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waste of time

Author: housetoy from Thailand
16 November 2012

after reading 2 glowing reviews on this site i sat down to watch this film with high expectation, and after wasting 90 minutes of my life i have come to the conclusion that both reviewers are either working for the company that made this dross, or were high on drugs!!

its poorly acted, it's totally ridiculous, it's all over the place and the shock ending is a non event. it's that bad that when the film changes from place to place we have the location put up on screen every time as if we haven't got the brains to remember it the first time around.

i beg you all don't waste your time with this rubbish film.

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Utter drivel !

Author: aford777 from United Kingdom
16 March 2013

If you liked 'Bend it Like Beckham', or any episode of Scooby Doo, you are associated with the film , or you are a moron, you will like this Movie.

For the rest of us it is utter drivel. Laughingly billed as a Thriller, it is sadly typical of parochial, twee, out-of-touch British-film making at its worst. From the ridiculously premised and clichéd Plot ie Young Asian Fashion executive turns Detective to clear her brother of murder( Think Get Carter meets 'The Kumars'... and there is no great 'twist-ending' as previously stated in a 'friendly' review), to the patronising 'gritty, street' overlay that is about as gritty and street as an episode of Eastenders.

The casting is dreadful, full of hammy British B-List ensemble, cartoon-character Asians with Conti rent-a-yob types as the baddies. The script is cliché-ridden and woefully out of touch. The locations and settings are every media-types view of how London 'really is'. This is nothing like the real London. I know, I was born here and still live here

The Cinematography is average at best and again cliché-ridden ( cue regular backdrops of the Dome, Canary Wharf etc....

But the worst aspect of this whole sorry mess is that films like this are still being made and are an insult to the British Film Industry. Thank God for ' Welcome to the Punch' !

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Politicians and their vices

Author: Prismark10 from United Kingdom
23 May 2014

Twenty8K is a low budget British thriller directed by David Kew and Neil Thompson. It stars Parminder Nagra, Jonas Armstrong, and Stephen Dillane.

In 2012 on the eve of the Olympics, a young lad is shot outside a nightclub and a young girl dies in a hit and run accident. Both deaths seem unrelated. Deeva Jani (Nagra) returns home from Paris to clear her brother Vip of the shooting and discovers a much deeper conspiracy that may involve the establishment and a vice ring.

As a thriller this is by the numbers. As soon as you see the Tory Home Secretary on screen you know he will be involved. The moment you see shady policemen/spooks you can guess they are protecting the Home Secretary. As for the rest of the cast, it seems to be a roll call of actors who tend to appear in low budget urban films almost in a conveyor belt regularity.

Nothing too thrilling or involving and its so flatly written as if all the life is sucked out of the characters on screen.

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Not Awful, But A Missed Opportunity (Spoiler)

Author: happy_hangman from United Kingdom
28 April 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To be honest, reading the existing reviews for this film on IMDb had me preparing for a cheap-as-chips stinker of 'Get Keith' proportions. That I was tempted to give it a chance is down to an admiration for scriptwriter Paul Abbot's past work, the presence of the lovely Parminder Nagra in the cast...and the fact that it was a Poundland purchase.

It's not a great film. It has an interesting premise, but never seems to realise its potential: one is left with the impression (possibly mistaken) of a project that has been conceived as a mini- series, but truncated uncomfortably into feature form. With a little more character development, and less pedestrian direction, it could have been a far more interesting and effective conspiracy thriller.

It is let down by transparent, snarling villains - who render the unfolding conspiracy to the narrative back-burner: WHY they are twirling their pantomime-villain moustaches is incidental. Ms Nagra tries very hard to hold things together, but how a Paris fashion designer is so adept at covert observation worthy of the best screen PIs is never touched upon, let alone developed. Visually it is unremarkable, and for a film whose plot concerns unscrupulous redevelopment of East End properties in the run up to the 2012 Olympics, that distinctive part of London is represented in only one scene: the cinematographer choosing, instead to feature the same tired skylines and landmarks of the prosperous city centre. The music is obtrusive and distracting and, in many cases, completely unnecessary - at times pointlessly imitating Nicholas Hooper's score for Abbot's 2003 'State of Play' TV drama.

That said, the cast is generally good - making the best they can with an under-developed script - and THAT is all that stops this sinking completely.

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Terrible film

Author: ministeroftruthnz from New Zealand
9 May 2013

The positive review of this film either watched a totally different film to the one listed on this page, or have a vested interested in voting it so high.

The acting in the film is fine, but the plot and editing makes this seem like a 4 part TV series tacked together to become a film. It was simply dreary. The UK can produce far better drama than this, see Shane Meadows work.

Anyway, trust the bad reviews, it really is not good. I actually struggled to make it to the end, and was looking at my watch multiple times, to see how much longer I would have to suffer.

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Too much plot, not enough character

Author: Matthew Clayton from United States
18 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was initially looking forward to this movie, as Paul Abbott's established himself as a different and provocative writer/producer. The central premise is pretty solid, the director aptly captures the gritty and seedy side of London, production values are great for an indie, and the actors do pretty well. Yet there are several big problems.

Main culprit is the script. Parminder Nagra, who was wonderful in "Bend it like Beckham", is the lead -- but her character just frowns, sulks, and clomps her way through the narrative like a Nancy Drew without her Prozac. And the character shift -- she starts as a fashion designer-turned-amateur sleuth in the first 10 minutes -- doesn't make much sense at all. And her co-stars -- especially Jonas Armstrong, playing another iteration of Pete from "The Ghost Squad", and Stephen Dillane -- are woefully underused.

And further is the pacing of the film, as well as the denouement. There's no sense of urgency or excitement as Deeva pieces together the clues, but when the film starts getting better around its climax, it's too little too late. To top it off, the ending is a total 180 from the film's overarching tone.

If you're a fan of the actors, rent it. But I wouldn't recommend a blind buy.

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Author: suzyzuki-501-291733 from United Kingdom
13 October 2012

This has got to be one of the best films out this year. I was on the edge of my seat and totally enthralled by it. Gripping plot line and story, miss it and miss out. I went to see it expecting not to like it but was pleasantly surprised. It is not the sort of movie i would normally go to see but was dragged along and was glad I did. It is difficult to talk about the film without giving the game away but the synopsis is of a detective thriller type but there are red herrings galore and the game is never given away until the very end. Altogther a cracking good watch and a great night out in the cinema. It is something you should put at the top of your list of must see before the end of the year.

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Compelling & gritty British thriller

Author: Nikki De Graeve
14 October 2012

Twenty8k is a compelling and gritty thriller showcasing the best of British talent in terms of cast, crew & storytelling. The intricate plot keeps you guessing all the way through, as there are so many twists and turns along the way. The characters are all believable and found it a real joy to follow the lead character 'Deeva' played by the amazing Parminder Nagra (ER, Alcatraz), in her investigation to find the truth & clear her brother's name.

It really is a terrific ensemble cast, each giving fantastic performances: an excellent Jonas Armstrong (Hit & Miss, The Street) plays youth worker 'Clint O'Connor', Michael Socha (Being Human) plays 'Tony', Nichola Burley (Streetdance, Jump) plays 'Andrea', a fabulous Kierston Wareing (Luther,The Shadow Line) plays 'Francesca' and Stephen Dillane (Game of Thrones, Hunted) excels as 'DCI Stone.

Twenty8k is beautifully shot by directors David Kew & Neil Thompson, creating lots of atmosphere, the helicopter shots of London in particular are simply breathtaking! Lots of comparisons have been made with 'State of Play' because of Paul Abbott 's involvement with the screenplay. And I tend to agree: if you liked 'State of Play' you'll love Twenty8k!

Some critics were rather harsh with their reviews, just because the time of release clashed with the euphoria of the 2012 London Olympics, and so it 'didn't fit the mood'... Honestly some have a very short memory, as Twenty8k was shot just a couple of months before the Summer Riots in London back in August 2011. So the subject matter couldn't have been more contemporary really!

Twenty8k is a smart thriller, giving the audience just enough back-story to fill some of the blanks, while still leaving more than enough room for guesswork on how all the puzzle pieces finally fit. Highly entertaining and a very enjoyable watch, don't miss out on this one.You won't be disappointed!

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