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Nanny Nell/Izzy and the Sea-Unicorn

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Bucky's Treasure Hunt/Cubby's Tall Tale

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Season 3

Jan. 2014
Treasure of the Pirate Mummy's Tomb/Mystery of the Missing Treasure!
Jake leads the crew to a Pirate Mummy's Tomb to help Captain Flynn.
10 Jan. 2014
Invisible Jake/Who's a Pretty Bird?
Jake and his crew find a magical ring which turns whoever's wearing it invisible.
14 Jan. 2014
Captain Gizmo/Jake's Pirate Swap Meet
Jake and his mates build a mechanical matey, Captain Gizmo.
24 Jan. 2014
Pirate Genie Tales
Jake and his mates all gather around the campfire to hear Pip the Pirate Genie share fabulous tales of his travels around the Never World.
31 Jan. 2014
Cubby's Crabby Crusade/The Never Sands of Times
Jake sets out for King Crab Island to rescue Cubby after he is "crab-napped."
7 Feb. 2014
Trouble on the High Sneeze/Pirate Sitting Pirates
Pip the Pirate Genie's magic goes out of whack when he gets a case of the sneezes.
14 Feb. 2014
Mr. Smee is transformed into the dashing "Buck Buccaneer" for Red Jessica's Pirate Convention.
Feb. 2014
The Never Land Coconut Cook-Off/The Lost and Found Treasure
A giant coconut souffle beast grabs Izzy and carries her up Belch Mountain!
1 Apr. 2014
Play It Again, Cubby!/Trading Treasures
Jake leads his mateys on a lyrical adventure across all of Never Land.
11 Apr. 2014
The Singing Stones/The Mermaid Queen's Voice
Jake helps a family of singing stones return to Comet Island.
Hook's Treasure Nap/Princess Power!
Captain Hook can only remember where he buried Captain Cuddly Bear's toy ship, the S.S. Binky, when he's asleep and dreaming.

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