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Harry's Law 1.07
jgee201417 March 2015
Summary: Harry and Tommy work together to help a group of albino illegal immigrants facing deportation to Tanzania, where albinos are at times hunted. Meanwhile, Jenna fights to have her stolen car returned. Malcolm goes on a date.

The episode in question is entitled "American Dreams", which ironically is also the name of the TV series Brittany Snow starred in from 2002 to 2005.

In fact, both American Dreams and Harry's Law aired on the same network: NBC. The former show aired Sundays at 8PM/7C from season 1 to midway through season 3, while the latter aired in the same time period midway through season 2.
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Well-written, well-acted episode that is sadly based on truth
metromm4 March 2011
This episode was entertaining and informative. Sadly, much of it was based on the truth.

Google UNHCR.org (the UN Refugee Agency), enter the search term ALBINO and read a February 11, 2011 story: East Africa: Albinos still targeted for body parts. Hats off to Hollywood writers who use fiction to highlight fact and focus attention on global problems in need of immediate resolution.

The stolen car side-plot was icing on the cake. It presented a great opportunity for the writers to insert a very interesting twist and for young Brittany Snow (Jenna) to show off her acting chops.
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American DREAMS is outstanding.
asiafilm11 March 2011
"American Dreams" on HARRY'S LAW is a truly great American script, whether for television or film. Speaking as a screenwriter/director and film professor, it is stunning work. The balancing of political and emotional POVs, using reason, pragmatism, philosophy, and raw emotions, is rare on TV, and was perfectly sustained in all three story lines (drama, romance, melodrama) for almost an hour. Sensitive inner performances from all the supporting and character actors matched the high level of the writing. Kathy Bates and Christopher McDonald were wrenchingly superb, even without words. Director Steve Robin's seemingly invisible direction allowed every dramatic point and character change to clearly shine. The show, and this episode in particular, are more than worthy of the next Emmys, Writer's Guild Awards, and if it were possible, Oscars. David E. Kelley has outdone himself, and deserves our deepest professional, artistic, and humanist respect.
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Immigration Focus Here 1.7 ***
edwagreen1 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Quite a good episode with one major criticism here. Tommy and Harry defend arrested Tanzanian albinos who came here for political asylum and now run the risk of deportation.

My major criticism here is with the writing. While the two use emotional thoughts to express the idea that we have welcomed others who are escaping their countries due to tyranny, something should have been said that look what happened when nothing was done as the Nazis began their genocide of Jewish people. This should have been said.

A sidebar story is that Jenna's car was stolen and the disparaging remark she made to Harry about what her life must have been like in high school.
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