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Pure trash.

Author: sly_2314
27 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Italians have been targeted as the new money maker in television, from Jersey Shore to Cake Boss. Italians have been exploited and profited in the way of reality shows. So, it isn't surprising that a show chronically the lives of women who are affiliated with the Italian mob was showcased.

One of the main issues I have with the show is the concept..Now, I'm not an expert on mobs but I do know you're not suppose to publicly associated yourself with the mob. Doing so will result you "swimming with the fishes". With that said, I'm very surprised that this show was even picked up.

The show itself, is about four or five women who have family members that are involved with the mob. These women have a very tough and off putting exterior. It can be assumed that these women have some type of mental disorder and that they need to seek professional help. But instead of that, they go on national television and air their dirty laundry for all to see. The show does not have a plot, it pretty much resolves around when their husbands are being released from prison and the old family drama.

I would only watch this if you're bored, not if you're looking for quality television.

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Modern Day Garbage

Author: charlesbeutt from United States
30 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You can almost see the TV execs...

How about we take the power of what the mobs used to be...

and add women empowerment and view points...

and get a show no one wants to watch lol.

Daughters and wives of "mob" guys who got busted, trying to act like they are tough, already one woman identifies herself as a "bitch". Already one woman claims "she'll come after you and beat you up, like in a hospital". She backs it up with lifting a couple weights lol.

Aren't women getting their asses kissed enough? Does anyone really believe in the "tomb raider" stereotype of a woman who can beat up a bunch of men? One woman says she doesn't care what other people think. Then snivels and cries on the phone about going back to Staten Island.

Fat, old, tired, women (you can see the neglect and plastic surgery on their bodies) talking about wanting to cheat on their husbands, and claim how tough they are. Talking about shooting people, loyalty, and doing time, like they were one of the gangsters, blah blah blah.

Also terrible is the fact that these mobs guys had so much money not taken by the federal government that their spoiled daughters can go out and buy lynx coats, and go out to fancy restaurants every day. Those guys who probably shot some innocent blue collar family man and stole everything he had. This show is trying to glorify it or at least exploit it- and these fat women would get their asses handed to them, if they didn't name drop their fathers every 5 seconds.

exactly like Sex in the City, below average looking women pretending they are still hot and "fabulous".

The chubby cry baby, Sammy the bull's daughter, says "hollah!!" to toast a drink (hollar). Give me a **** break.

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Author: Erica Cane from Chicago
28 June 2014

I have accidentally seen stupid shows but this must be the stupidest of them all! First of all, this show is an embarrassment to my Italian heritage. My old school Italian parents were not getto, they were hard working people that gave us the world to become good people in this nasty society. On the contrary, shows like this make us look we all came from "MAFIA". Wake up America this happened in the AL Capone days and it just wasn't only Italians, it was Irish, Greeks, Germans every European that came to this land. It was a way of survival. This show doesn't even have a point. All I saw was a bunch of pathetic, ugly, old, raggedy wanna be mob wives that have no class. They don't know how to talk, how to communicate, how to act. All they do is scream, yell, swear, bark and pull each others hair. You call this entertainment? I call this boring. YAWN YAWN YAWN. SORRY but this show is not my cup of tea!

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Why would anyone watch this show?

Author: bakedlogic from United States
11 December 2013

When each one of these individuals has directly benefited financially from crime & possibly murder. Even worse, not a single one of these individuals seem at all apologetic about that fact. Yet here you guys are eating up this low brow, intellectually vapid display of materialism & it's glorification of the so called 'Mob Lifestyle'. The fact that the Mafia is now this mainstream marketable commodity (ie: Mob Candy) is a complete disgrace & an affront to civilized society & the victims of organized crime.

I understand that there's always been a fascination with organized crime in pop culture; it's portrayal in movies & fictional TV dramas, however unlike many of those classic films & shows; which attempt dissuade individuals from embracing that life style, this piece of garbage offers absolutely nothing in terms of a moral purpose or lesson to be learned.

Seriously, if you support this show take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror & ask yourself; why am I giving these people free advertising dollars?

For shame, all of you.

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The first couple of seasons were addicting and then it got worse from there

Author: Jess Jacobs (Jess_Jacobs) from Ohio
5 March 2016

Overall, I liked this show. The first three seasons were binge-worthy and then the other seasons progressively got lamer from there. Now, I am watching the final season (The Final Stand) just to see the road Big Ang took with her cancer diagnosis. As for the last couple of seasons just being so lame, I think it's because once their lives became famous and they all had their new businesses and comforts in life that they just lost the essence of who they were and why we, as viewers, fell in love with them in the first place. I gave the show an overall rating of 7/10. I wish we could review each specific season because I would have a different rating for each one.

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makes here comes honey boo boo's family cultured and refine

Author: btiemann from richmond virginia
5 October 2016

this show just shows how fall our society has fallen. the women do not have any class, i have seen rabid animals behave better. they all are not even low class white trash,,,,,they are lower. and, their appearance omg...why oh why do woman like them dress so skanky,wear too much make up(they have to be using a trowel to apply it) and Big Ang looks like a very very ugly transvestite (what the hell is up with those lips)...i think Americans take all these nasty looking and acting women along with all the kardashians put them on a ship to the middle of any of the ocean,chum the waters then toss them all overboard...ding ding dinner time sharks....but the poor sharks would probably die from all the silicone, tons of make up and ugly clothes they would have eaten after chewing them up......i would rather pass 100 kidney stones,have all my teeth pulled without lidocaine and have my skin peeled from my body then to watch this piece of crap

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Bile Loves Bile

Author: Papacy24 from United States
13 August 2016

The cast members of the Reality TV show "Mob Wives" allow cameras to film their daily lives which usually reek of desperation, misery, anger, immorality and hypocrisy. People who watch the show either wish for more violence or are overtly obsessed with the women. If you think the show does not present a below-the-belt standard for girls and women to follow, then its "loyal" fanbase must be saintly!

The show is inherently toxic and therefore induces toxic behavior in its fanbase, albeit in the privacy of one's home. Anyone with an ounce of dignity wouldn't proclaim their "loyalty" towards any of the cast members in public or even at home. It thrives on the poor mental health of its cast and encourages improper conduct during filming, so why should a viewer offer support to any of the women? No parent should ever let their child watch Mob Wives for fear he/she would end up emulating a cast member's behavior in public or private!

Mob Wives being disguised by a poorly attempted outward adherence to traditional values in Sicilian culture, makes one think the Reality TV show depicts the lives of corrupt women accurately. Indeed, it does. No one with a spiritual bone in their body would join the cast unless they are desperate for money. Can one imagine herself losing personal safety and reputation for the pleasure of the nation? Who is to say the women are actually good people when they allow themselves to easily lose their virtue?

La Cosa Nostra portrayed in films, fictional books, paintings and newspapers is nowhere near its current state. People presume it is depressing to be part of mob society, but such a world doesn't exist. The reason being government in America has advanced to the stage where efforts are made to squash crime committed in cyberspace and the corporate world. Offenders who once sold drugs and trafficked humans are now breaking laws via their computers. Hence, the show only portrays the consequence of the deceased La Cosa Nostra in which half of its members are in prison for life or have been dead for decades. Therefore, the viewer's appreciation for the glorification of the "old days" of the Mob is laughable.

Victimization is a normal part of the Mafia society for it ensures the silence of women who are taught to obey their elders and protect family. To put it bluntly, the cast members victimize each other without realizing they are doing exactly what has been done to them. They don't consider crime to be "sexy" or glamorous, yet their egomaniac, superficial and mentally ill personas makes one wonder otherwise.

If "Mob Wives" for all its seasons of despair, violence, screaming matches and rivalry were to win a reward, it would most likely be a Razzie because the content is deplorable and...well...STINKS!

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What happened?

Author: annieervin1404 from United States
26 February 2015

I used to absolutely love this show, looked forward to watching it not only every week but every season. It was so entertaining. Love, love, love the dynamic between Drita and Big Ang! It's so funny and feels so sincere! But these new girls in season 5 have totally ruined it! I didn't like Natalie very much last season but it was tolerable. But now, not only does is feel so fake and so scripted but Nat D (the other Philly Natalie) may just be the WORST actress ever!!!!! I have never been so disappointed with this show. I find myself rolling my eyes more than anything else. Totally over the Philly girls! Get back to what the show was originally about, Mob Wives and cut out Philly the trash! That being said, so nice to have Karen back on with a few Carla sightings. Need a lot more of the New York girls!

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Mob Wives (good & bad)

Author: Blake Gemz from United States
3 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A show about Italian wives, daughters, nieces, and granddaughters of men associated with the Mafia.

This is a "Reality Show" about 6 women and their struggles with life. Renee Graziano (daughter of Anthony "The Little Guy" Graziano. Drita Da'Vanso (wife of Lee Da'Vanso). Karen Gavano (daughter of Sammy "The Bull" Gravano *notorious under boss gone rat). Carla Facciolo (wife of Joe Facciolo). Ramona Rizzo (granddaughter of Lefty Two Guns). Angela "Big Ang" Raiola (niece of Sally Dogs).

These women are tough, rich, catty, and ready to go to war with who ever crosses them. They are the stereotypical women with Italian blood, New York accents, to much makeup, plastic surgery, and cat fights.

"Mob Wives" is not a show thats gonna teach you a lesson unless that is "Don't Rat" it is strictly entertainment that many love and many hate.

Honestly . . . This is my favorite show !

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Great Show ~ One of the Best on TV

Author: stargazindude from United States
22 January 2014

I give this show a 9 out of 10 rating. Great entertainment, and the chicks are just like girls I grew up with!!! ;) You can't make this stuff up, either. You got one gal potentially going down for 'cooking' the books of her husband's she awaits sentencing, she decides now is the time to go PAR-TAY in Las Vegas, and live it up in a Penthouse with her g/fs. OMG. How silly...really? That wasn't a good move, at all! She ends up in the newspapers...looking all chill in sunny Las Vegas with a drink in her hand by the pool and with a smile that says: "Life is good." Hmmmmmmm if I were the presiding judge who was assigned to her case and I was soon to proclaim her sentence, it surely would have angered me. Maybe she'll get 5 years probation in lieu of jail-- but her attitude seems to suck. If the judge is watching, she could very well be going to jail! THIS SHOW IS A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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