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  • The facts of Meredith's dishonesty in the clinical trial come to light, leading to unanticipated consequences for both her and others. Cristina finds herself in an unfortunate situation that puts her at odds with Owen. Meanwhile, Owen posts his decision for chief resident and Teddy makes a surprising choice regarding her love life -- and her future.

  • While Meredith faces the consequences of tampering with the trial Cristina and Owen fight over an unexpected pregnancy.



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  • Derek is mapping out the baby's room in the frame of their house. The social worker is coming by to see where they live. She's shocked at the construction site.

    Meredith is bummed out because they've got an Alzheimer's trial patient who has kids. She goes in to talk to the patient and Hunt wants to talk to Derek. Derek wants to get Meredith and Hunt says he thinks it's best if he doesn't.

    Henry is annoyed that Teddy is leaving, and he tells her. She says she's sorry. He tells her to leave and "go be happy."

    Derek pulls Meredith aside and asks what she did. She says she can't tell him. He takes her to see the chief and tells him Meredith switched around placebos. She refuses to tell the chief what she did. He tells her, "This is the part where you have to deny the charges." She maintains that nothing she did changes anything. The chief says he's going to have to investigate, "But it looks to me like you just lost your job."

    Meredith confronts Alex in front of everyone and tells him "they're probably going to fire me." She then tells him, "I want your crap out of my house by the end of the day." Suddenly, everyone's pagers go off. The chief tells the entire staff a 757 went down in Puget Sound and that the hospital is about to get overrun with patients and concerned friends and family.

    Cristina asks Hunt what happened with Meredith. He tells her she tampered with the study and "destroyed the whole thing."

    Teddy tells Henry that his procedure is getting postponed because of the plane crash.

    Cristina tells Alex he might have destroyed Meredith's career. Alex goes and tells Hunt he was drunk when he revealed the information about Meredith. He said he just thought she shouldn't be chief resident, not that she should be fired. Hunt tells him, "If you didn't think this thing through then you're as dumb as she is."

    Bailey is in shock. She tells Nurse Eli the flight was from Baltimore, where her parents live, and she's taken that flight with her son. He stays with her.

    Cristina is talking to a young girl and asking her if she thinks she might be pregnant. Cristina suddenly leaves and we next see her laying on a table where Fields is asking her if she wants to "talk about options."

    The chief asks Alex for a written account of everything he saw about Meredith. Sloan tells Avery he's a good man, after Hunt told him what Avery did to save the chief's chance for a Harper Avery Award.

    Cristina pulls Hunt aside and tells him she's pregnant. She "cannot believe this is happening." He goes to touch her stomach and she says there's no way they're going through with it. She tells him she doesn't want a baby and he says, "Well, you have one." He asks her how far along she is, and she says it doesn't matter. He says he wants the baby and he thinks her life "can be bigger than you think it is."

    The chief is pressing Meredith for information with Derek in the room. She explains that nothing she did changes the trial, and that as long as she doesn't tell anyone what she did, the trial is still blind. He says the trial is over. Meanwhile, Alex hands the chief an envelope and leaves. The chief reads what Alex handed him and says, "It was Adele."

    The doctors are waiting for people from the plane crash to show up, but no one is coming. Sloan says no one will come. "If it's taken this long, nobody's surviving," he says.

    Derek asks the chief what he's going to do. The chief says he doesn't know. Meredith asks Derek if he's encouraging the chief to fire her. He says nothing. The chief tells Derek that he "basically pressured her to do it, you'd have to fire us both." Derek leaves. The chief tells her he's going to have to have to suspend her so it doesn't look bad. He's going to have to turn the study over to the FDA and let them figure out what to do with it. Hunt walks in. The chief starts to say, "I don't know how to--" He stops and she says, "I know."

    The chief says that emergency services have begun to identify bodies and that it will be a long day of notifying people. Hunt quietly posts the chief resident announcement. It's April. She smiles excitedly and no one says anything.

    Alex tells Hunt it should have been him or Meredith. He says no one is going to listen to April. Hunt tells Alex no one is going to listen to him because he just "sold out the one universally liked individual in this hospital -- everyone is going to hate you." He tells him no one is going to come to Alex for anything, but he was planning to give it to him.

    Meredith is talking to the new Alzheimer's patient as Derek watches on from the doorway. The wife of the man with the disease is upset after Meredith explains the trial and that there's a chance the man won't actually get the drug. She gets upset and doesn't understand why he can't just have it if it could help. Their children watch on and Derek says nothing.

    Hunt tells Cristina he could take a six-month or year-long leave. He tries to tell her she won't even notice and she says she's not a monster. She says if she has a baby, she'll love it. Hunt says that's the problem. He says he's trying to think of a compromise, and she says there's no such thing because "you can't have half a baby." He tells her she'd be a great mother. She thinks he's not listening. He tells her she'd have a baby because she loves him.

    Lexie isn't looking forward to telling three family members of the crash victims that their loved ones died, but Avery tries to cheer her up by telling her that Sloan gave them his blessing, or rather, gave Lexie to him. She seems bothered by this.

    The doctors go to the waiting room and call for family members, who think there is good news waiting when they hear their names called.

    Teddy goes to see Henry. She says she just wanted to say hi to him after telling people their family members were dead. He cuts her off and says he was trying to be a gentleman about all this, but now it's time for her to go. He says letting her go was the most painful thing he's ever done, and he's had 82 surgeries. He tells her to "get out." He says he's not her "best bud" or her "security blanket." He tells her he's a guy who's in love with her, but she needs to go to Germany and just leave him alone. She leaves, crying.

    April answers a phone and gets the news that there's a survivor.

    Derek finds Meredith in the locker room and they get into an argument. She's upset that he wanted her fired, and he says that the fact that the patient was Adele changes things for the chief but not for him. He says she wouldn't have "pulled this stunt" if she was focused on the millions of people who could have been saved from Alzheimer's because of this drug. He asks her how it is that she doesn't know the difference between right and wrong. She says she thinks things are more complicated than that. She says there's nothing simple about it. She says she's sorry but she would do it again. Derek says he doesn't know how to raise a child with someone who doesn't know right from wrong. She asks him if he's suggesting she's going to be a bad mother and he says, "You've been saying it for weeks. Maybe you're right." He says he needs time to think, and some "space." Meredith gets a text from the social worker.

    The crash patient comes in. She's a minor who was flying alone. The girl opens her eyes and Derek talks to her.

    In the waiting room, people are crying as they give others the news over phones. A distraught woman whose husband wants to leave says she wants to stay after hearing April say there's a girl who has no family and is alive. She decides to stay because the girl will otherwise be alone. Everyone else in the waiting room quietly sits down, as well.

    Cristina asks Meredith if it's true and wonders what she's thinking. She says she did what she had to do and she couldn't live with herself if she did any different. Meredith then sees Alex talking to the social worker and thinks he's trying to ruin her whole life. She goes and tries to interrupt but soon finds out that she and Derek have been granted temporary custody of Zola and the social worker was just getting an update on Zola's health from her doctor, Alex. He explains to Meredith how Zola is going and the medications she'll continue to need. He asks her if she has any questions and Meredith says nothing.

    Andrew pages Teddy and tells her that when something traumatic like this happens (he's been coordinating the effort to inform the families of the victims of the plane crash) you just want to be with someone you love. He hugs her and she tears up again.

    Meredith calls Derek and is leaving a message, telling him it's important that he calls back.

    A woman comes into the waiting room looking for a doctor or a nurse, and some of the other family members come to her, getting her coffee and holding her hand.

    A nurse is giving Meredith all the necessities. She looks stunned.

    The mother of the girl who is in surgery is explaining to everyone else in the waiting room that her daughter was supposed to connect through Seattle and to Vancouver. She stops herself and realizes she never asked about the loved ones of the people who were already waiting. The one woman who didn't want to leave says her son is also in surgery and they think he's going to make it. April comes to get the mother, who gives the other woman a hug before leaving the room. Once she's gone, the woman cries and all the other people prepare to leave.

    Teddy comes back to Henry's room and tells him to stand up. She kisses him. She says, "You're my husband, and I think I'm falling in love with you."

    Sloan sees Lexie in the hall and she tells him to stop talking to her and checking on her and talking to her boyfriend. She tells him she loves him and if he keeps pulling at him she'll come back to him. He says she's right, and he confirms that he told Avery he's letting her go. He tells her to walk away.

    Avery tells April that everyone's going to hate her again because it's now her job to boss them around.

    Meredith gets home with Zola and calls out for Derek. He's not there. No one is there. Meredith is explaining to Zola that the house is usually not this quiet. She then goes to Alex's room and finds that it's empty. She tells Zola they're going to be OK.

    "I am going to get it together and we are going to figure it out," she tells the baby.

    Cristina gets home and asks Hunt to tell her how much he loves her. He says he loves her a great deal. She asks him to remember how much he loves her. She says she made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy. She doesn't want to talk about it anymore. He starts yelling at her about how this is a marriage and she should do this one thing for him. She shouts, "I am saying no!"

    He turns around and tells her to get out, "because you denied me a part in the decision, because you denied me a marriage." He says again, "Get out!"

    Eli wants to come home with Bailey. She resists at first, but then agrees.

    Cristina comes to Meredith's house. Meredith tells Cristina that the baby is "upstairs sleeping in some dead kid's porta-crib." Cristina tells Meredith that Hunt made her leave because she's getting an abortion. Zola starts crying and Cristina goes to lay down.

    At the bar, Lucy comes in and finds Alex and asks him to tell her not to go to Africa. He tells her to go to hell.

    Hunt is alone, Cristina is alone, Meredith is rocking Zola and calls Derek one more time. He doesn't answer, but we see him laying in the frame of their new, under-construction house, right next to the spot he'd marked for the baby's crib.

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