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  • Several times on the show, Mike has shown a conservative viewpoint:

    -He rips on Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, liberals, Democrats, and the left-wing policies.

    -He hates political correctness.

    -He does not feel comfortable with his children or grandchild being around hippies or environmentalists.

    -He's pro-gun.

    -He owns weapons and sells guns and hunting gear at his store.

    -He despises nosy bureaucrats and is pro constitution.

    -He supported the Romney/Ryan campaign in 2012.

    -He lectures his own kids about democratic policies, from taxes, to regulations.

    -He stands by freedom of speech and religion.

    -He has a vast knowledge of the constitution and stands by those principles.

    The best label for Mike is Libertarian because of his strong belief in free markets, limited government, and personal freedom.

  • Reasons are unknown. The showrunners made significant changes to the show between seaons one and two, they replaced Alexandra Krosney with Amanda Fuller for what were cited as "creative differences".

  • Yes, Ryan was initially portrayed by Nick Jonas. The character appeared in one episode in the first season where he came back to town to reconnect with Kristin and Boyd. The show runners decided to have the character make more appearances in season two and retool him into a leftwing, father-doesn't-approve type. Since Jonas' availability was limited, he was replaced by Jordan Masterson.


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