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This Episode Anything But Green ***1/2
edwagreen5 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Wealthy casino owner's son blacks out and wakes up to find his hot date dead in a hot tub. He doesn't remember anything and is naturally accused of murder.

Our two fearless heroes take on the case for his father, the owner of the casino. He appears be the shady type.

It's their objective to find another culprit and things aren't looking up when the accused was with a girl who drowned 12 years before. Who our lawyers come up with as the guilty party will surprise you. No, it's not his dad.

The sidebar story is very interesting and poses ethical and legal dilemmas. A heavy set man sues the comedienne who insulted him repeatedly during her monologue. He claims that his gal pal ultimately left him. Wait a minute. Don't you have the ability to walk out when you're being embarrassed like that?
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