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  • A Separation is based on an original screenplay by Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi, who also directed and produced it.

  • Simin. There's a scene where Simin is arguing with workers who are moving the piano. They say that Simin must pay them more. Simin pays them the money, the same money that was put into the drawer. Later on, Nader thinks that Razieh has stolen the money.

  • He dies in the end. It's an Iranian tradition to wear black clothes after the death of someone. Close relatives will wear the black clothes for 40 days. In the final scene, we see the whole family in black, and it's clear that the grandfather has passed away.

  • It's up to the viewers to decide which one, Nader or Simin, is being picked by the daughter. Her decision is not revealed.

  • No, not in real life. Outside and in public, Iranian women have to wear a scarf out of chastity. At home with their own family, they do not have to wear anything to cover their hair. However, as per Iranian Islamic law, there is an exception for movies; since there will be male audience members watching, women depicted in Iranian produced movies will always have to wear a cover regardless of where they are. The director played a nice trick like including the presence of a strange man in the house all the time, e.g., the old man to the maid, the guy fixing the TV in Simin's mother house, and the lenders, or by shooting after the woman had just arrived in the house so she wouldn't have time to change her clothes or while she is ready to leave.


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