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Not impressed.

Author: Asteri-Atypical from Orlando, FL
12 January 2012

I find this new brand of sitcom, a la Whitney, to be most unimpressive.

No matter what you think of these botoxed femmes, in terms of their stand-up routines, this scripted pap doesn't translate well.

In short, the jokes are nothing we haven't heard too many times, before. It appears the writers have supplanted genuine cleverness, humor and wit, with trying to "shock" people, by pushing the boundaries of decency.

Don't get me wrong; some of the best comedy in history has pushed the boundaries of social ideals of "decency", in the past. HOWEVER – those comedies did so with a purpose. They often challenged our sensibilities and old ways of thinking with unique, clever or thoughtful ways. Conversely, shows like Whitney and Chelsea seem to just try to make the audience say "I can't believe she said that" in social realms, which are already loose and maybe a bit crass. Crass is no substitute for clever.

Anti-intellectualism is taking hold in shows like this.

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Another unbelievably bad sitcom

Author: Art Vandelay from Canada
11 January 2012

Where do I begin? Laura Prepon couldn't act her way out of a box; the timing and delivery of whatever comedic value there is in the writing is completely lost when it falls limply out of her mouth.

Some of the acting is so bad that I'm in disbelief they wouldn't have done another take; I think they must have filmed the pilot in almost realtime.

The show seems like it was written by a team of 17 year olds. The characters unbelievable, unlikeable, generic cookie cutter stereotypes with about as much attitude as a loaf of bread.

This is probably one of the worst shows on television at the moment.

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such high expectations...

Author: soccergurl257 from United States
11 January 2012

All I want to know is why? Chelsea, you are better than this, almost anything is better than this. I never thought I would see the day that Chelsea Handler/her life would be as funny as getting a flat tire on the highway. I am a die hard Chelsea Handler fan, don't get me wrong. I have read all her books, watched her other shows, but she managed to completely lose me on this one. While some of the jokes were funny, Laura Prepon just doesn't cut it as the boozy, witty, and offensive Chelsea. If Handler actually played herself the show would probably be just as hilarious as any one of her best selling books. Shame on you casting director for picking the wrong actress, and shame on you Chelsea for letting this happen.

Sincerely, Disappointed

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Love it!

Author: kjmt92 from Canada
18 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My roommate and I love watching this! We have also read Chelsea's books and watched her show. I don't know the age of the other people watching this but, as 19/20 year old University students we absolutely love it. If you happen to be a young adult who enjoys things like; Easy A, 2 Broke Girls, and American Pie, you will probably enjoy this show. The show is definitely not for children, and unless you wish to explain a lot of things, I wouldn't watch with them. Many people have commented that it was hard to watch because Handler doesn't play herself, but her sister. I don't have a problem with it. I actually find it pretty funny. Watching Handler play Sloane, is part of what makes the show funny, because they are so different. Just watch one episode, if you don't like it... "I'll eat my hat."

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Dee Dee Makes This Show For Me

Author: scarletminded from San Diego, CA
1 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was one of those people in the beginning that got confused with Prepon playing Chelsea then Chelsea Handler playing Sloane. Like another reviewer brought up, it was like Chelsea Handler was talking to herself. Prepon isn't much younger than Handler either, only five years' difference, so I am not sure why there had to be an actress to play Handler that wasn't her. Maybe they should have gotten a 20 year old actress and that would have worked better. But, overall, it's confusing.

I do like the character of Dee Dee, played by Lauren Lapkus. She is the best part of the show. Some of the other minor characters like Olivia, played by Ali Wong, are funnier than the main ones. That would be the reason to watch for me, if I could find out how to watch it. NBC used to have the shows on their website to view, but now there are only clips and I've missed at least 2 or 3 shows. So I don't watch it now, because it's on Wednesday and I tend to watch Modern Family and other ABC comedies on that night. I would have kept watching, but I am sort of blocked from watching it right now and it is sad, because I do think this show needs viewership.

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Canned laughter in this day in age?

Author: nevynh from New Zealand
10 February 2013

I wanted to like this. I really did. The show felt me feeling like the creators didn't trust in it's audience's intelligence to be amused at the right spots - with the addition with the god awful canned laughter.

Laura Prepon, while having the right physical attributes for the role (i.e. looks like she could hold her own), left something to be desired. The character just didn't seem to come naturally to her.

Lauren Lapkus' character felt a bit unnecessary. In fact, I would say that it was this character that had the show feeling insanely formulaic. I kind of think that making this character not nearly so quirky and having her as a real character rather than just comic relief would have given this show much needed depth.

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This show was great! Now it's gone?

Author: galvincible from USA
14 June 2012

I'm quite surprised this show disappeared as quick as it showed up. Laura Prepon was great as the lead character, and all the supporting characters were perfect. Lauren Lapkus is hilarious and steals any scene she's in. The little guy was awesome. The dad was right on the money. The bartender/boyfriend was really capable in his role. The Asian roommate and the diminutive rival coworker were appealing. Even Chelsea Handler in her subdued role as an uptight young mother was acceptable. This show was a typical modern comedy and needed a chance to grow an audience. I'm puzzled how the network could make decisions to air a sitcom like this, just to scrap it so soon. Should I stop watching TV?

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Chelsea Handler's life and nobody's laughing

Author: SnoopyStyle
20 August 2013

This is suppose to be based on Chelsea Handler's life and her book. Her drunken exploits may be funny in book form but as a traditional bodied sitcom it never worked. Laura Prepon plays the lead and I think she was miscasted. In the 70s Show, she's the straight laced mommy character of the group. In this one, she's playing that role again but it seems like her character wanted to go much further. Chelsea plays the religious sister which made no sense and just adds to the confusion. And the friend group never gel.

Honestly, it never had much of a chance but bad writing really meant it had no chance at all. Laura Prepon is strangely out of place. Lauren Lapkus has the quirky best friend down. The rest of the gang is just unlikeable. Jake McDorman doesn't have the charm to be the male lead. The show doesn't work.

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I disagree with Chelsea fans I like it

Author: Nathalie S.g from Colombia
18 April 2012

I think its a good show the actress Laura Prepon i think she its perfect for the role and the thing that i realize reading all of the fans comments its that they would love Chelsea be herself and thats why the go so bad on laura but a lot of other people in the word who barely knows Chelsea from the lately show or anything they are really loving the show off course like its a series must to go slow in the storyline cant be as funny as the book even though i haven't read it but I really like this show some others compare this show to modern family which I love and yeah OK i think they are on different levels but others like 3rd rock i don't like it that much and its supposed an outstanding comedy the real thing is that not all of the people have the same opinion about stuff but some people believe too much of their selves while writing critics and I don't like it.

i will love to see one of those who judge so bad trying to fit the shoes of the people in entrainment the actors singers dancer and all other performers work hard to do what they do and its not so easy to do this things and be expose to the say of the world. so just get in their shoes if there something wrong with my writing don't tell me to learn Im Spanish, so my English is not perfect. but ill appreciated it if you have a constructive thing to say.

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If you love Chelsea Handler, you will love this show...

Author: othello-ltd from Port Isabel, TX
5 April 2012

Its pretty simple. If you love Chelsea Handler you will love this show. IF you do not like her, then you will not like this show. I wish they would have kept the original title, but didn't. This show is Raunchy, Blunt, Witty, Sarcastic and a little Taboo. I love the chemistry of the characters. I having worked the bar scene have had co-workers similar to them, and enjoy the subject matter that comes up because of its real world similarity. i didn't think that Laura Prepon could pull off the sarcasm but as the episodes progress, she gets more and more comfortable in her alternate skin. i hope you enjoy this show as much as my partner and i do.

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