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It was revealed at Comic Con that actual descendants of the Brothers Grimm reside in Portland. The producers had no idea until a member in the audience told them.
Most, if not all, of the references and names are derived from German terms or real scientific terms. For instance, "Blutbad" means bloodbath, "Hexen" means witches, "Schaden" means misfortune or misery, and "mellifer" means honey-carrier. The terms are, however, not original German terms for mythological creatures. They've been made up for the series and most of them are "incorrect" German. Despite the NBC page translating "Schneetmacher" as a cold, evil person, for example, such a word does not exist in German. The queen of the mellifer is referred to as "Mellischwuler", which, translated, means "Melli-gay man" - a possible explanation for this might be that the word "queen" was mistyped "queer" when the word was looked up in a dictionary. Many "Wesen"-names are made up compound nouns, but often grammatically incorrect. Examples for this are the "Bauerschwein", "peasant pig", which -correctly composed- would be a "Bauernschwein" (in any case another creature name that does not exist in the German language of any time period). The same goes for "Spinnetod", which, correctly composed, would be "Spinnentod" (spider death). The right plural for Blutbad (blood bath) would be "Blutbäder". In the pilot episode, the Reaper Hulda carried a scythe that read "Erntemaschinen der Grimms", which translates as "Harvesting machines of the Grimms".
Filmed on location. The cast stay in nearby apartments while filming.
'David Guintoli' (Nick Burkhardt) stated that he loves playing Nick because he gets "paid to brood."
According to Kelly Burkhardt, the Grimm trait is not strictly hereditary. Some offspring of Grimms have it and others don't. Girls also realize it earlier than boys.
Neither Wu nor Monroe are referred to by their given names but rather by their surnames. It is revealed in the first episode that Monroe's first name is Eddie and in the third season, Wu's first name Drew, is first uttered. Even Monroe's parents call him "Monroe" even though they theoretically share it as a last name.
There is a stained glass image of a wolf on Monroe's door; fitting as Monroe is a "blutbad" or "big bad wolf".
Each episode opens with a quote from various fairytales or folk stories, which relate to the episode in some way.
Whenever the episode includes a new room (hotel room, hospital ward or bed), the room no. is the combination of the number of the season and of the episode. For example, the hotel room of Adalind was shown first in episode 12 of season 2, and the room no. was 212.
Russell Hornsby and Sasha Rioz appeared on the ESPN TV series "Playmakers" before joining Grimm. Hornsby played Leon Taylor, the aging running back and Sasha Rioz played young offensive coach Stephen Lyles.
At the 2013 comic con panel, the producers stated that Volcanalis was not a wesen but "something else entirely different."
The term 'wesen' is pronounced with a 'v' instead of a 'w'.

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