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a semiaccurate take on how the royal wedding came to be
Maura O'Flaherty23 April 2011
The only good thing about this movie is Ben Cross as Prince Charles. The dialogue is terrible, most of the acting mediocre, and the plot full of overused Lifetime clichés. If you know going in that it's going to be awful, it's not as bad. At least you can laugh at the stupidity of it all. My personal favorite part (other than Ben Cross as Prince Charles) was when Prince William says that if the media catches wind of their relationship, the media will go crazy with stories and pictures and they'll never be left alone. This is ridiculously amusing because this terrible movie is just one more way the media is refusing to leave these people alone.
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Lol that was the funniest film...
jazzwoolf27 April 2011
Believe ever negative view out there! As this film is as trashy as they come. With possibly the worst acting and script ever shown, as well as the prize for the most cringe worthy romcom ever presented before me. However this utter rubbish left me crying by the end with the obvious inaccuracies and the appalling casting giving many laughs. If you are the sort of person who can not laugh at the obvious pitfalls of a film then steer well clear as this will not be for you. However hard they try there is no person Alive who could take this seriously, and as my sister constantly reminded me how there could be nothing worse for the Real couple.

All I want to say is that watching this film 2 days before the big event has really warmed me up and I can now say that I will be happily be watching the highlights with a smile upon my face. Back to the film I would honestly give it 0/Infinity for the appallingness of this film. However the laughs at it's expense definitely made it worthwhile watching.

A good laugh :P but maybe not for you.
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Pretty poor and unnecessary
TheLittleSongbird28 April 2011
Now I understand that William and Kate was made in haste, that actually didn't bother me. And I don't mind romantic comedies, though I am also not a fan of the genre either, and I wasn't expecting a history lesson either while watching William and Kate.

But- I am really sorry, I didn't see the point of this movie. Now I will say I did like the glossy sheen to the film's look and I loved the locations. And while I thought little of the acting, two actors did at least try. One was Nico Evers-Swindell, while not looking much like William he does try very hard acting-wise and it shows. The other is Ben Cross as Prince Charles, it is not a great performance by all means, but he does take a fair stab at the accent and mannerisms.

But the other acting is pretty dire. Camilla Luddington fits the bill better than Evers-Swindell looks-wise does but the good things end there. Her acting is very forced and she has a very inconsistent accent. The pace is a let down as well, some of it is rushed(I blame the direction mostly in regards to this) not helped by a running-time that is too short, and some scenes move very pedantically and slowly contributing to the dullness of the romantic aspect to this film.

The story is structured poorly. It didn't bother me that the film was highly inaccurate and fictionalised. What actually did bother me was that a lot of it is uninteresting and dull and filled with clichés- not just in the story elements and characters but also in the tag line!- that have been used to death. In fact, the whole is largely reminiscent of a badly done soap opera. Also neither the comedy or romantic(which the film emphasises more of) aspects here work. The comedy is cheesy and contrived and the romance is unconvincing further disadvantaged by the lack of genuine chemistry between the two leads.

Where William and Kate really fails is in the direction and screenplay. The direction is awful, the overall impression I got of the direction here was that it was soulless and sluggish, and as for some of the camera angles they were very rushed in look and oddly placed and focused. The screenplay if humanly possible was even worse. A vast majority of the dialogue was excruciatingly embarrassing, rather than being amused or touched I found myself grimacing or making WTF? faces. And did I mention that there is a complete lack of likability or sympathy for the characters? All in all, poor and unnecessary with only the glossy look and two decent actors salvaging it from being a complete stinker. 3/10 Bethany Cox
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Shallow, mindless, like stale marshmallows
malaidoskop27 April 2011
Mindnumbingly dumb dialogues, a cast that looks like fresh from a porn set, this movie is full of unintentional jokes.

When I first saw the trailer, I really thought it was a Funny or Die parody of the royal wedding.

I loved it, but for all the wrong reasons. The whole movie seems to have been created in a rush to cash in on the wedding hysteria and its a good example for really bad dialogues, clumsy schoolplay level acting and a totally ridiculous script full of prejudices against Britons. It's hilarious!

So if you want to cringe, you'll enjoy this movie. But don't bring any Kleenexes, you won't need them.
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A Royal Movie
adriangr25 April 2011
As expected, this movie received a lot of bashing and ridicule in the UK because it is an American made biopic about the Royal Family. After watching it out of curiosity, I felt like writing a review because it really wasn't that bad. Based very loosely on the events that led up to the engagement of Willam and Kate, the film suffers slightly by showing a pretty unremarkable series of events that culminate in the blossoming of a romance. The film makers must have been frustrated by the fact that nothing really newsworthy has happened in this story so far...maybe they should have waited a bit longer! The fun for me of course was spotting how much of this looks nothing like it was made in the UK. Stock footage of Big Ben and red buses is interspersed with the cast being shown in wide city avenues that look nothing like London, and buildings that look little like the architecture we have here. The actors sport British accents which hold up fairly well, but occasionally slip, but for the most part the cast manages OK. The two central leads perform pretty well.

The movie is filmed in a glossy style that resembles an episode of "Gossip Girl", ie lots of swanking about in streets and colleges, and scenes set in exotic nightclubs and restaurants. It doesn't always convince, some of the special effects show that a lot of CGI backgrounds have been added outside of windows (and very obviously in that final "African sunset" scene!). But I suspect the film was made in a hurry, so for this reason, most of it looks pretty good. It just doesn't look much like England! But I do think the amount of scorn dished out here in the UK is unfair. Just because another country tries to make a semi-fictional representation of events that go on here does not give us the right to ridicule every part of it that they get wrong. And I'll admit that in the above paragraph, I have had some fun in doing just that. But I am not condemning the whole film as a failure just because it was made in another country and because I can spot geographical errors.

Whats interesting (and has possibly upset some UK viewers) is the use of sensitive facts for dramatic purposes. At one point William turns to his father (Prince Charles) and angrily barks "Did you ever really love my mother? If you loved Camilla, why didn't you just marry her?" It's juicy fodder for drama, and harmless in this context, but likely to make a few viewers prickle a bit.

So, I've had a bit of a laugh, but I didn't think it was that ridiculous. The film will probably disappear after the fuss of the wedding is over, but I am sure it entertained a lot of US viewers who enjoy all things royal. The main fault is that nothing really interesting has happened in this story so far, therefore there is very little plot! Put simply, and it would probably be almost impossible for one nation to make a realistic film about events set in another country, without that country being able to find fault with it.
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It's hilarious that this movie exists
fincherian28 April 2011
It's hard to rate this movie, because it's an absolute blast in how pointless it is, how low budget, how plot less, and really, what a cash in it is. The cynicism of Lifetime and the people who made this (really, those who paid to make it-I understand the desperation of filmmakers and actors to get work and take parts like this) should amaze me, but it doesn't.

This movie has no point of view. It's nothing. It looks like a commercial. It's so inoffensively bad, which is the worst kind of bad movie. I would have rated this a 10 if it played up every British stereotype we have, from chimney sweeps, Mary Poppins, Oliver Twist, and really snoody Brits who say things like, "Master William, please!"
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Funniest film I've seen - intentionally or otherwise
charliemorrison3 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When I sat down to watch this I was expecting something truly execrable that would just irritate me, whilst at very best providing occasional cheap chuckles. Instead I found myself weeping with laughter from start to finish, and admittedly a couple of bottles of champers down the line, watched it again a few hours later.

If you are looking for an accurate film about William and Kate, you'll be sorely disappointed (unless you're very dim, in which case I suppose you might take it all as fact). Similarly if you want an intelligently-crafted romantic story, you'd find more of that watching Universal Soldier. However if you want to enjoy one of the daftest, most mystifyingly slap-dash, and yet somehow rather sweet and engaging films, this is just the ticket.

The acting veers towards the embarrassing (Kate, she of the fluctuating accent) and on to the eye-gougingly awful (Margaret, her bitchy rival for Will's affections), but most of the cast are probably more at the mercy of the script than their own lack of talent. Will is almost certainly nothing like the Prince in real life, but is a lovable if rather thick hero. Prince Charles is played quite capably, and special mention must go to some American chap called Richard Reid, who plays Derek, a fictitious Old Etonian pal of Will's, quite superbly - so perfect a depiction of a nonchalant, public-school layabout, that I actually thought I might know him! My only real complaint is Prince Harry, whose real-life personality should have been a gift to this film, but instead gets only 2 minutes on-screen, probably because the actor looks like a sickly little weed, and can barely mumble out his lines in some vile American drawl.

So there is just enough conventional merit that you can watch 10 minutes without wanting to put your foot through the telly and send Clarence House the bill. Now comes the fun part...

The catalogue of shockingly observed scenes and lines in this film has to be seen to be believed, but as I said before, they don't make you wince or feel frustrated, they're just bloody funny. From the shots of Oxford as a news-reader announces Will's decision to attend St Andrews to cringe-making, laddy student dialogue, from the unusually pathetic-looking shoot at Highgrove to the scenes as our favourite twosome finally get it on, it is an absolute hoot. A few silly giggles would not be enough, but there is this air of absolute daftness pervading every scene, which glues it all together. The characters are somehow likable despite the awfulness, even when it is Kate spouting drivel about the environment, or Charles, with Gandalf-like gravitas, proclaiming "So it begins!" while the couple first snog in front of the press. The plot just about holds together (you'd hope it would, being based on a true story), and yet there are moments of quite dumb-founding nonsense: Kate and her mother bemoaning the intrusion of the paparazzi while simultaneously discussing Kate and Will's relationship in front of said journalists; as for the will-they-won't-they bit near the end, words fail me. However, these are not complaints - this is comic gold, and if you're of a silly disposition as I am, you will be on the floor in hysterics for every idiotic, cliché-ridden minute of it. More than that, you will find yourself cheering them on at the end, even if you feel slightly sullied by the whole thing.

What I just cannot determine is what was and wasn't intended. I assume that it is just a beautiful accident that it is such a perfect blend of amusingly dire and yet quite sweet, but at times I almost wonder whether the bad bits are so bad that they were intended, the brilliant product of an in-joke between the writers and directors. This view would be hard to substantiate, but for my brother's observation that someone had bothered to make a sign for a nightclub in the film, reading "Boulanji" - an elision of Chelsea hot-spots Boujis and the erstwhile Mamilanji - perhaps a singular flash of wit, or perhaps the one clue that the rest is all one big joke as well.

Whatever the case, you'll have a lot of fun finding out for yourselves.

Good God, why on earth did I bother writing that.
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Worst movie ever.
lovetheliving29 April 2011
If you happen to be looking for a corny, tacky movie that is terribly made you'll be THOROUGHLY disappointed in this movie. That's just how horrid it was.

The acting was bad, the directing was terrible, the story was so awful, it was clear that the writer didn't have any idea what a royal prince would have to go through. In the first part of the movie paparazzi was no where to be seen at all, and in the end of the movie they just conveniently appeared to start making hell out of their lives because nothing else was. The actors were horrible choices for each character - all clearly Ameican in their looks - and their accents and wording were the fakest British impersonations I've yet to see in the movie world. The props were plastic and/or really cheap, the scenes which were supposed to be in the royal places looked less elegant than some hotels I've seen. I feel like I've just lost two hours of my life... A total waste of time. Trust me.
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Cheesy, VERY Cheesy
Sub_Captain3 May 2011
OMG I don't think I have seen a movie this cheesy before. Hallmark lives up to its name I supposed... From the young actors and actresses, romantic music, warm picture color, classy cottage and cheesy dialogs, this movie have it all.

It is weird to watch a movie about something you have already known, it is kinda like I know how it's going to end before I started watching it. As the end of the movie said: "This movie is INSPIRED by an actual event". This movie fulfill some of our (public) imagination about Will and Kate's love story, but perhaps more on the fantasy side of our imagination rather than what had actually happen.

Anyway I rate this movie 7 out of 10. It is a great movie if the guys are in the mood for a bit of laugh, or perhaps for teenage girls filling their mind with Prince Charming fantasy, or perhaps a bedtime movie for couples. Either way it's not too bad of a movie.
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definition of cringe, never trust a film with "The Movie" after the title
Maz Murdoch (asda-man)26 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I really can not believe that the makers of this "film" believed that it was good and could do well! This is the direct opposite of flawless (not the dance troop) because I really can't think of a thing that redeemed it, apart from it being so cringingly awful it became sort of entertaining :S, but not so entertaining that it deserved any more than 1 star because I would never, ever ever ever etc. Watch this again! Let's begin (I don't know where to begin!) with the horrendous acting. The person who played Kate looked a little bit like her, but she couldn't act for a toffee apple and the makers even decided to give her a weird American accent. Why? When she spoke some words it was suddenly a strong English accent but on the next it became strong American! It sounded like she was bloody south African! But lets not just dwell on the poor girl because she was not the only one who couldn't act. It was only the rest of the cast that couldn't act either (even the bloody extras). William didn't look like William, couldn't act but at least he didn't have a yanky accent. Basically my point is. NO ONE COULD ACT FOR A SNIBSTON PENCIL! The directing was atrocious as well, with half the heads being missed in some shots, it even wobbled sometimes when it looked like it wanted to be a static shot! It looked rushed and why was this? Because it was rushed. This was more reminiscent of a soap than a romcom (AND IT'S NOT EVEN MEANT TO BE AN ARSEING ROMCOM!!) Which brings me onto my next huge problem. The screenplay. Whoever wrote this should have their hands sliced off so they can never write again! (of course I'm exaggerating, you can keep your hands just try and write a little better next time). You have to see it to believe it. "I thought we were studying", "I'm studying you". CRINGE!! Some scenes made me feel incredibly uncomfortable because of either the acting or the writing (I couldn't tell) even a chick flick wouldn't be this bad.

So basically they've turned a "royal love story" into a teen angst movie, with more clichés than I cared to count, with Kate and William constantly falling out over minor things but making up over a sing song, aww. Really unrealistic moments with Prince Big Ears inviting William's friends for tea and eating with him! Oh and let's not forget Kate swimming over to William and getting out all dripping wet and snogging his face off. That could really happen couldn't it?

But if you fancy a laugh you're in the right place, let's face it I only watched it to see how bad it was going to be.
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Pure tosh
tomgillespie200226 August 2012
It really serves me right that I had to watch this film. When the Royal Wedding raped every possible human sense in my body a year ago, some news reports showed clips of this laughable made-for-TV movie shown to American audiences, much to many a news-casters amusement. It seemed ironic since the rest of their news report was covering this sham, mock- fairytale wedding that seemed to have the plebs and Royalists alike masturbating in the street at the sight of a rich-boy who happened to be our future King taking mere upper-class Katie Middleton up the aisle (that isn't a euphemism by the way). I laughed and got hold of the film thinking it was so bad I had to see it. But when the Wedding euphoria died down, it lingered in my mind that it was still skulking amongst my film collection, and since I've started choosing my films at random, I've wondered when this might crop up. Well, early in the week, my fears became a reality.

The story obviously follows young Prince William (Nico Evers-Swindell) as he packs his bags and heads to St. Andrews to study, saying goodbye to his father Prince Charles (an embarrassed looking Ben Cross). He is swarmed by girls and hangers-on, and eventually befriends Ian (Jonathan Patrick Moore), and Kate Middleton (Camilla Luddington) who he in a class with. Their romance takes off, as the film switches from William's desire to keep their relationship private, to the eventual media frenzy after the announcement. Kate struggles with constant paparazzi attention, and William's commitment to his 'royal life' becomes a problem.

I feel almost bad tearing this film apart, as its clearly under no illusions of being anything by complete bull-s**t. But bull-s**t it is - a laughable, Americanised production that romanticises every possible aspect of the story which is surely an indication of how American's view the British (namely the English). The awful (mainly American) actors struggle with a methodical, cliché-ridden script which squeezes every formulaic aspect out of the genre (they even have a kiss in the rain). It's especially important to point out how laughable the fact is that the film highlights the intrusion the mass media have on their lives, when they just want a 'normal' life, when this film is precisely that. It is, however, quite funny, unintentionally I may add, with many cringe-worthy moments of pure awfulness, especially the scene where William watches Kate in a fashion show ("she's hot!"). Pure tosh.

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Utter Cheese but I enjoyed it
juneebuggy30 March 2015
This was way better then I expected for a hastily put together, made-for-TV movie. Although it could just be that because I watched it right after the royal wedding and was all caught up in that magic of that event I just wanted a bit more and didn't really care.

This movie deals almost exclusively with William and Kate's relationship and his time at St Andrews college. I don't know how much of the story is true? My guess would be none of the personal stuff they show. You do however still get a feel for William's loneliness, the microscope he lives under, the ever present paparazzi and how his future is mapped out for him.

The only other royal represented in the movie is Prince Charles but you do get to see Kate's commoner family, who I really liked.

Ultimately this is a love story and the perfect bit of cheese to watch before or after the royal wedding. The actor who played William (Nico Evers-Swindell) was very good. 05.11
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A disappointment during the hype of the Wedding
sam_i_amgirl30 April 2011
This movie screened in my country the day after the wedding and amongst the hype I was dragged into watching this film. I think I fast forwarded through the most of it.

What bothered me the most about this film was not simply the cheesy acting, the use of American actors or the exaggeration of the plot, but the constant historical inaccuracy. From a family plagued by media distortion and lies, (a theme particularly focused on in the movie), this film did a good job of distorting the truth even further.

We don't know what happened between William and Catherine over the years they were dating, besides the few things we were told - but even those parts are presented incorrectly.

Even if the viewer doesn't regard the movie as truth to the slightest degree, they still will be disappointed by the hopeless storyline, the pathetic characterization and the fact that it's another failed attempt by an American film maker to present a British story. Only British know how to be British. Let them do the job of sharing their kingdom's story.
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One for the Royal Fans... if you can bear the cons.
Valerie Isalini30 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
All I can say is that I wish the people behind this film had just taken a bit more time to put this together - I would have not minded waiting another couple of months if the film would be historically accurate, have good dialogue, and not feel rushed, with many things feeling looked over.

So you can probably understand from above that I'm not very pleased with the film.

One of my main concerns is that the time frame in the film jumps dramatically between scenes, leaving me confused as to what was happening. Particular important days were played out very slowly, and then suddenly the film jumped to nearly a year, and by the end of the movie I thought I had been cheated of some very important moments in the relationship that could just not have either fitted in the time frame the director had to create the movie, or was left out in the screenplay.

There are some good heated scenes, particularly between Charles and William, that have good dialogue, but most of the dialogue is either cheesy and very formal for what I would imagine the "People's Prince" to use, or very informal and not at all what William would say (particually scenes involving his friends). Of course, I have not talked to William in person, so I have no idea how he is in real life, I am only presuming upon how he appears on TV.

Kate comes off as a very self-determined woman (that's my way of putting it nicely). Really, I thought she was a bit of a b****, even though she is determined to see William as a man and not see him as everyone else does, as the future King of England. This is certainly not how she appears to come across in real life and as we have seen her over the years.

Also, the thing that really annoyed me is that pictures of them in newspapers and magazines, and even the newspapers themselves look incredibly fake. Also, backgrounds in the car and when William proposes in Kenya are pretty bad. It makes this film feel very unbelievable.

The actors do a great job but their performance is heavily compromised by the screenplay and direction. I do understand that the film is American based - so yes, the accents could do with some improving.

A good try. I would really, really like someone to pick up this fantastic idea and do a proper, deserving job, with no cliché romance. Definitely agree with the straight-to-DVD and TV decision made.

CONCLUSION: One to watch for Royal fans (like me), its a very romantic and quick look that scratches the surface at how William and Kate met, and the ending scene is very sweet. If you can bear the probable inaccuracies and rushed dialogue/time, then this is for you.
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Typical RomCom but...
princess91924 April 2011
... I liked it.

After being led to believe that the entire film was going to make me cringe I am surprised to say that there was only one scene I had real trouble with... prizes to those that guess which scene it was... and other than that I rather liked it. Camilla and Nico are not convincing as the real Will and Kate but after all the cliché films like The Prince and Me I think we are used to silly romances that involve the trial and tribulations of marrying royalty.

The movie was gentle to both the real life figures showing neither of them in a bad light, the romance was sweet and believable with funny moments and nice settings.

There have been many complaints about their accents (which weren't too bad) and the fact that they look nothing like their counterparts but that was part of the charm for me. It took it away from the real people and made it simply a sweet film about two young people in love which is a nice way to think about the royal couple. I hope to see more from both the leads again as it's always interesting to get fresh faces in the movie world, and Camilla definitely had charm.
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What a film!
anthony kaye24 April 2011
What upset me about this film was its serious omissions. Allow me to elaborate:-

The Royal Family eating off gold plate while a starving populus looks helplessly on.

The Queen ordering her Prime Minister to get the Hussars to sabre the miners marching on the Palace in protest at their 18hr working day.

The Irish, too weak to resist on their diet of blighted potatoes, forced to contribute their savings to allay the expense of the Royal Wedding.

Beefeaters preventing the ragged girl with the twisted foot from entering Parliament to get some money for her operation.

Worst of all, no mention of how the 7th Cavalry saved Prince William when his helicopter got into difficulties over Afghanistan.

Apart from these few minor gripes an excellent film.
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Ring Around the Royals
wes-connors7 May 2011
After royal father Ben Cross (as Charles) tells him to, "Study hard and have fun," the United Kingdom's heir apparent Nico Evers-Swindell (as William "Wills" Wales) goes off to school in Scotland. There, he finds a large selection of willing female partners. The "Prince" settles upon Camilla Luddington (as Catherine "Kate" Middleton). One of the problems the young couple faces is that "Kate" is considered a commoner. Only in the "royal" family of England could this super-rich "Princess" be considered common. Anyway, the privileged couple suffer through the trials and tribulations of the limelight. Poor babies. A good scene demonstrating this is Ms. Luddington tearfully sipping wine in her bubble bath with some tabloids strewn across the floor. Why anyone pays attention to this couple is difficult to understand. This movie does not help.

** William & Kate (4/18/11) Mark Rosman ~ Nico Evers-Swindell, Camilla Luddington, Ben Cross, Jonathan Wood
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dotsf9315 March 2015
What I can't stand most in American-made U.K. films is the lack of knowledge of our true identities and those god-awful Americanisms. For example, in the U.K. we rarely call ourselves 'British', we normally say we are 'English', 'Welsh', 'Scottish' and 'Irish'. Calling ourselves 'British' is in fact, an Americanism itself. 1. WE DO NOT CALL UNIVERSITY 'COLLEGE'. This is one of the well- known errors in American-made U.K. films. In terms of how our schooling works, we start Nursery (ages 3/4-5), Primary School (ages 5-11), Secondary School (ages 11-16), College/Sixth Form -not compulsory- (ages 16-18) and then UNIVERSITY -also not compulsory- (ages 18+). WE GO TO COLLEGE BEFORE UNIVERSITY AND DO NOT CALL UNIVERSITY 'COLLEGE'!! Oh and we also do do refer to college/sixth form or university as 'school'. 2. In this film, everyone tends to have the exact American-style, posh English accent. Like any other country, we are a country of MANY different regional accents! People who have attended private schools up and down the country normally have a posh twist on the local accent, but NEVER the style of accent you hear in this film. Also, considering St. Andrews is in Scotland, in the early parts of the film I don't think I heard one single Scottish accent. 3. Even the snack names annoyed me. In one of the scenes of the film, one of the girls walks around a house party offering people 'chips'. For god's sake, WE DO NOT CALL THEM 'CHIPS', WE CALL THEM 'CRISPS'. 'Chips' are the sort of thing you get when you get Fish & Chips.

Anyway, along with all that, the filming was awful and film did not stick to the facts. Very poor research done in the entirety of the film.
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Not quite as bad as some say
opuspocus1 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Granted, none of the acting nor any of the production values were worth writing home about, I think there are and have been far worse romance films. My big quarrel with this one is its opportunism. William and Kate are real-and-now people, and decent ones as far as I can tell, who deserve a degree of privacy that a film like violates most cynically. True, most of the script is based on conjecture (and cliché) and probably doesn't reflect much at all of what was really going on. But to desecrate the occasion of their wedding this way, whatever the film makers may or may not have got right, is simply obscene.

At the same time, I thought the major characters (except for poor Prince Charles) were treated sympathetically. One sequence that had me rolling my eyes and kind of grinning sympathetically at the same time, was the scene in which she dove from her boat, the crew girls cheered, etc. It probably didn't happen that way, but it should have.
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What tosh!
donald-41-83419930 April 2011
What tosh. Okay, It is topical, it will be good box office fodder, and it fills in the gaps for a lot of folk who do not know the how's and what's of their early relationship. But, Corr! What tosh.

This soapy operetta makes William appear to be some simpering, love sick wimp, while most of the women in this film (Kate, her mum, etc) are portrayed as conniving, clawing, or simplistic feline clichés.

Well, we have to consider who this tripe is targeted at. Thank goodness the wedding is over and so, too, will be the topical appeal of this waste of celluloid-substitute. That is, until some British coronation, some Royal funeral or the birth of their first child.
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It is what it is
dan-egerton-32-19188919 April 2011
You don't expect too much and it delivers on exactly what it promises, it was made quickly, and people shouldn't expect the best. Great acting by Ever-Swindell finally someone who isn't Hugh Grant! I think it's a lovely story of two people who are in love, and we must understand that it is rather unusual for a Prince to fall in love with a commoner, especially in this day and age. Evers-Swindell does a convincing job of playing someone who has been raised in the public eye since he was but a baby and I think that his performance was spot on for a royal prince, especially an English Royal Prince. Well done I say and I look forward to more of his films
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Very Cute!
I thought that this movie was excellent when I first watched it! I did not feel like I was watching a biography, but a cute nonfictional story. I am a sucker for a cute romance so this movie was perfect for me. It is funny, cute, and filled with drama. I think anyone would enjoy watching this movie. The story of their relationship was very interesting and it made for a great movie. I said "awww" SO many times while watching it because it is one of the cutest movies I have seen. I definitely recommend for anyone to watch it!!! I have seen this movie only once, but I want to watch it again because it is SO good! I love this movie!!
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very very loosely based film
helaumur2 May 2011
Wow, i love the royals, i think they're great and i was so happy to hear about their life being made in to a film. So i watched, having followed the couple in the media. This film, the only true piece are the names. It has every cliché, including kissing in the rain, an argument, getting back together.

In reality, Kate Middleton would never step out of a car without her legs together and i doubt she would go hunting either. The accents are over pronounced and there are so many red buses and taxis and miserable weather, its more like a bingo game for clichés for England.

The script isn't going to win any Oscars, the acting is very staunch. And Kate is really tall in real life, but the one who plays Will is just as charming in the film. It is entertaining as a film but not at all factual. I think a film about Harrys antics would be equally watchable such as when he dressed up as a nazi, getting in to fights in clubs or getting stoned.

Further more, a lady does not cross her legs, she would sit up straight and cross at the ankles, some etiquette that is missed on the American 's who made this film.

People should watch this with a pinch of salt, it kills an hour or so.
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love story
janelle-penny30 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I love this movie and how it tells the story of Will & Kate falling in love, even if it is somewhat fictitious. The love story is very romantic and lovable and open for the world to see. Nico & Camilla portrayed the couple perfectly and do look like them as well, stop with the negative reviews! u guys don't know what you're talking about and have no respect for amazing movies! so what if this movie is made by Americans, it would portrayed in a similar way if the British made it.my favorite part in the movie is when he pulls her aside from everyone else,outside of the bar and in the rain, and kisses her. after they get back to the house, they keep going in and out of each other's rooms throughout the night, until she stays in his room with him. i also love how Will Perseus/woos Kate and gets her to warm up to him, and see that he is just an ordinary guy, and how protective he is of keeping their relationship private for as long as they can.
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What a Load of American Rubbish!
David Alp1 May 2012
Oh dear!! What a load of American Trash this TV movie is. Wooden acting, clichéd scenes, factual mistakes, American accents abound, Americanism's used all through the film, e.g at the beginning the Headmaster says "Welcome to the new semester".. "Semester" LOL! In the UK we use the word "Term"; IE, he should have said "Welcome to your new term at college". All of the young guys calling each other "Old Man" as if we are still in the Edwardian era, LOL!!!!! The producers were 100 years behind the times with that one! At one stage during an early scene of William and Kate having breakfast at college, Kate says she is reading "The Daily Mail" only to reveal some obscure magazine that does not exist in the UK?? Huh? What was that all about? Not to mention the hysterically funny fake TV "news reports" with phony clipped English accents!! How Embarrassing! I've never seen such terrible production values. The whole thing! The script, the acting, the accents! Oh, the list is endless... Please! don't bother with this American made piece of rubbish. It was created purely to cash in on the real life wedding of William and Kate.

If you are a Royalty fan then watch Helen Mirran's "The Queen" and don't waste your time with this piece of junk.

The proposal scene is hysterical!!!!! I nearly threw something at the TV screen! Wills goes down on one knee and even though they are seemingly in the middle of some kind of African safari (?) Kate is fully made up, in glamorous evening dress and hair styled to an inch of its life, and then with the sun going down in the background, and their Arabian Tent in the foreground, (completely furnished of course) he puts a ring on her finger! You have been warned, "Old Man"...
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