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Season 5

22 Nov. 2016
Most Amazing Discoveries
From the furthest reaches of space to our own cosmic backyard, we count down the discoveries that changed everything we know about our universe.
23 Nov. 2016
The Mystery of Planet 9
Scientists have discovered a mysterious ninth planet on the very edge of our solar system. Ten times the size of Earth, this strange world could have moons with extraterrestrial life.
6 Dec. 2016
Black Holes: The Secret Origin
The question in every galaxy and super anomaly students and viewers minds are how do black holes grow so massive. For every possible solution, there exists a different cause. The study continues.
20 Dec. 2016
Secret History of Pluto
Astronomers discovered a host of other icy objects orbiting around Pluto. Renewed interest was piqued, especially after a New Horizons probe took some high-resolution photos of Pluto in 2015.
10 Jan. 2017
Stars That Kill
The universe is home to real-life Death Stars that could destroy planet Earth. The latest science reveals the terrifying secrets of NASA's six deadliest: vampire stars, supernovas that can vaporize a planet, and unpredictable stars gone rogue.
11 Jan. 2017
The Universe's Deadliest
The ultimate guide to the worst places in the universe. There is Betelgeuse in its death throes and could become a supernova and the possibly a death star. Chuck, the crash-test dummy will be sent on travels to other deadly events,
24 Jan. 2017
Life and Death on the Red Planet
Life on Mars went through a series of life impacting events and the first impact may have seeded life on earth by debris from Mars..
31 Jan. 2017
The Dark Matter Enigma
Dark matter is the biggest mystery of the cosmos. Scientists know that it has been vital to the universe since its birth, new discoveries reveal that it could create black holes, cause mass extinctions, and might even have helped to shape life on the Earth. Might there be a dark matter universe that may account for all the events that aren't really definable? This is all pure speculation and if's.
6 Feb. 2017
Strangest Alien Worlds
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