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Tim's No Tool This Time
alan_holloway_217 October 2011
I didn't expect much from this, although I did enjoy "Home Improvement" when I was younger. This isn't a great leap forward from that, but works pretty well as a comedy that doesn't require too much thought and provides plenty of giggles.

Tim is a "Man's man" who decides to take more of a hand in the raising of his 3 daughters (and 1 small grandson). Needless to say, his world view is at odds with theirs and hilarity ensues.

Allen does play pretty much the same character as in "Home Improvement", but the family dynamics are well handled, with the daughters each getting their own personalities out of the handbook of family comedy clichés and running with them.

Cookie cutter comedy, sure, but sometimes that's all you need for twenty or so minutes of smiles. I'll be tuning in regularly.
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I love it!
gblack887 December 2011
Of course, it can be compared to Tim Allen's old show, but this is really fresh and Tim having to interact with girls instead of boys really puts him out of his element, and adds to the humor. Love Hector as the boss,(He was the best part of Pretty Woman). The girls are really starting to shine, especially the middle one, who is so clueless! I do agree with someone else, the youngest one is the most likable and best played. As far as Nancy Travis being weak, I disagree. She is nearly perfect as the sensible half of that marriage who is the calming influence. She has seen it all before and does not need to go over the top, that is Tim's job! (and still looks good in a pirate costume)
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The show's politics are just too much
cutesd4 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I had to stop watching this show. This show grew to have a really disturbing political agenda constantly taking pot shots at progressivism while never really examining any of the issues very deeply.

I was first bothered by an episode concerning the 5-year-old grandson saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school. The liberal father of the child sends in a note saying that he doesn't want his son saying the pledge. Why? Oh just because that's how liberals are. Tim Allen's character reacts by putting a flag pole in his front yard to demonstrate "patriotism" and at the end of the show the kid learns and says the pledge. There is also a scuffle where it is bluntly pointed out that veterans are "more patriotic" than non-veterans. I object to this episode on many levels but mostly because it conveniently writes off a legitimate argument as liberal anti-patriot ludicrousness. Does a 5-year-old understand what it means to "pledge allegiance" to something? Isn't teaching young children a pledge when they don't even understand the words let alone the reasoning behind them just indoctrination? Isn't that the OPPOSITE of what the US is founded upon which would make it the opposite of patriotism? Not according to this show.

Then there's the show's characters : the wife is a scientist who works for an energy company whose primary energy procurement is fracking. (?) She is a highly educated professional but she makes less money than her husband who works as a marketing consultant for a sporting goods store. (???) The eldest daughter is the "smart one" but instead of going to college, she works as a waitress because she got knocked up at 17, but it's all OK because she lives with her parents who make sure she and her son have health care. (???) The middle daughter is a slut, an idiot, and an attention whore. I watched through season 2 and she has yet to do anything worthwhile or that sets a positive example for any young women out there. The youngest daughter is daddy's favorite and "her not being a boy should not be counted against her". (???) She's the most worthwhile because she's a tomboy, good at sports, and is in the junior ROTC (puke). So the best, good daughter is the one who appreciates and excels at stereotypical masculine hobbies/interests and who behaves most like a man. This show is seriously screwed up.

OH and the millennial men in the show don't fare any better: Kyle is insanely stupid and characterized often as useless. And the grandson's father is a liberal and is characterized as weak, ridiculous, lacking logic, and is always proved wrong in the end. Oh, but he IS a good guy because he came back to take care of his kid. It's the only good thing about him.

Then there's all the little digs at minorities, birth control, social programs, universal health care, gun regulation, immigrants, non-Christian religions, and abortion. According to Last Man Standing: women are inherently inferior, racial tensions are limited to white guilt and minorities laughing at them, universal health care is ludicrous, Obama was born in Kenya, animal activists are terrorists, vegans are pussies, solar energy is "too expensive", only legal immigrants are good immigrants, better pray at every meal, and abortion equals murdering your grandson. Is this a comedy sitcom or an episode of the O'Reilly factor?!?

The show even had Duck Dynasty on it which is appalling in its own right. I'm glad this show was canceled. It is heavy handed at best and outright nauseating at worst. Honestly, several episodes the underlying premise and subtle messaging made me physically ill. I watched 2 seasons I gave it a fair chance but this show is disgusting especially when I think this is what conservatives actually think and feel. All I can say is YUCK.
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Season 2 Jumped the shark already?
bradleyec7 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Last season I rated it a 10. Replacing Kristin (oldest daughter) with a completely different personality was bad enough, but aging the kid 5 years and adding an older irritating guy as Kristin's baby-daddy is too much. The show went from fun to lame. The daughter's were perfect, too bad the staff couldn't get along. Keep the focus on Tim Allen and the show might recover. One more episode like season 2 episode 1, and I'm done. The premise is a family divided by the election. Really, I hear about this stuff all day, and I watch shows like this to get away from it. Let's try to avoid spending a sitcom episode talking about the details of two candidates platforms...that's what the news is for. Boring.
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Can't Miss With Héctor Elizondo and Tim Allen!
MSB83858718 October 2011
I missed the premiere. I don't watch ABC that much and must have missed the promo. I came across it on Hulu and was tickled to see Tim Allen back in a family sitcom. I watched both episodes and have put it on my watch/DVR list. I really enjoyed the show. I realize that the first couple of episodes of any new production are spent trying to set the stage and help us get to know the characters. I look forward to seeing these beautiful girls challenge their parents as they deal with life experiences. Seeing Tim Allen in the role of granddad reminds me of my own father. So sweet!

It is a bonus to have Héctor Elizondo (Chicago Hope, Monk) and Christoph Sanders (Talledega Nights, Ghost Whisperer) in the cast! While the family is female dominated, they add the macho balance to she show. It is so nice to have a good, family, multi-generational comedy to watch again!
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Ruined an amazing show!!
Professional_smartass5 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Last year i watched Season 1 Episode 1, and was COMPLETELY hooked! Tim Allen was hilarious, and the daughters all fed off each other and were almost as funny as Tim Allen. The jokes and story lines were all fresh and entertaining. Every week i was always hanging to watch the new episode, and i told all my friends/family about it, they all loved it as well.

Then Season 2 started......

I was so excited to watch my favorite show, But the first thing i see is that they replaced Kristen with a new actress, Fair enough, these things happen, i was willing to forgive it and try and accept her, But the personality of the character was completely different. Then the father of Kristens son is now in it? why? what was the need for that? He wasn't missed in Season 1, so why add him in season 2? Adding a new cast member with the daughter was enough without adding another one. and hes not funny AT ALL. Hes just annoying and makes me want to change the channel every time he talks.

Apart from the cast member changes, it feels like the entire dynamic of the show has changed. Every episode feels like a debate. I was willing to forgive the first episode, because it was about the Election, so naturally there is going to be debates. But then the next episode was a debate, and the next episode after that was yet another debate. Whether its about Vegetarians, or Dodgeball. The entire episodes is just Kristen and the father of her son, fighting with Tim Allen about whats best for the kid. It gets old really fast. I watch this show to have a laugh, not to be thinking about serious issues.

I used to watch this show and be left wanting more, now the episodes cant end soon enough... I gave it till Episode 6 of season 2, and have stopped watching.. I really wish they didn't ruin this amazing show.

So if you're looking for a great show, watch season 1, and stop there.
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IMDb Ratings couldn't be more wrong
EdCT344013 December 2011
First off, I'm sick of the comparisons to Home Improvement. #1: It's an iconic television program that stands completely on its own. #2: People get older and move on to different things, its like someone in their 40's dwelling on how great their 20's were for the rest of their lives. Tim Allen really revives his career with this show. I wasn't a big fan of his movies, but this gave me a new outlook on the man. His transition from a father of three boys to a father of three girls is hilarious. His wife in the show, Nancy Travis, plays great part that I feel has been greatly overlooked. Alexandra Krosney is a fresh face that shows a lot of promise with her role as a young mother in the show. Kaitlyn Dever plays the baby of the family and pulls the role off perfectly. And I saved the best for last: Molly Ephraim instantly became one of the sexiest woman on TV. She could look sexy in a snowsuit. Your witnessing the birth of a huge star in the making when you watch this show. Give up your notion as Tim Allen, father of 3 boys on Home Improvement and you suddenly become hooked on this fantastic new comedy.
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Nice while it lasted.
stile994 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Season one was an easy 8 or 9. I loved the show. Let me say right now I wasn't a big fan of the actress who played Kristen, nor was I a fan of the character. My main issue was how she 'talked through her nose', as the phrase goes. I've seen ventriloquists move their lips more than her. As for the character, she seemed to have a permanent case of PMS as a result of her own bad life choices. Bottom line, if they wanted to change the character, they could have had her move or something. On to season two.

I'll be honest and admit this is based on just the first episode of season two, but I doubt I'll be watching the others. The show has just simply lost something. It is hard for me to believe recasting the one person would have that great an impact...maybe it was also changing the character to have the father present? I don't think that is it, I certainly don't object to people who DON'T abandon their offspring. Was it all the political whining? I don't know. Maybe that was it, so I might give episode two a chance. But bottom line, my rating of this show is now a one. I know, I know, "people just don't like change" but this kind of crap was parodied in The Simpsons YEARS ago...Homer said he had to watch a show "before they retool it", and the new show was a completely different show.

That is the case here. This is a completely different show. Last Man Standing season one was a great show, and I will miss it. Last Man Standing season two doesn't seem to have anything for me.
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What happened???!!???
brid_morgan20 January 2013
Last season I gave this show a 9. I liked it, I laughed, I picked up on the subtle, you can only see the politics shoved up your a... Plus, I can not stand the "new daughter" and her baby daddy. Enough is enough with them! Seriously, the original Kristen rocked, no idea why she isn't there anymore, but it's too bad she's gone. So to put this into review terms. Show was great last season, this season they lost everything that was good about the show. Way too political for a sitcom and can't stand the newest actors. Don't believe me...just watch the first season then the second and you will see!!! So since I need more lines to make this a real review, I'll tell you a bit more. Tim Allen is funny, he really is. He did great last year. I don't mind politics in my sitcoms, just don't shove it down my throat!!
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Great Show
L A6 November 2015
Minimal vulgarity unlike most of the sitcoms. Current family situations done with humor and showing perspectives from all ages and different opinions. I like the way they keep everything current with what is going on in the world. We laugh and have a good time and wish we didn't have to wait a week for a new episode, so we tape and re-watch during the week. It is so good to laugh. Most sitcoms are so classless... really disappointed with a couple new ones I thought would be family shows. I have no idea why they think they are funny and I certainly wouldn't want my family to see them. This show is FUNNY and family friendly!
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Fresh and Funny - a Smart Sitcom
SocMeritocracy1 December 2011
This show hasn't been on long, but episode after episode, it's getting exponentially better - they're really hitting their stride. The whole cast connects, even the seemingly air headed daughter delivers some substance. Each episode has something that makes you think, or just has my family in stitches. Sitcoms have evolved into vulgarity that somehow passes as humor, and while no stranger to colorful language or people, it shouldn't substitute for content. This show delivers without sinking to that level, but it's not without colorful topics, and even deals with topics rather than tries to laugh track over them. Really impressed by what they're delivering, including real laughs, for a sitcom. The cast is great, the daughters are not just foils for situation targets, but ladies who can and do act. The strength and dialogue from the youngest is truly refreshing. We love the show.
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Season One, great; Season Two, what-the???
NaGromOne27 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First season, loved it. Three sisters and their mother vs rugged Outdoor Man.

For variety, Outdoor Man store plot lines. A fresh new approach from a much-loved comedic talent.

Second season, dropped it after three episodes.

The oldest daughter, now clearly a grown-up mother with son and father, is a second family-within-a-family.

Adding the extra male characters also throws the balance off the theme "Last MAN Standing".

Politics - Obama v Romney is of no interest to us watching via international syndication (especially since the election is history now).

Environment - defending coal-seam fracking (even if it is lovely Nancy Travis) is unconscionable. What's next? Denying global warming?

Character re-writes - Sass-mouth+attitude youngest daughter is creepy compared to season one. No redeeming characteristics now. Cardboard character for an actress who proved in season one what she was capable of. Likewise, Kyle is just a one-dimensional dope now.

Cast Changes - Re-casting the oldest daughter has meant that the character no longer has a connection with the others and has clearly outgrown living at home.

Raising Children - battle of the parenting 'styles' is getting very lame, very fast. Hippy v Traditional has been done to death already.

Tim Doyle made some poor business decisions here, and getting rid of Alexandra Krosney was just one of the most glaringly obvious.

Tim, start afresh with Season Three (if it lasts that long) and put the train back on the original tracks. Wake up, or step out of the shower, or something! and realize Season Two was just a bad dream. Please.
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How to Ruin a Show
randy-149-7852112 November 2012
I have been a fan of Tim Allen for years. I could not wait to see his new show last year and I was not let down. The cast worked well together and my only complaint was there was not more of the grandchild. Again I could not wait for this season to start. I enjoy a good sitcom to just get away from all that is going on. I was surprised to find that a large majority of the cast was changed and not for the better. The show changed the oldest daughter and to me she was the glue of the show, then they aged the grandson and brought in an actor to play his dad that is very annoying. The Season 2 first show was on the election, this is a good way to turn off half the population. Do the writers not live in this country? I was so upset in the quality of the show and how poorly the cast worked together I almost turned it off. I decided to give it one more episode. Just watched Season 2 Episode 2, it was just as bad, the show just lost one more viewer. We deleted the show from our DVR. This is a great example of how you can ruin what was a very good show.
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Boo on ABC
Canceling the show is a big mistake on ABCs part. One conservative show out of your nightly repertoire would have you running for you safe space hoping to find someone with a safety pin! Tim Allen does a great job as usual, and brings levity to a house full of girls! You will be misses!
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Good show ruined
litgirlblue4 November 2012
I am sad that they ruined such a good show. My husband and I don't agree on a lot of sitcoms but this was one we both liked. The new Kristen is horrible. We are taking it off our DVR. We just couldn't believe how awful this episode was. She seems to old to be his daughter. Also, why age the kid? I don't care for the new guy playing her baby's dad but am not bothered by him either. He wasn't a big character and it would be good if he stayed that way. I could live with the older kid but the new Kristen is going to get the show canceled. She talked to him like a wife not a daughter. I hope the producers listen to the fans and get the old Kristen back and put the show back the way it was. Then I can put it back on our DVR.
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Way too much politics now
Walt-115 January 2013
I don't know how so-called "professional" writers can believe that changing the formula of this show into polarizing political crap was a good move. After week after week of hammering away with annoying political topics in the episodes to start this second season, I'm done watching. I have taken it off my DVR and I sure won't be recommending this show to anyone. This is the quickest killing off of a once-likable show that I can remember seeing. The actress change for the oldest daughter is also disrupting, but not a big deal to me. And the useless addition of a grandson is usually the sign of a shark-jumping moment in shows that have run out of story lines. That is a bad sign in only their second season. I wouldn't bet on a third, except, oh yeah, Tim Allen is a favorite Disney actor; and ABC is owned by Disney.
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Great Show - Pure and Simple
rkersh14 March 2012
There is a tendency to compare this show with Home Improvement and that is natural since it is part of Mr. Allen's resume. Home Improvement was brilliant and it was first, but this show can stand on it's own. (no pun intended). The writing is first class and the performance of same is also first class. Tim is at his usual best and all the other cast members are right on. Timing is first class, Hector is a great choice and they are lucky to have him. I never realized how he could fit in and make a show even better. The new wife isn't Jill, but so what, and the shift from boys to girls is even better. As far as a revival of his career goes, Tim Allen owes no one an explanation. The guy is funny . . . and carries off family chores very well . . . no need to revive a career that is still doing very well. He hasn't lost a beat and this show is even better than Tool Time.
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the change worked
SnoopyStyle10 May 2017
Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) is a conservative man of the people in Denver, Colorado. He is the face brand for Outdoor Man, a chain of outdoors gear stores owned by Ed Alzate (Héctor Elizondo). Mike and geologist wife Vanessa (Nancy Travis) have three daughters. Kristin (Alexandra Krosney, Amanda Fuller) is the oldest and a teen mom to Boyd. Mandy (Molly Ephraim) is the flighty middle child. The youngest Eve (Kaitlyn Dever) is a tomboy. Kyle Anderson (Christoph Sanders) is the clueless worker in Outdoor Man who dates Kristin in the first season and eventually marries Mandy. Ryan Vogelson is Boyd's socialist Canadian father. Chuck Larabee is the black neighbor who becomes Mike's friend.

The first year is traditional network sitcom and I like it. It's easy work for Tim Allen and the three girls have great chemistry. From the outside, one is never sure why recasting happens. Despite Krosney being younger than Ephraim, their age switch up is not noticeable. They fit the roles quite well. Fuller takes over the role in the second season and starts off poorly. It takes awhile for her to find a nice personality. There is also an adjustment in the political tone and Mike becomes more conservative. The changes are a little jarring at first but there is no denying their success. The comedic standouts are Ephraim and Sanders. They could be a wacky loving couple in their own show.
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Way to ruin a good show
GetTheNak3 December 2012
At the end of last season I would have rated this show 8 out of 10. Apparently, someone stepped on someone else's toes, and those toes belonged to someone very sensitive, or egotistical, or moronic. They had the oldest sister replaced. I don't think any of the cast members are replaceable, but especially her. The chemistry is gone. What's worse is they replaced her with a mind numbingly boring and annoying actress, who is also on the bad side of ugly. Her face looks like a Pufferfish. My girlfriend and I aren't supermodels (maybe when I was younger:) But neither are we actors. Don't get me wrong, I don't think you have to be beautiful to be an actor, but if you're not, at least have talent. If you're lacking looks and talent, why bother watching, I can see that at family reunions. I predict this is the shows last season. If not, maybe I'll tryout for Tim Allen's character next season.
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Pointless and Misogynistic
Marcus Murray29 July 2017
Watched a few episodes with a friend from college and found it absolutely inane, The show is unfunny and relies almost entirely on jokes about stereotypes of gender and sexuality. It's formulaic at best, and seems like a way for an insecure white heterosexual man to assert all of those features of himself because he feels threatened by the world around him. Painful to watch, boring, pointless drivel. Don't waste your time.
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Loved the first season, but now they've ruined it!
guy_jackson-577-6347008 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
My wife and I loved this sitcom the first year. But now they've ruined it. We gave it a 10 out of 10 the first season, but now only a 1 out of 10. The new daughter and baby-daddy are annoying and very unlikeable. Now every episode is about some kind of "pc" issue that is absolutely irritating and nauseating. We watch sitcoms to be entertained, not to be preached to by a group of Hollywood elites who are out of touch with the real world. The latest episode on bullying and gay lesbian propaganda was just more of the same. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL WRITERS, OLDEST DAUGHTER AND UNBIASED, SPOT-ON SUBJECTS THAT WERE FUN AND INTERESTING!!!
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Kill it with fire.
Matt Kracht9 November 2012
Derivative, regurgitated crap. You can tell that they're aiming for the lowest common denominator by the laugh track. Let that just sink in: the producers on this show think that you're so stupid, you need a cue to tell you when a joke has been made.

The writing is banal and insulting. The characters are horrible clichés and stereotypes. The writers pander to right wing viewers, and I can understand how right wing viewers might respond positively to this. Otherwise, there are no redeeming features. Indeed, if you are even just a little bit liberal, there is a pretty good chance that you'll be insulted by the straw man arguments and characters used by the hack writers to ridicule liberals.

I'm insulted that people think this crap is funny, even if they agree with the political message.
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Two different shows
xhidden9916 December 2014
As many have noted it's two different shows; the first season and the second. They changed the casting and that was bad. And every ep in s2 is a faked up Fox vs MSNBC political diatribe. But the worst aspect of the second season is it's turned into sitcom cliché. Man stoooopid woman genius. Man no walk without killing self woman talk fast always save day. Oooog. But worst of all is 'Brian'. Brian needs to be written out of the show. His character is the most annoying twit in history. Get rid of him. They need to go back to focusing on the workplace. That part of the show worked and it was, after all kind of the point of the show.
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Can't Believe These Reviews!
Jenne Fredrickson7 January 2016
I'm hoping all the people who gave the show bad reviews once they switched Kristen have changed their minds. The first season was the worst in my opinion because of her. She resembled Mandy too much and didn't have a stand out personality which is what makes the show so funny. Kristen and Ryan are the liberal/hippies contradicting everything Mike stands for, Mandy is adorably air headed along with Kyle, and Eve is Mike Jr. I'm pretty opposite to Mike's political views but the way he presents them always makes me laugh. I also enjoy all the subtle references to Home Improvement. The Santa Claus, and Toy Story that are made.
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The New Kristin Sucks
srmatheson9 December 2013
Horrible move replacing the character, the new one does not fit anywhere in this show. Kill the character off quick. Also, Boyd's dad sucks as well, why ruin such a good show with these clowns?

The first season of this show was great they had a lot of fresh ideas and the cast worked very well together. Now, they have replaced and added characters and made a terrible combination. The two daughters who remain have smaller roles and everything seems to center on the new, crappy, Kristin.

Trying to force an edge into the show is killing the ratings.

If you are considering watching the show stop after the first season.
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