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Season 1

13 Sep. 2011
Episode #1.1
Dr. Eve Lockhart and her three assistants Rosie, Mike and Oggy are forensic scientists at the 'body farm'. They are called in by inspector Hale when the remains of two youths are found in a derelict tower block. It is initially assumed that they were bombers who blew themselves up but Eve believes they were murdered prior to the explosion. DNA links them to Jojo Collins,a pregnant girl who attempted suicide and is now in a coma. Jojo's father,an ex-soldier,admits to killing the boys because they raped her but Eve believes he is sheltering somebody else. Forensics and ...
20 Sep. 2011
Episode #1.2
A severed hand is found in grounds belonging to reclusive ex-tycoon Harold Penton and Hale suspects it belongs to Sam Villiers,a teen-aged employee who disappeared after complaining of sexual assault by Penton though,when the corpse is discovered, dental records show the victim to be drug-addicted rent boy Jason Quinn,who shared Sam's squat and was his lover. Penton's butler West is excessively protective of his employer and,to gain access to the old man,Eve and Hale need the assistance of his doctor - whose presence eventually helps solve the killing.
27 Sep. 2011
Episode #1.3
Trawlerman Connor Ryan's corpse is recovered from the sea but Eve deduces he died of internal injuries and not drowning. His sister Patsy,the boat's skipper and wife of drunkard Rob Fay, is missing though marine geologist Tom Wilkes,who chartered it is found and claims little recollection of events. Hale suspects the family was into drug smuggling,which Wilkes denies. Mike promises Patsy's young son Robby he will find her though he comes to see that the promise may be hard to keep. Eve and Hale however discover the truth.
4 Oct. 2011
Episode #1.4
The team is called to Langdon Vale women's prison following the death of inmate Beth Fox. She was hit on the back of the head and Hale suspects convict Nicole Henderson,the ex-girlfriend of Beth's current lover Tess Williams,imprisoned for trying to kill her terminally ill sister Caitlin. Matters are complicated when Eve discovers that Beth had cholera and Tess,also infected,escapes to visit Caitlin. Whilst the source of the cholera,laboratory testing,is traced,Tess has to be found before she spreads the disease.
11 Oct. 2011
Episode #1.5
Human rights lawyer Richard Warner is burned to death in his living room and on his charred corpse Eve finds the DNA of Joseph Marial,his former client,deported back to Sudan after being found guilty of robbery,who has illegally reentered Britain. Rosa believes Mariel was innocent,convicted because the court disliked Warner's cavalier style,but Warner's cash-strapped son Nick,who also visited his father before he died,accuses the Sudanese of murder. Eve discovers that the dead man was suffering from the onset of dementia and has cause to wonder if his death was not an...
18 Oct. 2011
Episode #1.6
Security guard Ray Quinn is murdered in what appears to be a failed robbery at the custom car garage owned by the Flannery brothers, who are his cousins but seem reluctant to admit kinship. Eve however believes he was killed elsewhere and his body brought to the garage. Evidence suggests his face was scratched by a woman and Quinn was indeed convicted of kidnapping a girl some years earlier. Now another girl has been abducted and Eve links Quinn to the house where she died. Quinn's gypsy relatives close ranks against Hale but Eve has a one to one with the lad's mother...

 Season 1 

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