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Season 1

5 Jan. 2012
Episode #1.1
Zak Gist and the young,inexperienced Tom Greening are angels,trained in the law and sent to Earth by their celestial boss Mr Mountjoy to defend the needy and innocent. They arrive in York and room with Mrs Sheringham,who tells them they must not get emotionally involved with their clients but are soon witness to a sniper attack on a wedding party,the wounded numbering Hannah,a woman Zak clearly knows and herself a lawyer. They are charged with defending the man with the rifle,Sean Yearling,sent to prison for drunk driving two years earlier on the evidence of then ...
12 Jan. 2012
Episode #1.2
Stressed Jenny Fenwright walks out on husband Dave,leaving their six year old adopted son Hal with him. When she decides she wants custody of Hal the little boy,detecting that they are angels,asks Zak and Tom to help his father. Zak is confident he can win Dave's case until he sees that Richard has employed Hannah to represent Jenny,which unnerves him though she still fails to recognise him - and matters are not helped when Hal has a domestic accident. Zak however learns that Hal wants the couple to reconcile and once again breaks the rules to contact the lady who ...
19 Jan. 2012
Episode #1.3
Elderly Mack Steen in accused of attempted murder after poisoning Keith Cedric, owner of the care home where he lives, by putting tablets in his drink. Bailed to Mrs Sheringham's, Mack is seen as a hero by fellow residents, especially his friend Joe, for taking on Cedric who plans to knock down the home and build another some distance away, scattering them. Zak however discovers a painful secret of Cedric's which explains his motives and saves the day. Mrs Sheringham, though, is unsettled by Tom's attraction to office temp Jude.
26 Jan. 2012
Episode #1.4
Gemma Manes,whose teenage son Paul was murdered a year earlier,is charged with the manslaughter of Mark Yalling,a stalker who entered her house. She is considered to be a local heroine and Tom,mystified that Mr Mountjoy wants him and Zak to prosecute and not defend Gemma,quits the case. Then Zak gets evidence to suggest that Gemma suspected Yalling of killing her son and was conducting a different agenda to avenge Paul. Once more he breaks the rules by intervening though this effects a bizarre happy ending. Meanwhile Hannah is intrigued that Zak knows so much about ...
2 Feb. 2012
Episode #1.5
Major John Parker asks Zak to represent Private Laura Pearson,charged with attempted desertion after supposedly wounding herself to avoid a tour of duty.Laura's colleague Sophie believes she was stabbed by obnoxious Sergeant Faber for spurning his advances. Zak,with Hannah as his junior, wins his case but not before he has rescued Tom from a minefield and revealed that in a previous life he was the Angel of Mons. Mrs Sheringham,meanwhile,finds romance with her late husband's friend Carl whilst Hannah accepts a date from the handsome major,to Zak's annoyance.
9 Feb. 2012
Episode #1.6
Brothers Marcus and Felix Hale,who took over their father's engineering business,literally come to blows when Marcus is opposed to a contract to make parts for the army,believing it goes against their father's principles. After a third brother Bruno sees Marcus standing over Felix's corpse a charge of murder is brought,with Tom and Zak defending Marcus,who claims the death was an accident and in court Zak manages to prove the exact reason for Felix's demise.Mrs Sheringham rejects Carl on learning that he is working for Richard to get her to betray her angelic lodgers ...

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