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Season 1

3 Jan. 2012
The almost-broke and unemployed Lee finds out that Coreco Pharmaceuticals is looking to hire sales reps -- female sales reps. He takes a chance and goes into the interview dressed in heels, a skirt and makeup. The transformed Lee gets hired -- as a woman. Lee wants to stay true to his agreement with Angel that, if one of them is working, then the other will be too, so he tells Angel what he has to do if he wants a job at Coreco. Angel, who is miserable working at a fast-food dump, is desperate to make a change; he decides to swallow his pride and go for it. ...
10 Jan. 2012
Shake Your Moneymaker
When newly-employed Lee and Angel go out into the field as sales reps for the first time dressed as women, former salesman Lee is confident he'll be successful while Angel is concerned his background as a mechanic will not serve him well. But when Angel's flirtatious ways earn him sales while Lee constantly strikes out, Lee tries subtly to elicit advice from wife Connie on ways a woman can flirt with a man.
12 Aug. 2013
Close Shave
Office gossip swirls about what Lee was doing when he shaved his face with an electric razor in the stall of the ladies room. Meanwhile, Connie expects her husband to pleasure her.
18 Sep. 2013
Space Invaders
When Lee and Angel join the office book club, they come to the realization that it's just an excuse to snoop in each other's lives. Meanwhile, Connie is overly enthusiastic about taking Kat to a Justin Bieber concert.
26 Aug. 2013
Breast Awareness Week
Angel's outlook changes when he learns the horrors of breast cancer. Meanwhile, Kristin and Lee are sent to peddle pharmaceuticals to the doctor whom Connie works for.
2 Sep. 2013
Immaculate Deception
Kelly drags Angel to a psychic who reveals Angel is pregnant. Meanwhile, Lee discovers his new job has jeopardized his relationship with his daughter.
18 Jan. 2012
Girl Fight
Angel becomes jealous when Lee blows off their trivia game to hang out with Kristin, and Kelly and Grace manage to worsen the situation.
16 Sep. 2013
Surprise Package
Lee plans to spend a quiet night alone for his 40th birthday, but his coworkers drag him to a male strip club while Connie awaits his arrival for a surprise party. Meanwhile Angel accidentally takes an erection pill.
23 Sep. 2013
Hunger Games
Lee's coworkers encourage him to go on a diet. Meanwhile, Angel coordinates fashions for the ladies at work; and Kat hangs out with a pretentious classmate.
23 Oct. 2013
Cinderella Story
Angel's coworkers decide to orchestrate a reunion with his estranged father and throw him the sweet 16 party that "she" never had. Meanwhile, Connie goes to extreme lengths to prove she's the rightful owner of Brian's Pac-Man lunchbox.
7 Oct. 2013
Masquerade Ball
Lee's secret identity is jeopardized when he runs into Kristin at Connie's office costume party. Meanwhile, Angel gets a company credit card; and Grace and Kelly vie for the affections of the maintenance man.
14 Oct. 2013
My So-Called Mid-Life Crisis
When Lee gets "her" ears pierced at work, he covers it at home by pretending to have a midlife crisis. Meanwhile, Angel's coworkers think he's a lesbian; and Brian takes a job as a hospital greeter.
21 Oct. 2013
Field of Schemes
When Lee beats out Grace for the title of monthly sales leader, they each play dirty to land a client. Meanwhile, Angel tries to get David Freese to autograph a baseball; and Brian finds a potential love interest at a ball game.

 Season 1 

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