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Simin: He

[Nader's Father]

Simin: doesn't even know who you are.

Nader: He does not know me but i know that he is my father.

Simin: Does he even realize you are his son?

Nader: I know he is my father!

Nader: What is wrong is wrong, no matter who said it or where it's written.

Hodjat: You know, my problem is that I can't speak like them. I just lose my control soon.

Hodjat: Why do you think we beat our wives and children like animals?

Hodjat: I swear on this Qoran, we're humans just like you.

Nader: I went there cause I have a sense of humanity.

Hodjat: where was your sense of humanity when you were hitting her ?

Termeh: If you knew she was pregnant, why did you hit her?

Nader: Look, I did know she was pregnant, but in that moment I didn't, I had forgotten, This matter was not on my mind at all

Termeh: Well... well go tell these exact things to them

[to the Interrogator]

Nader: My dear, the Law doesn't understand such things, It says either you knew or you didn't... Look at me! if you want me to go and tell them I will do this right off

Termeh: ...

Termeh: Didn't you say it's not serious?

Nader: It got serious.

Nader: Don't you ever think why you wanna leave this country? 'Cause every time you face a trouble, you give in. Rather than confront it.

Simin: Sorry, it hasn't been a week since I left, and look what happened!

Simin: Your daughter's future isn't important to you?

Judge: There are a lot of children who live in this country. You say none of them have a future?

Simin: I prefer my child doesn't grow up in this situation. I have the right as a mother.

Judge: Which situation?

[Simin doesn't reply to him... ]

Hodjat: [to Nader] Shame on you! You call yourself a man?

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Nader's Father: Simin, where are you going?

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