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Good idea and great casting, but the film fails to deliver
OJT17 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Sebastians verden is based on a novel, has good ideas and good actors, but the film is badly executed in most ways. I don't know if it's the script, the management, the directing or the lack of money which gave this result, but the acting falls short the half of the time, even from some of these good and well known Swedish and Norwegian actors.

The producer of the film, Arne Hvidsten, is both the storyteller and in the start and end of the film. He went in to save the film when everyone went out of this project. The project was known in Norwegian newspapers of being quite troublesome.

American investors which should have invested more than 3 million dollars ended up paying just some of the money, according to the writer of the book, and the director Knut Møller-Lien. The film took almost 5 years from shooting to screening, and then it was turned down for cinema-screening of most of the cinemas.

According Norwegian newspapers, well known actors like Kim Bodnia, Andreas Wilson, Camilla Malmqvist Harket and Finn Schau went to court to get paid, with support from Norwegian Actors Union. They won the trial.

The film is full of unlikable people, but even the bad guys are not believable. Still one can see there's some good moments in the film, due to the actors doing their job. The production is not too good though, probably to the lack of finance, but the packaging and poster is professional.

Maybe it'll be a cult classic? It's sure has the potential. I'll give it a second star if I does. Just as the clichés actually are missing in the film. A bad film without clichés!? Yep, you got it here!
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