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I love this show!

Author: movie_lover716 from United States
26 September 2011

Ever since I started to watch this show, I have been hooked. I watch it weekly. I have learned a lot from Jonathan and Drew. I love how they keep the cost low and stay inside the budget as they make the couples dream homes a reality. They bring in a lot of humor and part of themselves into each and every episode. When Jonathan is renovating, he will stop and say what is supposed to be done and correctly. And they use really cool technology to show the couple what their dream house could possibly look like. This is definitely something that I would recommend. Plus, Jonathan and Drew are amazingly cute as well. :D If you want a renovation show, with humor this is the show to watch.

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Love, love, LOVE Property Brothers

Author: Susan McCrindle from Ontario
1 May 2011

Property Brothers is undoubtedly my new guilty pleasure!! I've been watching home renovation shows for awhile, but this is the first show that consistently leaves me wanting more (I'm even hooked on the reruns! LOL)! Jonathan & Drew are so down-to-earth and bring a great balance of humour while showing how buying a fixer-upper is feasible to most any budget. I've learned more about the process watching them then I have with any other show and laughed along the way too. I love how they detail out the costs, and when adjustments are made also show areas where the savings happen. My biggest struggle is fighting the urge to take a sledgehammer to my rental house! I've loved every episode...there is no way to pick a favourite! Way to go guys....can't wait for Season 2! I'm hoping when the time comes, I'll be able to work with the guys to get the home of MY dreams!

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Almost a 10

Author: dswtl2chick from United States
24 September 2011

I would have given this show a higher review because overall I definitely feel it is MUCH better than the average 3.3 stars it is setting at right now. For me, as someone who loves the idea of a fixer-upper this is the dream show and is perfect for HGTV. The only issue I have with this show is the length. It is only a half hour and there is too much material vying for TV time. I feel an hour for these two seasoned individuals would be more adequate. A half hour devoted to looking at the fixer-uppers, the options of how they could be fixed up and then a half hour devoted for the demo, a deeper look at how the renovation went and the "before and after" shots.

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My favorite "House Renovation" show

Author: Mendocino-California from United States
6 August 2014

I have spent about five years of my life rehabbing all kinds of homes, business's and anything that has a roof on it. I like this show because its "classy" and is very grounded with lots of humor when a situation gets into a crisis. Every new home owner is treated with respect and their feelings and thoughts are highly valued and incorporated into their new home. I am always learning something.

I have never seen an unhappy customer with the property brothers... they always seem to come out over the top... making the new home owners... who are usually in so much fear from problems and financial investment... to utter ecstasy upon reveal of their new homes.

I am amazed at not only do they transform an ugly, dysfunctional, beat up home... to a beautiful palace where one would think Royalty would live... and or a billionaire. If every couple could have a property brothers experience... the world would be a much happier place to live in... maybe one day there will be a "Property Brothers University" to train people to team up and do this all over the world....if existed I would be there right now :)

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Property Brothers: Definitely a must-see show!

Author: Linda P. from Toronto
1 May 2011

I love this show! I was hooked from the 1st episode.

Out of the 13 episodes in season 1, all of them were intriguing to watch since all the couples had completely different styles, wish lists and budgets. Plus, with each episode you get to watch the handsome brothers combine their individual talents to make one dynamic team.

If I did have to pick one favourite episode, it would be the very first episode I watched with couple Stefan & Owen. Watching their doubting reactions when Drew showed them the older homes that had potential was over-the-top and funny. They couldn't even see Jonathan's vision of possibilities. They definitely changed their opinions and reactions at the incredible reveal.

Can't wait for season 2 and double the episodes.

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Don't listen to the negative reviews

Author: nareed4781 from United States
3 March 2015

Some reviews have said the designs that the property brothers use are outdated and "90's style". This is so far from the truth. They take the homeowners own tastes in mind and do the remodel accordingly. Most of the time it is modern or contemporary designs. Also, another reviewer wanted to know where they are finding houses in the 500k to 700k range and gave it a bad review because it wasn't realistic. Obviously this person hasn't been to places like Washington DC or in the suburbs of other major cities. The prices of the homes are realistic and the cost of the renovation is realistic. One reviewer said the cost to renovate is 2.5 times the cost that they say. Most renovations are anywhere from 60k-100k. I am in the business, renovations like this don't cost 250k. Now to my review. This show is for entertainment. That's what it does. Even though the dream house thing is kinda dumb the show is still great. That's all that really needs to be said about the show.

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not believable

Author: pleasegetreal from United States
1 February 2014

It's not possible to get the type of renovations shown on Property Brothers at the prices they claim. Unless you are having the work done by a family member, friend or subsidized TV show contractor, multiply the stated costs by at least 2.5 to get a more realistic idea of what this type of rehab will cost you. The show is somewhat entertaining, and it's interesting to see the type of run-down houses that are on the market for big prices. I noticed that they don't show all of the rooms on the show, only the glamor rooms like kitchen and living. Is it really a good idea to have the homeowners participate in knocking down walls and taking out windows?

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Depends on What You Want

Author: PartialMovieViewer from United States
16 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really enjoy the heck out of , "The Property Brothers." "Spoiler Alert "-"Spoiler Alert": The show does exactly what it's supposed to do, it entertains. This is not some do-it-yourself show; or design show – this is a 30 minute drama with some humor tossed in. Every week the stories are predictable and almost identical. New home buyers want spectacular houses in classy neighborhoods. To help the buyers better understand reality, the brothers present each couple 'that' fancy house, located in 'that' fancy neighborhood. Little do these future homeowners know is that all this fancyness costs a fancy price. Needless to say, it is very obvious when that eureka nerve is hit. All gleeness is sucked out of the home-hunters' eyes – instantly. "Spoiler Alert "-"Spoiler Alert": This is all part of the show. From that point on the show is all wheeling and dealing…and of course last minute scampering. "Spoiler Alert "-"Spoiler Alert": And don't forget…one of the homeowners will always be, 'The King or Queen of Jerks,' I love it. Stir the pot – can't beat this show. Excellent job.

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This show is great.

Author: marcnorton112
27 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This show is very intriguing to me. I love how they setup the show. They have the couple pick out a house to remodel and go through all the different comparisons when trying to figure out their dream home.

They are very professional in how they deal with their clients. They show the difficulties in working with clients. In some ways it seems kind of simplistic but I don't think everything in this world has to be as difficult as people make it out to be.

I also like the fact that this is a clean show. You don't have any sexual references, language, etc. This is a completely clean show and it is refreshing that there are TV shows like this on TV still.

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Buyers are ignorant & the twins jump on that

Author: djseven12 from Denton, TEXAS, USA
14 May 2014

I liked the show at first but I then started watching it more often. I was beginning to think that the couples were actors because I thought no buyer could be this unprepared to buy a house or not ask the right questions, like can I see the furnace, or electric box or pipes in the plumbing etc. Do they look at the roof,no. And then they offer an amount on some properties without an inspection. Drew should never allow this to happen. So they are not actors, probably one of hundreds of couples lining up to be on a show. They do show them a dream home for hundreds of thousand dollar over their budget. Then the dumps they show them are way overpriced. disgusting curb appeal, half the size of the dream home. They show pretty much the whole house to be renovated, but they don't show the gross bedrooms & bathrooms after they renovate. So they have to live in that house with that horrible mess? The twins pretty much rush them into buying a house between two, one that Drew or Jonathon pretty much picks for them as one of their choices. They bind them into a corner. I've never seen Drew show them any paperwork, like comps., work permits, or the mortgage. They should also ALWAYS have a contingency fund of about say $20,000 so to not max out their budget on the house and part of the renovations. Then they wouldn't ever have to find money to change the plans. I am writing this today because I tuned in after about a year of not watching this show...nothing has changed. Drew is still the fast talker & Jonathon is still the illusionist, ( from reading his bio he does this as an act in Las Vegas). They still only do up to 4 rooms & they still say now you have your dream "home". I would have hi-tailed it out the door when they showed me the overpriced real Dream Home. Any normal, somewhat smart person or couple should have 1. seen the previous shows, 2. know from the entrance of a 3,000 to 4,000 sq. ft. home would have been way out of the budget from the get go... Can't watch this farce anymore. The guys are great entertainers and probably good at their trades but, come on...Really!!!!

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