They both can exude pure evil yet reveal sparks of former goodness.

Highlight episodes are "Skin Deep", a wonderful reworking of beauty and the beast and the season one finale "A Land Without Magic".

The second season continued the high quality of the first.

The third season stalled somewhat with the Peter Pan story line. Though a nice twist, Pan the villain and Hook mostly a good guy, and though it gave some good revelations about the characters (e.g. we find how Rumplestiltskin was scarred as a child, something that motivated his later actions), this plot went on too long. If not for this, I would have given the series a ten.

After wrapping up the Peter Pan story, the series has since got back on track.

In summary, "Once Upon a Time" is one of the better series on TV, and I highly recommend it.

UPDATE: As with most series, the later seasons are not as good as the early ones. I think this one needs to drop the Disney tie-ins. It lowers the quality.

Also, they are ruining Robert Carlyle's character. Rumplestiltskin was originally a good man who became the Dark One in order to save his son. The conflict between the good man and the darkness from the dagger made the character not only interesting but sympathetic. Now, he is being portrayed as someone who was always dark and power hungry -- major mistake.

Another thing, though I like the twists the fairy tale characters are given, making Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy from the "Wizard of Oz" lesbians is going too far. A bit of the innocence of the original tales should be retained.

At this point, I am wondering if the series is still worth watching (and I have lowered my rating). I'll see with the upcoming season.
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Both my Family and I Love this TV Series and we also hope that this new season doesn't get canceled!
vincentlucia-377005 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The reason why my Family and I both Love this show is because, of that there's a lot of magic in it. Also, we all Love And Including Me as well really deeply Love Emma Swan and Elsa and Anna, and also Regina Mills as well. Snow White And Prince Charming who we both Love as well. Because there both the parents of the Savior. And also as well then Finally, this is the real why we all Including my Family Love this show very, very much and we'll never stop Loving it also as well for that too. And I'm And Including my Family as well are kind of scared from and for what's gonna happens in the new latest episode of Once Upon A Time when we all figure out when Rapunzel is actually Lady Tremaine.A.K.A. Victoria Belfrey.
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New Once Upon a Time
krdole2 December 2017
I fell in love with the original story plot, it was creative , had depth and I loved the acting , characters and flash backs. Very original and creative! The new series however plays more like a dry soap opera. The acting is not that great , there are really no interesting flashbacks and the new Cinderella really annoys me . I miss the comic relief in the first series as well brought in by the characters and dwarfs. There is nothing like this in the new series. I keep watching ,hoping it will get better but it is just not happening. I would really love it if some of the old feel was brought back into it. The only thing holding me in are Regina, Hook and Rumple. These new characters are really difficult to watch, the new plot line difficult to follow and nothing is exciting me about future episodes. Keeping fingers crossed it will get better.
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Give it time.
annie roo13 November 2017
This series is warming up nicely now. I was dubious about another series, it started badly but of course had a lot of work to do laying out all the new characters. I am a bit biased because I keep waiting for the original characters e.g. Regina to break out but as in the first series, I just have to be patient. Not so keen on the actress playing Cinderella she is just a wee bit whiny for my tastes. Weaver is of course excellent. The surprise is Alice, a very talented young actor. I hope her story line is beefed up as time goes on.
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Was great once upon a time, but has lost its magic
TheLittleSongbird10 November 2017
What a shame! When 'Once Upon a Time' first started it was highly addictive and made the most of a truly great and creative premise. Really loved the idea of turning familiar fairy tales on their heads and putting own interpretations on them and the show early on clearly had clearly had a ball. Watched it without fail every time it came on and it was often a highlight of the week.

So what was it that made the earlier seasons of 'Once Upon a Time' so good? First and foremost, it is a very handsomely mounted show, with settings and costumes that are both colourful and atmospheric, not too dark or garish and never cookie-cutter. It is photographed beautifully and there were some make-up that suited the characters perfectly and pretty good effects work, at their best fantastical. The music is haunting, ethereal and cleverly used with a memorable main theme.

The writing was humorous, poignant, suspenseful and altogether clever, while the story-lines were ceaselessly compelling and fun and layered to watch. Also doing a great job with the development of the characters, which in the earlier seasons felt like real characters with relatable conflicts, far more than archetypes. It was also a sheer delight spotting and recognising them, a huge part of the fun.

'Once Upon a Time's' actors have always made the most of what they're given, regardless of the material, and a lot of it is very good. Outstanding in the cases of Robert Carlyle, Lana Parilla, Jared Gilmore and Ginnifer Goodwin as four of the show's more interesting characters. Jennifer Morrison grew into her role.

Unfortunately something happened later on, 'Once Upon a Time' lost its magic and there was a real sense that it had run out of ideas. Have never had a problem with the actors, the music or most of the production values. The problem is the writing, which at its worst was so poor that giving up on the show was seriously considered but stuck with it for fairness and curiosity's sake.

It was sad that such layered and clever writing before became cheesy and shallow later on, and that the stories became repetitive and convoluted. Not to mention downright strange in some of the subplots, some didn't feel resolved enough and others didn't make sense or add much to the show. The characters lost their nuances and what made them so easy to relate to and fun, character decisions also became odd and even illogical.

Have said that most of the production values have remained good. Still think that but over-time the visual effects have become less than special and at their worst pretty ropy.

Overall, a very uneven show. Started off truly great but now, especially the most recent season, feels like a completely different show altogether. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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Started great but fails
namob-436737 November 2017
The first two seasons of this show is very good, and even in later seasons they do produce a few very good episodes, but at the end of the day this is too dumb and the more time passes the dumber it gets.

This show is about the story, connected to fairy tales, and about several wonderful characters, and they initially manage to tell a very entertaining story on that with very little CGI and on, what seems like, a low budget. But when you've seen them take the same road for the 10th time and when the storytelling get less compelling as time pass, the show is not so fun anymore. I wish they'd taken another path with this show, but yes for kids this works. I give this a 4, which feels slightly low, but I cannot convince myself it deserves better.
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One of my favorite shows ever
Kara Danae25 October 2017
I've watched every episode multiple times lol I love this show THAT much. It keeps you wanting more, and keeps you 100% happy when you get it. I've been watching it with my daughter (who is now almost 13) since it came out, and she loves it just as much as I do. I highly recommend checking out Once Upon a Time, you won't regret it!
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Please Let it end!
Andries-J-Els22 October 2017
I enjoyed the first 6 seasons immensely My Rating 10 but the current one no 7 is SOOO BAD!! My rating 3 :( Dania Ramirez looks old and like she is always in pain here we have a nearly 40 year of woman playing Hendry's Cinderella but looks more like his MOM probably double his age and looks it to :( and her acting is sub-par!! she should go back to Devious Maids where not much acting is required. I was looking forward to this now I'm just fast forwarding hoping this is a nightmare scene and we all go back to Storybrook with a Happy ending not the Disaster!!
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Once upon a time, this show sounded cool, but was lame
amiranda-3927414 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First of all i respect the hard work it takes to make just the first season of a show, and there might be mistakes because its the first time. but this show has no excuse for its countless mistakes in the last 8 or something seasons. i grew up with 3 sisters, so i was forced to watch a lot of chick flicks, so i am very open minded. So when my sisters were telling me about this show, and how it has every Disney character in it, i have to admit i was excited, i am very nostalgiac for Disney movies and some fairy tale stories, so i watched the first couple of seasons with my sisters.by the time i finished,i felt a little stupid, that i decided to read a book, a comic book of course. This show started with an interesting concept, a little boy believes his town is full of Disney/fairy tale characters, that would be kind of a sad/ psychological show, but then its shows hes right, it also shows flashbacks of their lives as fairy tale characters, this was cool, at first! it soon began being used too much, i wished they would just stay in one world, preferably the fairy tale one.Also it turns out the main character is a 30 year old named Emma, who is the boys mother and she is the daughter of Snow white and Prince Charming, which makes her the savior, meanwhile her son is being taken care of by the evil queen who cast a spell on the town. This was already an overload of drama and cheesiness, for the first season! Also for some reason i found myself irritated by all the supposed heroes with flat personalities, and ended up liking the villains, especially Mr. Gold more. because like usual the villains are the only ones in the show to get character development and somewhat of interesting stories, this would cause me to get mad at the heroes every time they would insult or " fight" the villains. And that just seems wrong.What made this feel more girly than it should have been, was the absence of good fight scenes. i honestly had no problem with all the different Disney/fairy tale characters popping up out of no where, they even brought doctor Frankenstein, who is neither a Disney or fairy tale character, but i liked that, however i found all their side plots extremely pointless, and feel they should have just been cameos.The plot became very idiotic as the seasons went by, especially season 4,and the dialogue was starting to get painfully bad, thankfully we ran out of episodes to watch! i have no problem with the story, its not original but its something the little kid in all of us have always wanted to see, so i guess that's why they put the most annoying kid ever as the main character. Only he isn't, instead its his 30 something mother who irritated me since episode 1. Since, probably star wars, every movie or show needs a savior, who should be likable and you want to see them succeed and fulfill their destiny, when the mom was going to leave town in the first season, i was very happy, i did not want to see her be the hero, instead of her or the kid they should have used a teenage girl,at least that would have explained the whining and dis-likable attitude. Some of the most famous heroes and Disney characters I've liked since childhood, were ruined by having similar behavior, perhaps it was bad acting or just a bad script or maybe both, but this show made me feel sad. villains are always entertaining because they act over the top and hammy, and you enjoy them no matter what, despite liking the villains at first they also became annoying, the villains in this show were trying too hard not to act like villains, and were instead trying to be heroes, i usually enjoy that, but when you go back and forth between good and evil, you no longer feel the tension from the heroes and villains battles, instead you know nothing like killing someone is going to happen. i know having grey characters can sometimes make them complex, but this made me mad, its fairy tales their supposed to be completely and completely evil, if their going to change then have amazing growth and character development. Perhaps the evil queen had this the most, which made me like her, but when she became good that went away. i know this is just a show and needs drama, but if its going to ruin the source material why bother, if your going to do a show with this much potential, then go all out! i was hoping to see the amazing conflicts shown in the Disney film brought into live action, but this show made it feel awkward. A show is supposed to get better with every new season but this only degraded, and i wanted to like it, but it ended up being worse than most chick flicks I've seen. if your going to watch just pick the " best" episodes and avoid all the ocean of lameness in the middle. This is my first angry review, and i kind of feel bad. but i love movies, TV shows and cartoons, i know the hard work other people go through to make this possible to see, and i am willing to give everything a chance, but stuff like this always disappoints me. if you want too see Disney characters in real life, just go to Disney land.
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Goodbye Unce upon a time.
henricito14 October 2017
I must say that the first 4 seasons captivated me, but I know that everyone has felt like the series was losing quality consistently, if the fifth season was bad, zero creativity and banal clichés, the sixth was worse, forced and repetitive without taking advantage of the characters or history, a shame, but this seventh season is a mockery, a story mediocre, absurd and absurd, the casting is incomprehensible, and what but what they have done with the old characters have destroyed their performance. Sad way to end a series that started well. Not worth wasting time watching this mediocrity. Goodbye Unce upon a time.
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Very loud soundtrack
faribabadii11 October 2017
I love this show very good selection of actors and shooting sets and storyline is amazing.

but I can't stand the loud soundtrack which makes it hard to hear the actors, I don't know if there is somewhere that i could bring this up with creators or who els is responcible for mixing the sounds , I have been watching this on TV from the first season and it has been difficult to concentrate on diologs .
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Started of great but gone down hill
petragreen10 October 2017
From the first 4 seasons I enjoyed binge watching this show however like the walking dead I realized how repetitive the show was becoming and like arrow the flashbacks are becoming uninteresting. Decided to watch season 7 but am disappointed that it's just a retelling of season 1.The show should have ended at season 6.It did not need another season. Like the walking dead I won't stop watching because of been into it for so long.
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Season 7...I'm Bailing!
rsvp3217 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I watched every episode in this series, and enjoyed it immensely, giving it an easy 7 to 9 grading for each episode...until S7E1, for which I give a 2.

Cinderella is a rough, rude, selfish, chip on her shoulder unlikeable character. The old Henry was a brave hero eager for adventure, the new Henry is a wimp. Social justice issues and victimisation seem to be what is driving the plot, now.

The first six seasons were tied together and wrapped up nicely in the final episode, but continuing OUAT after that is blatant greed. Seinfeld brilliantly ended their series on a high note, so should this one have.

I can see where this show is heading...I'm bailing.


It is an unjust shame that the previous six wonderful seasons, of which I had previously given an 8-star rating, will suffer my current 2-star rating of Season 7.

The new troupe should not leech off the success of what preceded! They should stand on their own success/failure. Add a word like "Redux", or something to your new show. Leeches!
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