"Endgame" Deadman Talking (TV Episode 2011) Poster

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Arkady Balagan: [hotel GM Barbara Stillwell has just left after chewing out head of security Hugo Lum] Good evening. See, Hugo, you should have been a priest, then you'd only have to kiss your boss's ring.

Hugo Lum: What the hell d'you want, Balagan?

Arkady Balagan: I have an assignment that only you can accomplish.

Hugo Lum: Ya, well I am not your errand boy, and you heard her.

Arkady Balagan: Do you do everything that your boss asks you to?

Hugo Lum: Of course not; I just pretend to.

Gurjit Bhatti: [carrying a couple of bags of fast food & soft drinks] Hugo, Hugo, the Special was on special: only $2.99.

Arkady Balagan: What? Lost my appetite

[grabbing some food on his way out]

Hugo Lum: Hugo, don't cry.

Gurjit Bhatti: Mr B, what's the matter with him?

Arkady Balagan: Interspecies communication is fraught with challenges.

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