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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Walt gets more bad news from the mayor. Vic does a strange favor. As Walt learns what's behind the lawsuit, Henry and Cady each face tribal rituals.


3 Jun. 2012
Sheriff Longmire runs a small department in rural Wyoming. When the body of a man is found in the woods the investigation leads to tension between Longmire and the local Indian Reservation, as well as between Longmire and his Indian friend who runs a local bar.
10 Jun. 2012
The Dark Road
When the body of a young girl is found at a rest stop with a bunch of money, the investigation leads to a group of young Mennonites on rumspringa.
17 Jun. 2012
A Damn Shame
A barn fire kills not only several prize winning show horses but also the owner. As the investigation continues, it starts to look more like an insurance fraud gone wrong.
24 Jun. 2012
The Cancer
A double homicide helps uncover a shocking partnership between the Cheyenne reservation and a Mexican drug cartel.
1 Jul. 2012
Dog Soldier
Cheyenne boys are disappearing, and the case may be connected to dishonest child welfare workers, a Cheyenne warrior legend, and an an ambitious Cheyenne political leader.
8 Jul. 2012
The Worst Kind of Hunter
A paroled killer is mauled by a bear, but Longmire suspects that there is more to the story. Meanwhile, Branch's uncle creates havoc for the sheriff's department.
15 Jul. 2012
8 Seconds
Called to a home invasion, Walt and Vic find the critically injured Chris Sublette, a rodeo sponsor who has just dropped a rider accused of mistreating his horses. As the case unfolds, multiple motives come to light. Could it be revenge, theft, jealousy, or something more sinister?
22 Jul. 2012
An Incredibly Beautiful Thing
A highly agitated young girl approaches a gas station owner for help. When Sheriff Longmire attends the scene, the owner is dead and the girl is missing. Investigations lead Longmire to existence of a religious cult in the neighboring Cumberland county.
5 Aug. 2012
Dogs, Horses and Indians
The president of the Reservation Tribal Council is run off the road, shot and killed. Inquiries reveal that the president recently pushed though a council amendment to the blood percentage rule, thereby excluding a significant number of tribe members from their entitlements.
12 Aug. 2012
Unfinished Business
When Walt is called to the scene of a murder of a local youth, he instantly recognizes him as one of a group of four boys who were acquitted of the rape of an developmentally challenged Cheyenne girl. With the cause of death being an arrow to the chest, Walt must act very carefully as tribal tensions are still high surrounding the failed rape case. Meanwhile, the relationship between Walt and Branch continues to break down, and a Denver detective arrives in town to interview Walt about another murder case.

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