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Mindless Reality TV Just Became Even More Mindless
addeisdead22 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The only thing I can imagine that's worse than reality TV is scripted reality TV. Lizard Lick Towing is about a real repo company, but every episode contains scripted reenactments of their exploits. The characters, despite being real people, are completely unbelievable, and most of the situations on the show are clearly over exaggerated. In one episode, the boys try to repossess a man's mustang. The guy jumps into the car, drives it off the hitch, and then drives off. Rather than trying to get away, he circles back to where he started and then drives the car into a pond. In true Ronnie Dobbs fashion, he gets out of the car, stands on top, and flips them a double bird. The boys "trick" the redneck by offering him $250 to wade out into the pond and hook up their chain so they can tow the car out. After he does this, they push him into the pond and take off running. The guy shows up with two friends outside a restaurant later as Ron and his wife are having dinner. Ron calls Bobby, and they confront the man in the parking lot. Bobby decks one of the guy's friends, and then Ron picks the man up and body slams him into the windshield of a car while Bobby takes out the other friend. The three rednecks just lay around in the background doing nothing while Ron argues with his wife and then talks to Bobby. Everything about this episode was so fake that I couldn't believe it was being presented as real. In one of the "All Worked Up" episodes, Bobby actually charges a man holding a rifle. All of the action is inter-cut with Ron saying things like, "I'm as proud of her as a little puppy that's got a new flea." This is a pathetic excuse for entertainment.
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Most scripted, staged nonsense on television
darinfl18 July 2012
Many of us wondered what the absolute rock bottom of "reality TV" would look like. And now we know. Sadly.

I have worked with repo agents for almost 20 years. A number of them are close, personal friends. This is about as far as one can get from anything approaching reality. Every episode seems to feature NUMEROUS felony assaults, both against and by the LL team. And yet nobody cares. Those of you who think this crap is real are the kind of childish tools who tense up while watching pro wrestling. Bobby is a superman who regularly takes on (and takes out) three, four, five guys at once. Come on! And Ronny's inane analogies? That's supposed to be funny? One out of a hundred are slightly humorous, while the rest are just pure idiocy. And good or bad, he clearly doesn't come up with them himself.

What do you people think the and the 19 "producers," 14 "production assistants," and the two "STORY PRODUCERS" are paid for? This is fictitious nonsense. Real repossessions are most often boring affairs in which the recovery agent drives by an address five times, checks the place of employment a few more, etc. Other than the fans of real PI work and skip tracing, the show wouldn't entertain anyone unless there was the type of "comedy" and "action" the producers CREATE. Those of you deluded enough to think this crap has any relation to reality are the reason TV has gotten so bad. My God, people! When you applaud crap, we all get more of it. Please stop deceiving yourselves and either turn the channel or read a book.
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Total Rubbish
davidcannon716 August 2013
I don't get these fake so called reality shows that seem to be saturating our TV sets. If something is supposed to be reality TV isn't it supposed to be real? The show follows a firm who specialize in repossession following them around apparently repossessing vehicles, the show is staged with terrible acting and ludicrous over the top supposed unexpected happenings filmed from every conceivable angle even in cars they have yet to enter and in homes they have not visited yet. If you watch it you will see just how staged it really is it makes The Hills, The Only Way is Essex, Geordie Shore and all these so called reality shows look almost real Lizard Lick Towing is almost laughable to a point where it starts to become annoying. What a strange world we are living in when talentless buffoons can make a fortune from such utter rubbish, this is the height of airhead TV I would rather watch paint dry or read the entire telephone book. As you can gather I dislike this show immensely but then again I hate so called reality TV.
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Worst show ever?
joelebeau11214 March 2011
? Are you effing kidding me ???

This is like "pro wrestling" without much in the character department. The performers completely lack skills of any kind. One of the worst shows on television, I pray to GOD Jesus don't let fake reality shows get popular! This is potentially the worst thing that could happen to the film and television industry, period.

Scripted reality television has me AFRAID to watch television. I would rather watch Nancy Grace twenty-four hours a day, while she's badgering innocent people, than have to flip through the channels and accidentally come across these horrible actors and this GOD-AWFUL television program.
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porkloin16 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Repetitive, boring nonsense aimed at those too gullible to know any better. Apparently, there are dozens of people involved in producing the childish fakery that is presented to the viewer, which is amazing as it's the same idiocy over and over.

Anybody that has worked in vehicle repossession cannot, and will not, truthfully defend this sorry, lame show. There is just no excuse. It's an insult to the people of North Carolina, and indeed - to anyone of intelligence that would have the misfortune to see all or part of a 'Lizard Lick Towing' episode.

This is the worst show I have ever seen. Is it the worst show that could ever be? It's certainly a contender.
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deserves a minus 10 rating
aaronelliott1-894-74390111 January 2014
My god this is simply the most awful show ever devised, It was so bad i actually made a profile on here to write a review, If this is a 4.9 rated programme i cant imagine what a 1 or 2 star programme would look like, The only possibility of such a high rating is that the people who work on this show have came on this site to bump the rating up, In fact I'm going to recommend that you watch it just to see how bad it is, show it too your kids as well, show everyone! And then let it be a lesson to all of mankind that we should never let something like this happen again, But beware, you will come away from watching this show feeling insulted, annoyed even, That someone would think your a complete fool and believe this nonsense, Off the scale awfulness......
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Lizard Lick Towing
John-ridley3310 December 2013
Surely this is one of the funniest "Reality" shows to cross the big pond. Anyone who takes this seriously wants to get a life. We know it's all 'Put On' but it is still funny - When one thinks about the junk that is served up as 'Entertainment' one can easily see Lizard Lick Towing is easily divorced from current mainstream television entertainment and can be enjoyed for what it is - Pure fun and each episode can raise expectation of more fun - When are the Shirley's going to attempt a repo of a Senator's vehicle? Is there not other members of the Lizard Link Staff? Poor Ron has it all to do on his lonesome and sometimes Bobby's acting can be a little strained, but the show would be lost without the three main characters
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Disappointed in this show
t_odel200025 July 2012
I have watched the making of this show due to the fact that I live less then a few miles from Lizard Lick Towing in North Carolina. It's got to be the most LAME, dumbest thing to watch not only on TV, but as there taping the show. It's so fake and just plain out stupid. Everyone that I have talked to not only here around Wendell/Lizard Lick, North Carolina where I live, but in and around several towns in Ohio and KY, where I have travel back and forth several times this year and the last few year's alone. When they hear that I'm from the Lizard Lick area it's close to the same thing. Just what the hell are the producers of that show thinking? And how pathetic and desperate the producers truly are. You producers must be turning your heads and closing your eyes because the rating's can't be very good when it comes to this show. Due to the fact that there's not one person that I have talk to likes that show or even waste there time watching it. Find something better to show please. No one that I have talked to likes watching that show. Take it off the air and put something 99.999% better one. It makes me ashamed and embarrassed to be known that I'm from the Lizard Lick area. "Because not a dammed thing happens at the lick"...

Thank you
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Don't watch unless you are stupid!
Frank Perry2 September 2012
this show is the worst show i've ever seen.Don't go see it unless you are stupid because it's just the same crap over and over again.An example is all they do is steal cars and make people angry.This has almost no entertainment value at all.I just wish this show was canceled!Any way the plot is just useless and not good at all and there is practically no drama.This show sucks the fun and entertainment out of you because once you get hooked on the show the only thing that you will find entertainment is Lizard Lick Towing and yo will find this show a piece of garbage so take it from me and don't watch this show ever!
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Stop taking a show that doesn't take itself seriously so seriously.
dontbesillyman29 July 2014
Seriously! I actually hate reality TV with a passion, but I love this show. Of course it's fake - as is almost everything else you see on TV and at the movies. If it wasn't fake it would be boring as heck. It would be like taking your favorite action movie (or any movie), and throwing away the script, the special effects, the stunt doubles, and all the ridiculous situations that could/would never happen in real life. Throw all that away and... yawn. Suddenly that "action" movie becomes pretty boring and you might as well just look out your window at people walking down the sidewalk. How exciting.

Once you accept that this show is fake, then you can enjoy it. But if you go in expecting it to be legit and believing they're trying hard to make you believe it's legit (they're not), then of course you're going to be disappointed and offended.

Lizard Lick Towing has a little bit of everything (and a good mix of it in my opinion): action, violence, drama, humor, scandal, suspense... and the acting/ad libbing/improv is actually a lot more natural than in most movies and shows on TV. Dare I say it, this show is actually kind of "cute" and endearing. At the very least it's far from pretentious and does not take itself seriously at all, unlike basically every other reality TV show and many non-reality TV shows and movies too.

Another thing I like besides all that is, despite the many imperfections of the characters (they, Bobby especially, are very quick to get physical with people; they often use foul language; they laugh and insult and taunt the person they're repoing from as they drive away; among many other things - of course this is all to make things more entertaining for us) they're actually good, likable, legitimately everyday-seeming (just more colorful) people with good morals: they believe in family, friendship, charity, doing the right thing, being confident in who you are as a person and accepting people for who they are, giving people second chances, helping people in their time of need, working hard, being honest, etc. It's kind of a minor point (and thankfully the show doesn't push these morals down our throats; they're just kind of there), but I think it's a nice touch that helps make the show as watchable as it is.

While those of you who "get it" will understand why I'm giving this 10/10 stars, some might think I'm crazy. To those people, bear this in mind: I give it that rating because I'm judging it for what it is, not for what it's not and isn't trying to be. Of course this is not some Emmy-award winning television show with brilliant writing, acting, directing, production, musical scores, etc. It's not supposed to be, and I'm glad, because we have enough of those shows as it is. It's just supposed to be light hearted, easy viewing, and fun to watch. And that it is, and for that reason I hope they keep renewing it for more and more seasons.

To those who haven't seen the show before, or who have and are one of the ones who gave it one star and talked about how awful it was and how insulted you felt: if you watch it realizing and accepting that it's fake, and then suspend your disbelief (as you do with any other show or movie), and don't take it or yourself so seriously, I think you'll agree it's actually pretty darn fun, funny, and entertaining to watch.
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parietallobe9420 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I was disappointed that Ron and Bobby were such wusses. They should not have let Dwight get away with stiffing them out of $10,000 and torching their vehicle. What was worst is that Ron gave back the first $10,000 that Dwight paid them for a previous repossession. What they should have done is send Dwight to the hospital and torch his business. If Dwight's men fought with them, then they should have had an all out war. Instead, Ron and Bobby were being wimps. When Ron and his wife tried to talk Bobby out of taking revenge on Dwight, he should have just said, fine I will do it without you, You can either help me out or get in my way. If you get in my way, I will put you out of the way. Bobby and Ron were just ball less. It would have made the show so much better if Ron and Bobby would have hospitalized Dwight.
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lizard lick
wicked_jughead24 April 2013
If you think lizard lick is fake...then. you have two choices... 1. turn the channel. 2. turn TV off.....I love Lizard Lick and will continue to watch the show....Amy, Ronnie, Bobby and the crew. Keep up the great you guys. I watch this show every week. If im not home I record it. You have had many good shows. Amy and Ronnie.. it to when we can see what really goes on in your home..the way you live. I want so much to come see your business. I have a brother that lives Twenty miles from you. When I ho to visit him he will bring me to lizard lick And hopefully you will all be there to meet you all... I want a license plate one way or the other to put on my car. To bad you couldn't come to Punxsutawney,Pa to see our groundhog...Phil. this is where im. From...bless you
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Awesome show
bacchianm22 January 2012
When I watched the first episode, I had reservations, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching this show. No pretense, ad lib acting at its best. None of this Jersey Shore crap or horribly vain Batchelor mess. These guys are the modern day Dukes of Hazzard. I read the other two reviews and they seem to be trying to find some sort of life inspiring experience from reality TV. I usually hate reality TV, but this adds sort of a soap opera meets reality TV experience. Yes, I agree it is mindless TV, but it is the good sort of mindless TV. I am sick of this Kardashian crap which holds no merit but voracious greed. This show actually has a good message of strong friendship and perseverance over your obstacles by hard work as well as the fact they appear not to be the usual freaks that reality TV gravitates toward. I recommend this show to all who aren't intellectual snobs.
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Shows like this ruin reality television
Excidium2829 September 2014
Another beyond fake "reality show". How these red necks got on TV is beyond me if your gonna have a fully scripted TV show at least get some decent actors that can pull off the job. Another beyond fake "reality show". How these red necks got on TV is beyond me if your gonna have a fully scripted TV show at least get some decent actors that can pull off the job. Another beyond fake "reality show". How these red necks got on TV is beyond me if your gonna have a fully scripted TV show at least get some decent actors that can pull off the job. Another beyond fake "reality show". How these red necks got on TV is beyond me if your gonna have a fully scripted TV show at least get some decent actors that can pull off the job.
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BEST reality show television has to offer :)
Lisa Habig11 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Omg..people need to LIGHTEN UP!! It's not supposed to be 100% real; that's why it's called entertainment. If you want true reality and nothing more, watch CNN or the History channel. I'd rather be watching this than some drama loaded trash like Real Housewives...that's for sure. I am a country girl myself and these people remind me of home :) Personally, I LOVE this show and never miss an episode. Ronnie, Amy and Bobby are likable, down to Earth, honest people who run an honest business. There's nothing wrong in that. For those complaining about hoo rough and tough they are? HELLO?? They are running a repo business and repossessing cars from lazy lumps who don't pay their bills; they're not playing Chinese checkers. You have to be rough and tumble in a business like that. Amy is a take charge, in your face woman who is not intimidated by anyone and is not afraid to speak her mind; I admire and respect that. Ronnie's witticisms are hilarious and always crack me up. Bobby is a hardworking and loyal employee/friend who, unfortunately, gets the crap end of the stick by doing most of the dirty work Lol..he's great to watch though and I like him. And Juicy is HILARIOUS!! She cracks me up all the time.

I know that some things are fictionalized; like Bobby dating and having girlfriends. In real life, he's married and has children (or at least that's what I've read from numerous sources). All in all, I think this show is awesome and shows the down and dirty side of the repo business.

I also love the fact that Ronnie and Amy's home life with their children is sometimes showcased; they look like wonderful parents and their kids are cute! My favorite episode was the one where their daughter was born. That was amazing :) This is a terrific show and I will be a loyal viewer as long as they keep it on the air.
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The best Repo Show on TV
grcollins11317 June 2012
This is the best on reality shows. Nothing fake about getting your car repossessed and people showing up at the office a day later mad as hell and demanding it back. Learn how repossession works before making comments about it being totally fake. i love the show and will watch it as long as there is an episode on!!!! And Ron is an actual Minister of God so be careful what you say about a man of God....I agree some of it may be staged but most of it is totally the way repos work and people are crazy in this world and to be a repo agent you have to know how to defend yourself. Ron, Amy & Bobby should keep filming everyday and keep TruTV with the greatest show ever!!!!
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#1 REAL Repossession Show On TV!!! Love It
KristenPeterson10 September 2012
This show is awesome at the least. My husband has worked as a repossession agent for over 6 years now and we are addicted to this show. If you watch Operation R E P O it is the most fake when it comes to reality television and most staged show out there! This is the closet show to reality that there is when it comes to repossession. Sure they have staged moments but it is hardly often. We are huge fans of this show. Check out there website......they're 100% REAL then check out operation repo....they have no DBA no website or anything. This show is one of the most watched reality shows other than all the different pawn shows that now aired. This show is a true reality show and lives up the name for sure. Being a repossession agent for years we can relate to this show and tell you 90% of the show is NOT staged but there are sometimes when you can tell they purposely provoke people to get a rise out of them which means more television ratings. Other than that it is real people. Just deal with it if you don't like it simply don't watch!!! LOVE this show!!!
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entertainment the way the UK can't make it
Graham Konstandelos27 March 2013
its not often the UK gets a good American reality show, that doesn't involve some Hollywood reality ass, and there wealthy family. so when this show started airing in Dave (the UK's man channel) with a witty caution notice daring everyone not to enjoy it. its something i knew i had to try. following a motley crew of recovery workers working out of North Carolina, it follows them recovering a mix match of vehicles all over the states. often they get caught trying to repo there vehicles, and often the vehicle (users) will come to the company depot, to dispute ownership of the vehicle, actually that happens nearly every time, with the public tearing up the main entrance a bonus. all this happening whilst the company is on the brink of collapse and friends being won and lost.

now i'm not gonna deny that there's little bit of creative license going off. but its an entertainment program, and sometimes reality isn't entertaining. you can tell when something is put on with a careful eye, but whether its scripted is another argument. you can't script what the main characters say on this show, some of the one liners Ron comes out with are nothing short of brilliant, and has me and my friends in bits every time. furthermore, its a brilliant insight into American people and American culture for those who have yet to venture out of the main tourist destinations.

don't worry American's you will not be judged on this show. its just yet another great American show managing to land on the UK shore.

whilst some might question this is a reality show, it was still way more real than the Kardashians wedding, and for 30 minutes entertainment, you can do a lot worst than Lizard Lick.
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I Love Lizard Lick Towing
claire james18 December 2013
I love Lizard Lick Towing and will be watching it for as long as it is on TV. For all the people that have written bad reviews about how every series is fake and rubbish blah blah blah..... stop watching it then if you think it that bad. No one is forcing you to watch it!!!!!!

I love all the people that work at Lizard Licks and love to meet everyone of them. I am planning on going to America and will defo be going to see them.

Obviously this is not 100% real just like all the other reality program but its good entertainment. Everyone I know watches it and loves it as well.
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Better than these unappreciative critics say
teamleshark12 June 2015
This is entertainment that's worth watching. The characters are friendly and fun it seems the other critics have lost the ability to appreciate the effort some people put in to give us a show thats interesting enough to want to watch another episode. If you don't like the show simply stop watching it then you wont need to run it down. I will never stop watching it and cant wait for more of the same. Ronnie, Bobby and Amy are welcome round my house anytime they want I reckon they would be great guests. I don't usually like reality shows to be honest but when i know they are part fake based on true stories they become more interesting.
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It's fake, of course!
Real Quantum19 August 2014
But is really funny. I don't want to repeat what dontbesillyman said, just want to say I'm with him on this one.

It's clear they don't take themselves seriously, and it is clear they are having fun with it's simplicity and silliness.

This reminds me of Reno 911, but with a kind of soap opera feel in the background which makes us relate to the characters.

Whether the creators of this show are geniuses or not, remains to be seen; but they're onto something here, and the entertainment is good.

If you came to me with Operation Repo, or even Hardcore Pawn... Those are awful "reality shows", because they're trying to convince us that everything is real.

I don't get that vibe in this one.

Did I mention it is funny? Did anyone see Bobby repoing the car of his high school bully? Ha ha :D

Or maybe I'm a sucker for Ronnie's sayings...
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good programming
phillips-184955 April 2015
A lot of jealous people on hear ain't there. People who can't just watch and enjoy the programming . who cares if its over the top. so what, you obviously are to sad to pick out problems etc

Grow up and get a life it's funny and fair play to them all.

Bony is funny Amy is tough and Ron is funny too They all make a good team

Juicy you go girl Lol

I ain't sad so don't even try to say I am Hoping there will be more. Seasons better then EastEnders and big brother crap.

Any way great programming funny and different Xxxxxxxxx
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Lizard Lick Towing: So bad, it's good!
janet-wilson-15 April 2013
Despite the possibly implausible story lines, the definitely ham acting and the blatant scripting of the programme, my husband and youngest son are ardent fans of Lizard Lick Towing. For my son, the appeal lies in the fact that there is action, drama, well known caricatures and great big trucks in every episode. For my husband, well,there's the added distraction of Amy, who he describes as 'a feisty American woman'. The blessing for me is that when the men of the household are engrossed in the antics of the Shirley clan, I can continue the decorating in relative peace. So, Tru TV/Dave, keep up the good work, I still have the back room to do!
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First Off F that first review
cablesonlineus11 November 2015
I love this show. Reminds me of old school wrestling with the over the top violence. Of course this show is fake. Everything on TV is fake, Shows, News, Sports EVERYTHING.

That being said I love seeing what situation the good old boys are getting themselves into. I like Amy she doesn't take guff from anyone.

This show makes me want to visit lizard lick. They should do promos like wrestlers with lizard lick saying what they're going to do and the person they're serving talking a little trash back.

If you enjoy shows that doesn't require you to be intensely devoted (like me) try it out. It's harmless fun.
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