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Good Show
Jeff-VA7 July 2011
Why are summer shows frequently better than the regular season? Furthermore, why are many of the British and Canadian shows better? Is it the actors' training, the scripts, all of the above?

In any case, I think that Combat Hospital has excellent scripts and great acting. Anyone who thinks this is a M*A*S*H knock-off is very mistaken.

I understand the concern expressed by the Canadian veteran, but I respectfully disagree. I think that more people need to be reminded of the sacrifice our Coalition forces are making. I think that it is more likely that people will watch a drama vs another documentary. I believe that it shows a caring and concerned medical staff.

I hope it gets picked up for the fall season.
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Rapidly becoming one of my favorites
skyking-1424 August 2011
My wife and I both served with the US Air Force medical services. This show is written with a very real understanding and sympathy for what all soldiers of any nation go through. It accurately presents every single emotion and emotional state the very real people who perform these jobs go through on a daily basis! It is presented with respect, compassion, honor and forgiveness. It reminds that courage is action in the presence of fear, and that faith is a choice in the midst of doubt. That in the end, it's all about people... and how we choose to treat them.

In Combat Hospital, it's not just the broken bodies that get healed.
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Ex-Soldier also
jbell716 August 2011
I also did a tour in Kandahar and I have to say the other solider who posted on here is a little dramatic. A little too Army I say. It's a TV show and they're doing they're best to tell life like stories of what goes on at Role 3. I was in KAF and Forward Op bases and all over the province of Kandahar. and spent some time in Role 3, they do a pretty darn good job of showing what it's really like there. I think the acting is good, stories are good and I really quite enjoy watching the show and hope they come back for a second season. And to my soldier friend below relax and don't watch it. Overall great show, keep it going.
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I like it!
rwilder060328 June 2011
I've tried a lot of new shows over the years, and have found one thing... as I re-watch early episodes of my favorite shows, rarely is a hit born overnight, and rarely would I have stuck with even my most favorite show (LOST) after the first few episodes alone.

There's a lot of ground work to be laid with Combat Hospital, but I like the casting,and am anxious to see some potential story lines evolve further. It has enough to engage me - I was looking forward to the second episode this week and sought it out deliberately.

Haven't said that about many shows this last year.

We'll see how it evolves but so far, it has my vote!
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brilliant drama
tjblackwidow20 March 2013
i found this to be a brilliant drama portraying life and drama around a combat hospital. it is nothing like m.a.s.h and how anyone can compare it to it is ridiculous . but i was very disappointed to hear that there wasn't a second series and personally feel this should be reconsidered. i found it helps to portray the stress and the life that our forces have to deal with every day and how their lives live on the edge every minute of every hour of every day yes it has some not so factual element's but don't most dramas at least this one has more elements of truth than most dramas. I'm proud of our men and women that are deployed over seas and i think that it was a great idea for this series to of been made just a shame there isn't going to be another series
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Sorry To Lose 'Combat Hospital'
itgirlx28 May 2012
During the time this drama is set, I was deployed to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center as a member of the USAF medical corps. While a number of the depicted situations weren't perfectly accurate, they did portray the essence of combat medicine and captured many of the emotional dynamics as well.

I liked very much how the many conditions and dynamics of deployment were at least broached: insurgents, local terps, illicit recreational sex, lesbian (bisexual?)soldiers, military politics, reaching out to locals and some of the inherent trust issues that exist on both sides, and the heartbreaking violence requisite of life during wartime.

Not all kudos here, for the writing and character development could have been better, and had the tendency to lapse into stereotypical characterizations, i.e., arrogant surgeon (Dr. Hill), idealistic internist (Dr. Trang), over-achiever female surgeon (Dr. Gordon), and no-nonsense commander (Dr. Marks). Also a number of plot twists disappointed for their already-done expectedness in other media.

I appreciated this show and its complex elements; of course the medicine wasn't perfect nor were the uniforms/military protocol, but all in all, it was a rather insightful look into military medicine at its finest--saving lives under the incredible pressures of war. Additionally, I do make the note which must be bared in mind: Hollywood (or Toronto), rarely depicts occupations and their intricacies accurately simply for lack of dramatic effect. It is the provenance of the creative arts to take license with 'the truth.'

All said, I enjoyed this show and was able to comfortably relive some events from my own life, which was an engaging experience. For a fairly comprehensive look into combat hospital life, check out the 2008 documentary by Terry Sanders, "Fighting For Life" filmed at stateside and in-theater military hospitals.

Finally, in reading the varied reviews here, I find the disinterest/criticism of certain comments to be less about the content of the show and more reflective a commentary on the American (and Canadian)public's apathy toward these wars and its less than one percent of Americans engaged in them. I hope some entity will find the wherewithal to reincarnate this show and bring this much-needed perspective back on air in the future.
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It is NOT M.A.S.H - It is NOT China Beach nor is anything like any other show.
davidfurlotte17 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I have watched every episode and the final episode did something that very few shows or movies have been capable of doing - it made me cry and not just a little sniffle but full out tears. This was not because I did not realize this is only a television series, it was because it made me remember that there have been more than a hundred Canadian men and women who have given their lives while wearing the uniform of our country in Afghanistan.

This show does not have the comedic insubordination of M.A.S.H. and it does not focus on the nurse viewpoint of China Beach. Instead this show decides to portray life as best it can in a multi-national military mobile hospital in a foreign country during wartime. We do not get information about what is happening in Afghanistan very often here in Canada and to be honest, most Canadians probably don't want to know because the truth is much harsher than most of us could stomach.

Kudos to the developers, producers and writers of this show because they are walking a very thin line between trying to tell a story that needs to be told while maintaining a compassionate point of view and, I suspect, dealing with DND overseers to ensure accuracy.

The detractors of this show have been far to eager to find fault with the show to the point of bringing up inane arguments like "it is too soon to show something like this." Have we forgotten the series - Over There - that came out very shortly after the invasion of Iraq? Overall the acting is excellent and it does provide us with a glimpse of day to day life in Afghanistan for SOME of the people who are stationed there. I applaud the show and hope for its continued success and future seasons.
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Good for Canadian show
SnoopyStyle22 August 2013
This is a Canadian production. It's best described as MASH in Afghanistan. It looks at life of a medical team in a base in Afghanistan. The bigger stars in the cast include Elias Koteas, Michelle Borth, and Deborah Kara Unger. They are pretty good group of professional actors. Most of them are TV veterans.

The production value is above par for a Canadian production but less than their US compatriots. Considering that they're trying to replicate Afghanistan in Canada, it's probably as good as it could get. It lasted only 13 episodes. Certainly they could stretch it out longer but I can see why they canceled it.
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Drama, not comedy
Heather Rodgers29 June 2011
This show is reminiscent of *M*A*S*H insofar as the effect of being a hospital in an active war zone, but has very little of the comedy associated with it.

It's very hard to judge an entire show based on just a few episodes, but I liked both of them a lot, enough to look forward to the 3rd episode.

For those of you that might be intimately familiar with such surroundings, it might not seem worthwhile to watch this show, but for those of us that only know 2nd hand, it might help us to understand them better.
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Combat Hospital
oddity9427 June 2011
The first episode follows a medical staff composed of people from various English speaking countries in a military hospital near Kandahar in 2006. A show that at first glance might remind you of M*A*S*H yet probably resembles something along the lines of the short-lived Off the Map which premiered also not too long ago on ABC.

The Canadian show depicts a war that the US is still currently waging. However this aspect is used more simply as a backdrop while the show concentrates on the more typical medical drama aspects. The cast is all around likable and talented enough and Borth is charming enough to get by.

The pilot was pretty basic and lacked substance although I do see potential in certain story lines. Overall it felt old fashioned brought nothing new to the table. With a little more imagination i'm sure this show could do just fine, however there is so far not much incentive to return to the show.
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