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  • The boys are tasked with buying cheap second hand convertibles to see which is best, but all end up buying BMW 325i convertibles so have to come up with different tests; Jeremy pays tribute to the "final" Pagani Zonda and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are in the reasonably priced car.


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  • Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are given two thousand pounds and have to buy convertibles and bring them to the test track. The boys are in for a shock when they see what each other has bought. And as usual the producers have some tasks for them to do. But this time the hosts drive away from the producer with the usual envelope with the idea that they will set the parameters for testing their cars. Richards car fails the very first test by not starting do to some aftermarket add-on's. The boys then take their cars to an independent forensics investigation company to see if they can find out anything about how their cars have been used. What they find terrifies two of them to the point of protective breathing apparatus and even protective clothing in one case. Richards car fails the next test when they are tested for how easy they are to steal; and his is gone is less then a minute. At this point, and after the news Jeremy tests a Pagani Zonda R and finds it to be a mind bending automobile, that sadly isn't legal anywhere but on a private race track. So Jeremy tests a tamer version of the R; the Tricolarie. But the Stig drives the Zonda R on the track just to see how really fast it is. And while it set a new record for the track, it was counted since the only times that count are for street legal cars. Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are the stars in the reasonably priced car, and both do very well. After the stars in cars bit; the boys go back to finishing their testing of their convertibles. They race each other on th road course to see how their cars stack up against a time established by the Stig in a new car. Jeremy winds up having a significant problem with his car but still wins this event. Next they devise a test to test the seals of their convertible roofs using helium gas. Richards car loses another event. Lastly the boys are put to the task of forming a stunt driving team with their cars. The results were not what was hoped for.

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