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A sitcom.

Author: Jonathan Affini from Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil.
25 June 2012

How to be a gentleman is a sitcom, actually just that, it has little or nothing more to it than what it is, and the fact is that this is what makes it good, it has all the clichés that a hardcore sitcom watcher knows and loves, it's quirky, mild mannered, and in no way remarkable or overly interesting just like the main character, and it has the same noncontinuous, non serious, and uncommitted writing that any casual watcher wants.

It's not spectacular, revolutionary or polemic like some other current series, but it simply does the job without making much effort to it, and for that you have to give a tip of your hat, just like a proper gentleman.

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I liked it

Author: africanchief23 from Norway
1 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So here comes a new series called "How to be Gentleman." The title might be slightly misleading considering we are being shown how NOT to be a gentleman so far. David Hornsby does not do much to the show for me and kind of reminds me of Neil Patrick Harris of which I'm not a big fan of. His lines are corny and his comedy is based mainly on gimmicks. I didn't feel much need to laugh at anything he said. Kevin Dillan on the other hand is someone you either hate or love, and I absolutely love his humor and way of acting. If you're a fan of entourage its takes some time to get your head around and get used to him being in a different show. Although his role in entourage is legendary, it seems perhaps he could do wonders for this show as well. If it wasn't for him i wouldn't be looking forward to the next episode but now I am eager to see more of him and whether or not he can maintain my interest for this show. The show definitely has potential.

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A better title? Straight eye for the Queer Guy

Author: cfitzhue from United States
28 October 2011

The series was canceled after airing just two episodes. And rightly so. It was badly cast. Series creator David Hornsby cast himself in the lead, the character came across as a gay guy instead of a gentleman...not the same thing.

When I think of gentlemen I get images of "Mr. French" from "Family Affair" or Michael Caine's "Alfred" in "Batman" which stands to reason because Butlers are (or were) referred to as "A gentleman's gentleman".

David Hornsby came across as a gay guy who had excellent taste in everything but his own wardrobe.

Kevin Dillon proves once again that he is only capable of minor supporting roles. This time he bit off more than he could chew. Sorry "Drama".

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Just.... so unfunny.

Author: djkunai from United States
6 October 2011

I couldn't find anything else on at 8:30 on a Thursday, besides Parks and Rec. I'm not even going to publish this review until the episode is over.

This show is bad. It's as if it's written by the people who brought you Hannah Montana or any other completely forgettable Disney Channel or Nickelodeon series. I'm not even sure of the plot line.

The deliveries of punchlines are terrible. The punchlines are bad to begin with, but then they're delivered awkwardly and it just makes a mess of the comedy.

The characters are forced. They're not convincing. They spew line after line of dialogue without any heart or sense of true rapport. I don't know why these people are friends. They are annoying, and more one dimensional than a point, which this show doesn't have. What's the point? Who am I supposed to care for? Why doesn't the studio audience leave mid-performance?

This is a filler show. Destined to be canceled before the end of the season after somehow being green-lit. Kill it. Kill it now. NBC canceled Outsourced for this garbage.

The episode just ended. With a bit of slapstick that was expected and unconvincing.


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good comedy

Author: J C from United States
23 February 2014

I liked the show. This TV-show is not pretentious but while you watch it you are just having a good time and some laughs. Which for me is what is all about. I like the work of both lead actors do and their characters.

It is too bad there is not a season 2. we need more series like this and less drama series. It is difficult to find series to have a good time, since right now all is polluted with murdered, doctors and all that surreal stuff going on. It is much more difficult to make a comedy series, this TV-show was good to watch and make you have some laughs instead of making you feel miserable like others.

all my credit to the people involved in this series.

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Six seasons and a movie

Author: vernhands from Ireland
1 October 2011

Six seasons and a movie is most assuredly what will not happen with this series. I was excited about this show as I loved Hornsby's character in 'Always sunny in Philadelphia' and I'm a big Rhys Darby fan, however neither actor lived up to my expectations. I'm very confused as to who this show is aimed at. The main character (Hornsby) seems to be a copy of Niles from Frasier, while I'm sure there is a demographic for a character for this sort, I'm honestly baffled as to why anyone would think this demographic would enjoy the, dumbed down American teen humor, format that the show is presented in. All the subtleties that make Darby funny just don't work with the brash laughter track in this show. While I would love to see him get the opportunity he deserves after the tour de force that was 'Murray' in 'Flight of the conchords', he is not suited to this 'classic American sitcom' format, or prehaps just this particular show. As for Dillon and the rest of the cast, I hesitate to pass judgment after seeing two actors that I have enjoyed in the pass humbled on this particular show. It is almost as if the show set out to be a satire of bad American sitcoms and ended up becoming the very thing it was meant to be poking fun at. Overall this show is a disappointment and I won't be recommending it to anyone.

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Clever new comedy

Author: fjv56 from United States
29 September 2011

I will definitely be following future episodes and I would look forward to it, even if it wasn't following Big Bang Theory. I think it is a fresh idea for a comedy. The only reason I didn't rate it as a 10 is that I have a good feeling the writing on this platform will continue to be funnier as the show continues. That is not to take away from this pilots content. Standing on it's own, I would give it a 10 for the idea and opening story line with enough clever writing and comedy to make it feel as though the half hour flew by. The casting of the two male lead characters is perfect. I wouldn't hesitate to say, that most people are likely to know someone similar to David Hornsby and Kevin Dillon and using them to bring together two, completely opposite personalities, was well achieved. David is new to me and I enjoyed his performance, however using Kevin's established character is a good fit for this show. Great job CBS! "How To Be A Gentleman" has my vote. Keep it coming. Thank you.

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