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FAQ for
"Grimm" (2011) More at IMDbPro »

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FAQ Contents

The "Grimms" in the series title are members of the same Grimm family whose most famous members were the two brothers - Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm - who collected and published Germanic folklore in 19th century Germany. The premise is that those brothers weren't writing fairy stories, but warnings about the creatures that live among us.

It's the lingering effect from the Baron's wesen poison that turned Nick and several others into zombies at the end of season 2 and into season 3. While the humans were completely cured, Rosalee warned that since Nick is a Grimm, there would be lingering effects such as the increased speed, heightened senses, and decreased heart rate. Though the group doesn't remark on it now, the effect was at first startling such as when Juliette thought Nick was dead at one point.

If anything, the fact that the show still acknowledges this and actively employs it means they are paying attention to continuity.

Not at first. In the episode "Mr. Sandman", a Jinnamuru Xunte blinded Nick, taking away his vision, but heightened his hearing. After Nick got his vision back, his sonic hearing stayed with him.

Nick Burkhardt: Portland PD detective, raised by his Aunt Maria, who taught him about his legacy as a Grimm. Believed his mother to be dead, until Season 2.

Maria Kessler: Nick's aunt who raised him. Seasoned Grimm veteran. Cancer survivor. Gave Nick her trailer and one of the seven keys on her death bed.

Kelly Burkhardt: Nick's mother, maiden-name Kessler. Had Nick stay with her sister, believed to be dead from his childhood. A veteran Grimm connected to the Laufer.

Theresa Rubel: AKA Trubel. A troubled woman who went haywire and killed wesens she ran across. Been in and out of foster care. Joined Hadrian's Wall in Season 5.

Rolek Porter: An old, dying man seeking out Burkhardt. Hides one of the seven keys in his cane. Has a son, Josh, who is not a Grimm.

Grimms have been known to kill wesen without question and can see them even when their not in full woge. When they woge partially around Burkhardt, the expression on his face usually gives him away, but wesens state they see darkness in the eyes of Grimms down to their souls. Some wesen will be afraid, but others will show aggression.

Only a Grimm and other wesens can see the true appearances of other wesens. Burkhardt is a Grimm. Griffin, Wu, and Julliette are not. In retrospect, Grimms can see wesens anytime, especially when they don't want to be seen. Wesens reveal themselves to normal people when they choose to. Those who are not Grimm but have seen a wesens true face are referred to as Kehrseite. In Season 4, Julliette became a Hexenbiest, so that changed for her. In Season 5, Wu contracted Lycanthropia and became a Blutbad with little control, that too changed for him.

The show never released the last name, however, we did see his families coat-of-arms with name 'Blutbad' written on it, so that could be his family name.

Wesen Council: Operates out of Wallenstadt, Switzerland. The council are considered the wesen lawmakers. Anytime a law is broken, they send out someone to do their wetwork. Follows the code of Swabia. In Season 5, the council was massacred by a Black Claw terrorist, except for Alexander, who survived and fled.

The Royal Family: House Renard is the crowned family of Austria and the wealthy tyrannical rulers of the wesen world. Frederick Renard is the King, whose sons are the bastard, Sean Renard, and the legitimatized Eric. Another family member is Kenneth, who was is line to be heir after Eric was killed. With Frederick and Kenneth dead and Sean in exile, House Kronenburg now rules Austria.

Reapers: A society of assassins dedicated to the eradication of Grimms worldwide. Their weapon of choice is the scythe, which has the engraving "Vernichter der Grimm" written on them. Have zero tolerance for other wesen aiding Grimms. They leave their scythe trademark in blood where they perform their heinous acts.

Laufer: The Resistance. A wesen group looking to break free from the influence of the Royal Family. Hunted and persecuted by House Kronenburg and the Verrat, but not without a fight. The Laufer are weary of Grimms, but see them as potential allies.

Verrat: Servants of the Royal Families, known to do enforcer work. Founded in post-war Germany. Most members are Hundjgers. Follow orders of the Royals without question. If one of their members die, they will send another, and another until the job is done.

Schwartzwald Gypsies: A wesen Romani caravan who wonder the forests of Central Europe. Known to help hexenbiests who lost their abilities to regain them back. Have ties to House Kronenberg.

Beati Paoli: Fanatical group, mostly Anubis, known to protect and preserve their culture. Sees displaying of their old culture and mummified ancestors as sacrilege.

Wesenrein: Also known as the Secundum Naturae Ordinem Wesen. Referred to as the wesen version of the KKK. An ancient purist group known to hunt and persecute those who marry out of their bounds (i.e. wesen who marry different wesen) and befriend and aid Grimms. Known to perform a trial called the Tribunal, where if found guilty, the punishment is death. The Wesenrein seek justice to be done whether the guilty are placed through a stake and burned or shot dead.

Hadrian's Wall: A special task force organization consisting of grimms, wesen, and most likely members of the Laufer dedicated to bringing down the Black Claw and other radical organizations worldwide.

Black Claw: Also known as Schwartzkralle, a terrorist cell consisting only of wesen whose true purpose is the eradication of Grimms, Kehrseite, and wesen who disavow their cause. Believe their old cultures must be restored. Known to cause riots and carry out political assassinations. Some of them seek to end the Grimm lineage and their history, the leaderships however see Grimms as potential allies.

These beings are on the show, don't add any if they weren't.

Grimm: Human descendants of the Grimm family able to spot a wesen, even when they don't want to be noticed. They police and protect civilians from wesens who intend to do harm.

Blutbad: Wolf-like beings. Have an acute sense of smell. Very strong, very quick, and very agile. Weakened by wolfsbane. There are some who cannot contain control during full moon. Also called Blutbaden.

Hsslich: Trolls claiming all bridges are theirs. Feudal with Eisbibers. Demands tolls and tribute, otherwise there would be blood. Make up a vast majority of the Reapers.

Skalengeck: Lizard creatures who are known addicts and career criminals. Stronger than humans and very intimidating.

Jgerbar: Bear-like beings. Strong and quick. Excellent trackers. Perform ceremonies called the Roh-hatz for the young that enter adulthood.

Zauberbiest: Male zombie creatures with a U-shaped birthmark under their tongues. Super strong. Telekinetic and Pyrokinetic.

Hexenbiest: Female zombies who carry the same traits as their male zauberbiest counterparts.

Mellifer: Bee-like creatures able to control swarms of bees. Sworn enemies with Hexenbiests and Zauberbiests.

Ziegevolk: Goat folk who are quick, agile, and able to jump very high. Highly Influential, but eat special frogs to increase their influence. Considered lovers, not fighters. Most are breeders, very few are herders.

Eisbiber: Beaver-like creatures. Non-violent and considered cowardly. Known for their building and fixing skills.

Reinigen: Rat people with the ability to control rats. Have a lack of patience. When pushed to their limit, they become very vengeful.

Bauerschwein: Pig folk. Have an acute sense of smell. Have a centuries old feud with the Blutbaden.

Siegbarste: Ogres with dense bones, thick skin, and a high tolerance to pain. Known to hang on to grudges until the offender is dead.

Mauzhertz: Mouse-like folk. Considered very shy and timid. Prayed upon by Lausenshlange.

Lausenshlange: Snake people. Aggressive and dangerous predators. Strangles and eats their victims. Preys on Mauzhertz but fear Hundjgers.

Fuchsbau: Fox people. Known to be shady and liars. Tend to buy and sell organs. Known to fight for causes they believe in.

Geier: Vulture folk known for kidnapping and harvest people of their organs.

Spinnetod: Spider-like folk known to kill mates after fornication using a deadly toxin from their mouths. Agile and excellent climbers. They must continue their killing to avoid molting to an elderly stage.

Dickfellig: Rhino creatures that navigate with their nose and are super strong. They don't fear Grimms, but they are wary of them.

Lwen: Lion characters who are competitive and are known to capture other wesen and make them fight in their gladiator games.

Skalenzahne: Crocodile beings who live peacefully among the populace, but become carnivorous and dangerous when introduced to human and wesen meat.

Schakal: Jackal-like beings. Usually work alongside their own kind. Extremely violent, especially when they look to complete their goals. Common for robberies and baby cannibalism.

Steinadler: Hawk beings with superior vision. Influential and difficult to determine whether they're friend or foe. Military trained and disciplined.

Dmonfeuer: Dragon beings known to cough out flammable fat and breathe fire. Have a taste for precious items, including copper.

Seltenvogel: Extremely rare bird folk. Almost extinct. Very timid. Able to develop a gold stone called an Unbezahlbar. Priceless if whole, worthless if cracked.

Klaustreich: Alley Cat people that are known to be abusive jerks and very controlling. Constantly hassles Reiningen for their fun.

Hundjger: Canine-like wesen that perform wetwork operations for the verrat. Clever and ruthless. Rumored to eat their mothers from inside the womb.

Murcilago: Bat-like wesen able to produce an ultra sonic scream loud enough to shatter glass. Very quick and dangerous.

Wildermann: The Sasquatch of wesens. Mistaken for Big Foot, mainly due to their big feet. Folk unable to control their instincts. Super strong. Tend to give their real appearances away when they can't control themselves.

Mauvais Dentes: Sabre-tooth tiger being with enormous teeth and very deadly. Known to bait victims before killing them. Lacerate victims and bite their necks.

Coyotl: Coyote-like wesen. Stays in a pack. Dangerous and fast. Hates it when one of their own breaks away from the pack. Has a special rite of passage for females.

Stangebr: Porcupine folk that are peaceful, but only resort to violence when they no other choice.

Nuckelavee: Horse people who are very stealth and quiet. Will die for a cause before they fail their mission.

Seelengut: Sheep-like wesen. Fear Blutbad and Coyotl. Peaceful but timid. Known to stay in a group. Dangerous when banded together.

Knigschlange: Cobra wesen. Far more dangerous than Lausenshlange. Even Blutbad fear them. They are strong and sadistic.

Drang-Zorn: Badger being with a short temper and little patience. Known to become violent. Usually takes refuge underground.

Genio Innocuo: Tortoise-like wesen known for their intelligence. Nonviolent.

Balam: Jaguar creature that is very dangerous and protective of it's possessions. Tend to act before they think.

La Llorana: A ghost know to kidnap 3 children every Halloween and drowns them downriver at midnight. Performs the cycle every year.

Lebensauger: Leech wesen with make good actors. Suck blood from victims around the face.

Wendigo: Cannibalistic beings who carelessly leave their victims in caves and other shelters. Become more fierce when wounded.

Scharfblicke: Owl beings with excellent vision. Fearful of Grimms. Known to do small jobs but are quiet about it.

Jinnamuru Xunte: Fly wesen able to spray a substance that can blind others. Feeds off tears. Their venom can cause a Grimm to lose their vision, but gain enhanced hearing.

Fuchsteufelwild: Goblins known to play games with their victims. Kills anyone that loses to them. Become violent when their losing their own game. Commit suicide when they know their about to lose. Able to cut through objects like butter.

Taureus-Armenta: Minotaur known for their stubbornness, bravery, and valor on the battlefield. Refuses to face a Grimm.

Volcanalis: Fire Demon known to hunt down and exact it's revenge on those who stole it's "property".

Glhenvolk: Glowing skin folk who are non-violent and hate killing. Known to eat cows.

Raub-Kondor: Condor wesen that are deadly hunters and trackers. Greedy and will kill in order to acquire what they want.

Musai: Blue Elven women who are very influential. Passionate about art. A kiss from them renders the victim under their influence.

Luisant-Pcheur: Otter beings known to reside around water, and are intelligent.

Cracher-Mortel: Puffer fish wesen who enslave people using their spit, turning them into walking zombies. Connected to voodoo arts.

Naiad: Merpeopple who are aquatic, and stand up for one of their own. Will die of thirst to protect their own. Keep to their old traditions.

El Cucuy: A hairy and beast-like wesen who is a foretold legendary vigilante known to bring justice to those who wrong others.

Hllentier: Ancient wesens in the form of hellhounds and are vicious and aggressive. Arrogant and mindless.

Pflichttreue: White panther creatures who are smart, fearless, and loyal. Many work for the council.

Gelumcaedus: Alligator being that reside mostly in waterways. Unlike Skalenzahne, they are naturally violent, and compared to Siegbarste, they are brutal and strong.

Krampus: A beastly ram with a sinister resemblance of Santa. Known to kidnap naughty children on Christmas Eve and eat them. Very stealth. Matches the skills of a Grimm.

Koschie: Radioactive skeletal wesen with healing abilities and remember the names of all those they kill. Can show remorse.

Malin Fatal: Boar beings who are aggressive and smart. Kill their victims by slitting their throat with their tusks. Make dangerous bodyguards.

Yaguarat: Jaguar-like wesen known to be fearless and protective of their family. Have a short temper

Manticore: Half-Lion, Half-Scorpion being skilled in battle. Strong and venomous. Have no fear of death.

Wildesheer: Wolf folk who are dauntless in battle and are known to scalp their dead enemies. Searches the globe for challengers they deem worthy, especially Grimms.

Aswang: Ghoul wesen known to extract infants from the mothers womb with their tongues. Also known as Tik-Tiks.

Anubis: Hairless Jackal once worshipped by the Egyptians. Protectors of the dead and many artifacts. Considered fierce warriors.

Gedchtnis Esser: Octopus being known to drain memories out of their victims.

Heftigauroch: Bull folk who are more likely pacifists, but are strong. Can be violent when in full rage.

Schinderdiv: Warthog wesen known to be selfish and deadly. Unafraid of Grimms and uses their tusks as their weapon of choice.

Golem: Clay Giants with shape-shifting abilities. Protects their makers and kills anyone who would try to harm them.

Luison: Wolf wesen from South America. Very greedy. Not as dangerous as Blutbaden.

Phansigar: Komodo Dragon beings known to strangle victims with their tongues. Known to perform ritualistic sacrifices every 3 years.

Indole Gentile: Green elves who are peaceful, but show little fear.

Wldrer: Wesens infected with Dengue Fever. Feral with bloodshot eyes and carries a huge blood lust. Referred to as Chupacabra.

Matana Zumbido: Eel beings known to be electrical and insane. Dangerous when confronted.

Excandesco: Pyromancers engulfed in fire and brimstone. Known to commit arson wherever they go.

Willahara: Rabbit folk known to be timid and quick on their feet. Known to be preyed upon.

Vulpesmyrca: Black Fox wesen known for hunting prey such as Willahara. Unlike Fuchsbau, they are dangerous and strong. Excellent at tracking it's prey.

Huntha Lami Muuaji: Flatworm wesen able to change genders. Has a slime that can feed on the hosts skin.

Folterseele: Frog folk known to be dangerous due to their deadly toxin, but they only use it in self-defense.

Varme Tyv: Snake wesen known to suck the body heat from their victims. Able to survive in winter as long as they have a heat source. Become violent when awakened.

Mishipeshu: Half-cougar, Half-Dragon spirit known to control other peoples bodies and tends to switch to other bodies should the host they control be hurt. Known to be a vengeful spirit.

Quijada Vil: Gila folk that are strong and poisonous. Good at hiding. Violent predators.

Apgadnieks: Husky wesen who are courageous leaders. Bold enough to face bigger foes and can survive on limited resources. Mostly live off the grid.

Weten Ogen: Lynx folk that are fierce, agile, and stealthy. They hold on their old traditions and are stern patriarchs in their family.

Riesen-Ratte: Enormous rats formed by the Reitingen. Able to scent out foes and withstand gunfire. Moves very slowly.

Hasenfussige Schnecke: Blobfish wesen known to be cowardly, reckless, and easily coerced. Bad at lying do to their body language giving them away. Eat flies.

Wasser Zahne: Aquatic Reptiles known to prey on those weaker than them. Kill anyone they find obnoxious. Wary of Grimms, but not fearful.

Fuilcr: Ox folk known for farming. Not violent but will attack when threatened. Also known to perform ritualistic sacrifices.

Uhranuti: Falcon folk known for their heightened vision. Known to be skilled assassins and excellent marksmen.

Ungeziefer Greifer: Weasel wesen who are true cowards with bad hearing. Flee when they see a Grimm. Whenever with other wesen, they tend to act bravely. A bite from one can cause a serious and almost fatal infection.

Kackenkopf: Dung-beetle folk who are known punks and abusive troublemakers. Tend to vandalize businesses to get their point out.

Wettbewerbsgewinner: Reptilic wesens with colorful hair. Known not to be too bright, but can be easily aggravated.

Vibora Dorada: Chimera wesen with a toxin known to paralyze it's victims. Able to create masks from other wesens they kill. Known to be priests of dark magic.

Musasat Alsh-Shabab: Scarab beetle wesen known to drain the youth out of their victims using their mandibles, which eventually kills the victims. The fluid they extract can erase wrinkles and aging from elders, but turn them into jerks.

Furis Rubian: Hell demon wesen in the form of a horny toad known to manipulate people for greedy purposes, and turn others into followers. Known to be strong and brutal.

Kitsune: White Fox folk known to hold uncontrollable grudges, even at the expense of their own family. They are quick, but fear Grimms.

Inugami: Ghost Dog Wesen known to serve, protect, and avenge the families of people who saved them. Carries out vengeance against those who wrong those they serve.

Barbatus Ossifrage: Bearded vulture being known to feast upon the bones of the recently deceased. Can scent imminent death from miles away. Remorseful of their actions.

El Cuegle: Monster-like wesen known to eat babies.Has three arms and three eyes. Though they don't take pleasure in eating babies, they do it to end their migraines. Strong and durable, especially against Grimms. Able to see the past, present, and future with each eye.

Ataktos Fuse: Cicada-like wesen who are stealthy and strong in a fight. Have a durable and tough exoskeleton. They can live for over two hundred years. Very known to consume protein. Considered immortal and like to party.

Taweret: Hippo beings which are very tough and have a strong bite.

Alpe: A nightmarish wesen known to prey upon people who sleep at night and give them insomnia. They usually feed upon the same person. Have hairy skin and hundreds of glowing green teeth.

Cupiditas: Cupid-like wesen known be real matchmakers, let alone turn friends against each other using the Amor de Infierno. Known to take things personal.

Kinoshimobe: Tree-folk known to be very strong and use their vines as weapons. Have zero tolerance for poaching and desecrating their land.

Gevatter Tod: Assassin bug-like character which move very silently. Have two antennaes on their faces that could poison the victims through their nostrils. Known to be peacemakers to the wesen communities. Their victims mostly suffer from dementia and Alzheimers.

Zerstrer: Also called Shaphat. An ancient devil-like being from an old dimension beyond the mirror. Worshipped by wesen, and feared by humans. Considered the ultimate wesen. Known to be an ancient entity from the biblical days. Carries a powerful staff.


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