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Season 1

17 Aug. 2010
Top PR executive Alex Kane receives juicy info that may help her win the coveted Mertel Industries account. But will the technological shortcomings of her new assistant, Emily, get in the way?
24 Aug. 2010
The Truth About Tracy Rose
Emily's roommate, Casey, makes it her mission to rid Emily of her antiquated practices of dial-up and pen-pal writing with an actual pen. But does all this quick access to information really make everything better?
31 Aug. 2010
Alex sits down with a rival's client and reveals some devastating news. Furthermore, a struggle to balance her professional and personal life puts the corporate mogul in a bind.
7 Sep. 2010
The Missing Godiva
Alex begins her work day with a grave tragedy, her cell phone is lost. But, as if matters couldn't be worse, Justin feels neglected. Also, a captivating presentation from her associates, Edward and Calvin, awaits her in the conference room.
14 Sep. 2010
Connection Failure
Alex tries to make things up to Justin, but will there be a failure to connect? Emily receives some startling information that will impact the product launch.
21 Sep. 2010
Emily Vs. Facebook
Emily has to deal with a battle that any girl would tussle with...when will my crush accept my friend request? Casey thinks that Emily should expand her options & make a profile for online dating. Will Emily buy into it?
28 Sep. 2010
Damage Control
Alex attempts to control the damage from Sheffler's resignation as Emily contemplates her future at Plush. Danielle is hiding something.
5 Oct. 2010
Alex is presented with the first real look of promoting Mertel's ThinkLink device. But, while her team focuses on the campaign, she must seek out a mysterious whistle blower with information that could derail the entire project.
12 Oct. 2010
The Disconnect
It turns out Brian is not who Emily thought he was and Justin doesn't like what he sees in Alex. But, Alex is not going down without a fight. As Alex is trying to get through to Justin...uh-oh did the power just go out?
19 Oct. 2010
2010 A.F.
Alex and Emily deal with the initial fallout from the network collapse as they find themselves in a new era - 2010 A.F.
26 Oct. 2010
No Trace
There is no trace of any working electronic device. Worst of all, Alex has no trace of the conversation between her & Sheffler that predicted this terrible "collapse." Also, Justin sees no trace of the woman he proposed to.

 Season 1 

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