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Season 1

15 Mar. 2012
Rebecca Winstone is an ex-CIA agent who left the agency after her husband Paul, also an agent, was killed in a car bombing. For the last 10 years she's run her flower shop and devoted herself to raising her son Michael. Now 18, he tells her he wants to study architecture in Rome and she reluctantly agrees. All is well for the first few weeks but his frequents calls and texts suddenly stop. She flies to Rome after learning that Michael has been missing for two weeks. With the help of an old friend, Giancarlo, she eventually locates CCTV footage showing Michael being ...
22 Mar. 2012
The Hard Drive
As the search for her son, Michael, continues, Becca makes a deal with the head of French Intelligence. But the agreement comes with serious moral complications for Becca.
29 Mar. 2012
Ice Queen
With the help of the CIA, Rebecca tracks the airplane but when the authorities search it, Michael is nowhere to be found. In Milan, Agent Dax Miller questions Sloane, the sole passenger on the aircraft but she insists Michael was never there. She also wants her employer to give the order to eliminate Rebecca. Rebecca is surprised when her friend Mary suddenly shows up in Rome. Michael meanwhile awakens in the bedroom of a large house and is being watched over by a machine-gun toting guard. The house is also surrounded by snipers. He meets a young woman, Oksana, who ...
5 Apr. 2012
Tell Me No Lies
Having been told that the man who has kidnapped her son is the same man who killed her husband Paul, Rebecca reviews the video of the day Paul died. She sees someone she wants to follow-up on and goes to her one-time mentor, Martin Newman. He's the man who brought Michael home after Paul's death and the man who told her Paul was killed by Russian Intelligence. The video means Martin may have lied to her. In Dubrovnik Rebecca, Dax and Newman find the trigger man from Paul's assassination and he's prepared to give her information in return for protection. He's killed ...
12 Apr. 2012
The Three Bears
With Paul's sudden re-appearance, Rebecca realizes that there's a good chance he has their son. She heads to Prague when Paul is seen there on a a bank's CCTV. They had at one time lived in Prague and knows the city well. She soon finds that she has access to a joint bank account but not to the safe deposit box that's in the same bank. Paul leaves a signal that he wants to see her and Rebecca leads Dax, who along with the rest of the CIA is longer sure if she can be trusted, on a walking tour of the city. Michael meanwhile continues to search for a way out of the ...
19 Apr. 2012
A Busy Solitude
Becca searches Paul's cabin and finds evidence of a massive smuggling operation by Viktor Azimov, who has some type of connection with Paul. Dax Miller's boss Jamie Ortega arrives at the scene and shuts down the investigation but Becca forces a helicopter pilot to take her to back Moscow. At Asimov's warehouse she sees a train car being loaded by men in haz-mat suits. She boldly confronts Azimov and is taken prisoner to the same place where Michael is being held. Meanwhile, Michael sees his plan to escape apparently come to an abrupt end when his keepers discover the ...
26 Apr. 2012
Measure of a Man
Jamie Ortega believes Becca has been lying to them and she has her own theory about the case - that Azimov kidnapped Michael to force Becca and Paul to return the stock certificates they stole from him. Jamie thinks it's all tied to Operation Snowbird where in 1999, Becca and Paul worked together to retrieve a boy by the name of Maxim and reunite him with his mother. The operation ended in disaster but unbeknown to Becca, the boy in question was Azinov's son. Meanwhile, Dax tells Giancarlo that Asimov isn't working on his own and is reporting to someone - most likely ...
3 May 2012
Becca is in custody being questioned by Jamie Ortega but manages to escape when a secret door inexplicably opens to let her out. Unbeknown to her, a CIA agent is killed in the interrogation room after she leaves and the authorities believe Becca is responsible. There is a mole in the CIA however. Becca manages to find Paul who denies working with Asimov. They encounter the Russian mobster and someone from their past. Michael and Oksana meanwhile have left the train and find themselves in a Hungarian vineyard. There are gunmen looking for them but manage to escape. ...
10 May 2012
Having determined that Martin Newman is the criminal mastermind known as 'Suspect 0', Becca and Paul team up to rescue their son. They drive from Vienna to Istanbul where Martin has holdings. They get as far as the Bulgarian-Turkish border but they have been set up and border police find fissionable material in their car. Paul is arrested and Becca refuses to go on without him. Martin meanwhile has taken Michael and Oksana to his opulent villa on the Bosphorous telling them they have to wait for their passports. Oksana knows something is wrong as she's recognized one ...
17 May 2012
Rain on the Evil and on the Good
Before she can set off for Istanbul, Becca has to get Paul out of prison. Dax Miller can't do anything through official channels so he does the next best thing. Once on their way, they are ambushed but manage to capture the CIA mole. Becca shows that she is prepared to do anything - absolutely anything - to get her son back safe and sound. They know Martin's organization is out to sell weapons-grade nuclear material and when they learn where the swap is to take place, they lie in wait. Michael has finally caught on to what Martin is up to. Becca gets her ultimate ...

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