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"30 Rock" Queen of Jordan (2011)

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The episode is part of Angie's reality show "Queen of Jordan." After a few "previously on . . . " clips, we begin with Angie telling her hair dresser D'Fwan that she has a meeting with Jack.

Angie's meeting with Jack is regarding her new music career. After Jack congratulates her on the success of "Queen of Jordan" she mentions her new single, "My Single Is Dropping," which will soon be dropping. With TGS still running clip shows, Jack wants to let her use their set for the release party. Liz wants to talk about getting Tracy back from Africa, but Angie doesn't seem in a hurry for her tiring husband to return. Liz thinks they need him back. Jack trips awkwardly and is embarrassed that it was captured on film.

Jenna is obsessed with creating drama for the reality show. Her move is to walk around throwing wine at people in the hopes of getting attention and promoting her new website,

The writers learn that Lynn Onkman, a notorious elementary school teacher who had an affair with one of her students, is getting out of jail. They notice in a newspaper picture that Frank was in her class. He admits that he was the one Lynn had the affair with, and when the other writers try to give him props, he yells that it was love.

Jack and Liz sneak to another room to talk away from the cameras. He doesn't want his tripping to define him in the media as a buffoon and references being an athlete at Princeton. Liz thinks their bigger problem is getting Tracy back. By putting Liz in charge of Angie's performance at the release party, Jack's plan is for her to manipulate Angie into getting Tracy back.

D'Fwan is setting up Angie's party. Jenna is trying to start a feud with one of Angie's friends, Portia. Another of Angie's friends, Randi, gets into an argument with D'Fwan about something which happened in Atlantic City.

Lynn Onkman shows up on set and finds Frank.

In an attempt to prove his gracefulness, Jack talks to Grizz and Dot Com about his athletic career. During the conversation he references a lot of things that sound borderline homosexual. Each time Dot Com raises an eyebrow at the camera and it's clear the show is pursuing the fabricated story line.

A drunk Jenna ("I drank all the throwing wine") and Portia get into an argument. Portia thinks Jenna is an alcoholic and Jenna goes with it, deciding she wants an intervention.

In an attempt to trigger Angie's romantic feelings for Tracy, Liz "accidentally" shows Angie their wedding video. It doesn't work as Tracy was irritating even during the ceremony.

Randi lets Frank and Lynn have a date at her strip aerobics studio. Lynn talks about still having feelings for Frank. Lynn isn't happy to hear Frank is still living at home and talking about comic book movies. Frank tells her that he's stuck in the eighth grade because of their relationship.

After D'Fwan makes a few comments to Jack he realizes his earlier conversation was misconstrued and people might think he's gay.

Pete hosts an intervention for Jenna. She loves it. The others begin to read letters to her as part of the intervention.

Angie catches Liz emailing Tracy on her behalf. Angie realizes that Liz is trying to trick Tracy into coming home and she warns Liz that she's the one in charge.

Jenna is thrilled to accept the "help" at her intervention. She seems less excited once she realizes that there is an actual van there to take her to the airport and she must keep up the ruse or they won't use the footage.

Frank visits Lynn at work. He tells her she's right about him and starts throwing away all his childhood toys.

Liz sees that all the TGS merchandise has been moved aside for Angie merchandise.

D'Fwan still tries to get Jack to come out of the closet. He tells him he's confident in his masculinity and agrees to dance with D'Fwan. Jack's lack of dance talent confirms for D'Fwan that Jack is straight.

After hitting the van driver in the head, Jenna is back with a glass of wine in her hand. When Angie takes the stage and starts talking about her single, Liz walks in and yells at her. She says Angie's being selfish by putting TGS in jeopardy. Angie starts to cry and admits that Tracy won't come home. She wants things back the way they used to be, but since she can't get him to leave Africa she's been pretending this is the way she wants it. Liz starts to freak out when she realizes they have no idea how to get Tracy back.


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