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4 Jan. 2013
Eve is suspended from school by name-calling to another student. Mike finds it hard to believe this is a reason for suspending a student and uses his video blog to voice his opinions. Ryan gets a commercial driving license and gets a job.
11 Jan. 2013
Attractive Architect
An architect submits a job bid. Ed wants to hire a younger, prettier architect. Mike wants to hire Bill. Vanessa thinks he is being sexist, but finds she was picked for a promotion because of her good looks.
18 Jan. 2013
The Help
Mike & Vanessa hire a maid who helps out in many ways. Mike makes sure she has a green card, and she does. It makes him wonder about the hires at work. A long time employee does not, and Mike tries to find a way to keep him at work.
1 Feb. 2013
Mike's Pole
Mike puts the American Flag up in his yard and learns that Ryan does not want Boyd to learn the Pledge of Allegiance. Eve decides she wants to show her support for America by joining ROTC. Vanessa does not agree with the decision.
8 Feb. 2013
Quarterback Boyfriend
Mike hires the boy Mandy is interested in dating - the school football team quarterback and it turns out he is not a good worker. Mandy loses interest when she realizes he is a slacker when off the field. Eve goes after a gopher in the yard.
15 Feb. 2013
What's in a Name?
Ryan wants Boyd to have his last name instead of using Baxter. Since Ryan is more in Boyd's life, Kristin is considering it. Mike decides to enter a father and son derby car race with Boyd since Mike feels he is like his own son.
22 Feb. 2013
Buffalo Bill Day
The store puts on a show for Buffalo Bill Day, starring the employees and Mike's children. Mike tries to keep it politically correct. Mandy and Kyle start a relationship.
1 Mar. 2013
Breaking Curfew
Mandy stays out four hours past her curfew while on a date with Kyle. Mike and Vanessa find a way to get her to confess without actually asking her about it. Kristin continues to date her ex-boyfriend.
8 Mar. 2013
Private Coach
Mike hires a soccer coach to help Eve improve her game so she has a better chance at a college scholarship. The coach is extremely attractive and all the woman swoon over him. Mandy wants Kyle to be jealous that she lusts after another man.
15 Mar. 2013
The Fight
Mandy might fail history so Mike & Vanessa take away her electronic devices until she improves her grade. Mike takes Ryan, Boyd, & Eve to the opening game for baseball. Bill starts taunting Mike & his family. Ryan handles the situation.
22 Mar. 2013
College Girl
Mandy gets accepted to two colleges and accepts at the more expensive one. Eve practices for an event in ROTC. Kristen feels her sisters are advancing and she is stagnant, especially when she meets a successful former co-worker.
20 Sep. 2013
Back to School
Since Kristen and Ryan are in their own home, Mike and Vanessa miss seeing Boyd all the time. When Mike finds out Boyd is in a different school district and the school is in a bad part of town, he fights to have Boyd go to a school near him.
27 Sep. 2013
Driving Lessons
Although Mike is having a great time teaching Eve how to drive, he thinks Vanessa should take over so she can have a chance to bond with her daughter.
4 Oct. 2013
Mandy does not seem to be getting the most out of college by making friends, so Vanessa tells her she should join a sorority. Ed plays "undercover boss" with the loading dock crew.
11 Oct. 2013
Ryan vs. John Baker
Kristen is doing well at her job at the restaurant which is owned by John (JTT). John kisses her. Ryan is still on strike from his job, and Kristen compares the two men. Eve and Mike continue their surprise attack practice with each other.
18 Oct. 2013
Haunted House
Vanessa takes over the Halloween Haunted House at Boyd's school. They let Boyd go through the haunt before the party to make sure it is scary. It turns out to be too frightening. Eve gets upset when Mandy tells her she is not popular.
1 Nov. 2013
Larabee for School Board
The Baxter's neighbor is running for the school board. However, Mike does not like the neighbors. When all the campaign signs disappear, Mike is the suspect. A hot guy is interested in Eve-for her homework. Her sisters give romantic advice.
8 Nov. 2013
Shoveling Snow
Eve has competition for her snow shoveling business with a neighbor laid-off from work. Mike feels bad for him having to take several jobs to earn money, so he helps him get a job at the store. Mandy & Kyle verbalize their love.
15 Nov. 2013
Vanessa Fixes Kyle
Since Vanessa is feeling guilty after encouraging Mandy to break up with the sometimes clueless Kyle, she is determined to mend things, but her sincere efforts only seem to make a bad situation worse.
22 Nov. 2013
It's Thanksgiving Day in the Baxter house and Mike's father, Bud, takes everyone by surprise when he announces his plans to open a recreational marijuana store. Now, Mike struggles between supporting his Dad and questioning the message this new business venture could send to his family.
6 Dec. 2013
While Mike's father babysat Boyd, he gave Boyd a small smack. This sets off a debate of parenting styles from different generations. Boyd learns to take advantage of his parents who do not spank, and Kristen feels she was spanked too much.
13 Dec. 2013
In the spirit of Christmas, the sometimes self-absorbed Mandy plays Santa by anonymously arranging a holiday surprise for Blanca, the Baxters' housekeeper. Also, when Vanessa gives Boyd a "magical" Elf doll, Ryan wants to tell Boyd it is just a doll, but Mike wants to prove to Ryan that a little Christmas spirit is not a bad thing.

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