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Season 1

15 Sep. 2011
When Cassie Blake moves in with grandmother Jane after her mother's fatal accident, in small beach resort Chance Harbor, Washington, she gets a confusing welcome, notably from five new schoolmates. Adam Conant is as helpful and (too) friendly as his jealous girlfriend Diana Meade. Haughty Faye Chamberlain, assisted by Melissa Glaser, can't resist testing the newcomer with dangerous magic, playful neighbor Nick Armstrong helps decide the others to invite Cassie to the abandoned house where they meet as the Secret Circle of magic, and explain it can only reach its true ...
22 Sep. 2011
The heirloom witches from the other families agree to perform the bonding ritual, with Cassie, which should restore maximal power and bind abuses, the last prospect causing Faye to resist longest. Charles reluctantly hands over the crystal he used to scare Ethan into silence, only to find under protest that Faye's mother Dawn uses it herself, albeit to undo a black magic death. Adam finds it harder to resist romancing Cassie, who only agrees hesitantly trusting him. Henry Chamberlain fears ex Dawn's plans and plans to expose her, but is stopped gruesomely.
29 Sep. 2011
A cute athlete named Luke asks Cassie to the school dance, and after watching Adam spend time with Diana at the boathouse, she accepts his offer. Meanwhile, Melissa sees the dance as an opportunity to get closer to Nick. Faye, on the other hand, has no plans to go and remains focused on finding a way to control her powers. Dawn discovers someone from their past, an intense man named Zachary Star, is in town asking questions about Cassie and the Circle, so she asks Charles to keep an eye on him.
6 Oct. 2011
Reputed womanizer Nick's carnal happiness with Melissa is jealously sabotaged by Faye, but his charm an honesty win out. Adam and Cassie track down to a nearby fishery hamlet her late mother Amelia's best friend, Heather Barnes. They find her catatonic in caring brother Wade's home shack since the fatal fire 16 years ago, and marked with a magic seal. After heather awakes suddenly to grab Cassie's hand, she feels guilty in her mother's place and resolves to break the spell. To this end she divulges to Faye having inherited the only other of the six families' known ...
13 Oct. 2011
The kids covenant is promised the third family's book of shadows (grimoire) by Melissa, who abuses sexually satisfied lover Nick to help her dug the case up and liberate it from magic sealing. Alas, it contains more demons, and one already possess her. As the kids find out so richly late, Cassie panics and gets her grandmother, who heps contain the other demons, but the already active one isn't vanquished, it manages to slip into another kid witch. the only way to deal with it is drowning, which the human host may survive or not, once identified. It's none other then ...
20 Oct. 2011
After Nick was drowned to kill the demon who possessed him, his much more troublesome and equally attractive brother Jake Armstrong returns, who left Chance Harbor disgraced, nearly ruining Adam's family firm by theft, allegedly just for the funeral. The circle needs him, as he inherited Nick's magical place, so Adam must suppress his grudge, as scorned Faye, who plans to turn the tables on him. Jake proves his value in eliminating evil Simone, who tried to kill Cassie, but has a hidden agenda, as sole witch member of Isaac's slayer society.
27 Oct. 2011
Adam dismisses his father as hopeless drunk, who wrecked his life especially since mother's death, yet follows hid advice to accept Diana being his fated mate by their witch families' destiny. The kids circle prepares a 'regular' Halloween party, with a few ordinary dates and other guests, so no magic. Jake is invited and prepares a plan, despite senior with hunter Isaac's doubts, to eliminate all five witches using a blood spell. Cassie is on the hunters' tail and tracks down the magically marked ritual knife. Jake manages to remain undiscovered after eliminating ...
3 Nov. 2011
Jake warns witch-hunters chief Isaac that Cassie's magic is too strong for the usual methods and that someone else is targeting the kids' circle, is ordered to speed up but insists he must first win her confidence. Charles Meade is trough with domineering Dawn and deals with Henry Chamberlain his way. When Cassie reports her grandmother missing, the circle witches, including 'substitute' Jake, join her on the search and get pinned down by a storm. The truth and dare game proves revealing. Diana refuses to commit to Adam again, claiming they need a break to find out ...
10 Nov. 2011
Jake is winning Cassie's confidence and thus learns from Faye's Chamebrlain family book (grimoir) that her Blake lineage actually is a branch of the powerful black magic Balcoin family. Jake informs his witch-hunter chief Isaac, warns that make sher too dangerous an adversary and assures to remain in control of romantic infatuation. The elders instruct them to abduct the circle kids aboard a yacht and knocks out Jake as a precaution, but they get the magic part wrong. Adam is torn by his felling for the witches circle girls. Charles resists Dawn's claim of dominance ...
5 Jan. 2012
Reluctantly, Cassie believes Jake's warning that her innate black magic will turn her evil unless spell-bound. Charles firmly resists Dawn's attempt to take charge of their crystal, now the elders know about their forbidden return to magic. Charles duly mistrusts a surprise visit from his manipulative mother Kate and disposes of the wine, for fear Dawn poisoned it. Hvaing confided into Adam, Cassie accepts a nocturnal cleansing ritual in the woods performed by Kate, who wants to eliminate the Balcoin threat anyhow, but both witches end up surprised.
12 Jan. 2012
Cassie asks Adam for help when she wants to look into her father's past, and their search leads them to an eerily familiar place. It also rekindles an old flame when Adam, thrilled to be spending time with Cassie again, asks her to the Fire and Ice dance. But because of her friendship with Diana Cassie is forced to give a surprising response. In an effort to be a better father, Ethan offers to chaperone the dance, much to Adam's dismay. Faye asks Lee to help her with a spell that would grant her individual magic. Unfortunately, the spell has some terrifying side ...
19 Jan. 2012
Jake returns and says that he was there the night of the fire 16 years ago and that Cassie can access his memory to see what happened. But during the memory something goes awry and Cassie gets into some trouble. Meanwhile, Faye hangs around Lee, but an old acquaintance of his shows up. He starts toying with Lee's feelings to which leads him to sharing a deep secret with Faye. Also, Dawn tries to become allies with Ethan, which whom ends up going after Charles.
2 Feb. 2012
Cassie enlists the Circle's help when she receives a frightening warning about the witch hunters' return. At the same time, her true feelings for Adam and Jake surface during a birthday party that Ethan decides to throw with the help of Diana. Meanwhile, Faye and Melissa take their inner power to a chilling new level when they try a little of Lee's "Devil's Spirit."
9 Feb. 2012
In honor of the holiday, Faye and Melissa throw a girls only anti-Valentine's Day slumber party for themselves and fellow witches Diana and Cassie. But the night gets wilder than expected when Melissa offers Diana some mood altering "Devil's Spirit" and the first person Diana loosens up around is Lee, who crashes the party to help Faye achieve her own power. Meanwhile, Cassie is forced to turn to Adam and Jake after she becomes haunted by the spirits of some vengeful witches.
16 Feb. 2012
Cassie is stunned when a notoriously evil figure from her past shows up on her doorstep. However, her surprise quickly turns to suspicion when he asks her to return the medallion she found in the wreckage of the fire that killed their parents. Cassie storms off but is captured by Eben and his band of witch hunters. Jake offers to trade himself for Cassie's freedom and when Adam realizes they're in trouble he calls the Circle. Meanwhile, Faye and Diana are concerned when Melissa starts spending more time with Callum.
15 Mar. 2012
Cassie catches Blackwell sneaking around the abandoned house. After confiding in Adam, he tells her he knows Blackwell was looking for a device to drain witches' powers and clearly back to his old ways. Faye shows up at Lee's house to invite him to the school fundraiser, but is taken aback when Eva greets her at the door claiming to be Lee's girlfriend. Meanwhile, Melissa encourages Diana to date a normal guy and points her in the direction of a new, handsome guy in town. Dawn runs into Blackwell at the school but the reunion isn't quite what she expected.
22 Mar. 2012
After what happened between Cassie and Adam, Blackwell says a curse has arisen. They go to visit Jane. Faye goes to go visit Lee and is suspicious of Eva.
19 Apr. 2012
Everyone in the circle start looking for the remaining crystals. Their adventure takes them to Jake's grandfather, who tells them a story about their circle and reveals the whereabouts of his crystal.Adam and Melissa try getting the crystal, but they don't know that there is someone else who also wants it. Meanwhile Jane and Charles form an alliance against a common enemy and Cassie discovers another secret about her father.
26 Apr. 2012
The Circle find out where the last two crystals are. Jake tries to contact an old friend for help. Diana is upset by what she found out about her family. Charles has an argument with John. Blackwell goes to Dawn for help. Cassie, Diana, Jake and Faye go after the witch who works with Eben and are shocked to find out who that is.
3 May 2012
10 May 2012
After Faye is attacked by the Witch Hunters, Jake, Melissa and Adam set out to save her. Blackwell tells Cassie and Diana that the only way to stop the Witch Hunters is to use their Balcoin blood to unleash the Crystal Skull. Diana is reluctant, but Cassie convinces her its the only way to help their friend, but she'll need to tap into her dark magic to do it. Meanwhile, Dawn and Charles are faced with a new way to get their power back... but at a very high cost.

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